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Fluid Structure Interaction II

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Table of contents

1. Multi-Level Accelerated Sub-Iterations for Fluid-Structure Interaction
A. H. Zuijlen, H. Bijl

2. A Classification of Interface Treatments for FSI
C. A. Felippa, K. C. Park, M. R. Ross

3. Computer Modeling and Analysis of the Orion Spacecraft Parachutes
K. Takizawa, C. Moorman, S. Wright, T. E. Tezduyar

4. Stability Issues in Partitioned FSI Calculations
J. Vierendeels, J. Degroote, S. Annerel, R. Haelterman

5. Hydroelastic Analysis and Response of Pontoon-Type Very Large Floating Structures
C. M. Wang, Z. Y. Tay

6. Efficient Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Fluid-Structure Interaction
M. Schäfer, D. C. Sternel, G. Becker, P. Pironkov

7. An Adaptive Finite Element Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems Based on a Fully Eulerian Formulation
R. Rannacher, T. Richter

8. Numerical Simulation and Benchmarking of a Monolithic Multigrid Solver for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Application to Hemodynamics
S. Turek, J. Hron, M. Mádlík, M. Razzaq, H. Wobker, J. F. Acker

9. Numerical Simulation of Fluid–Structure Interaction Using Eddy–Resolving Schemes
M. Münsch, M. Breuer

10. Partitioned Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction on Cartesian Grids
H.-J. Bungartz, J. Benk, B. Gatzhammer, M. Mehl, T. Neckel

11. An Explicit Model for Three-Dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction using LBM and p-FEM
S. Geller, S. Kollmannsberger, M. El Bettah, M. Krafczyk, D. Scholz, A. Düster, E. Rank

12. An XFEM Based Fixed-Grid Approach for 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction
W. A. Wall, A. Gerstenberger, U. Küttler, U. M. Mayer

13. Fluid-Structure Interaction in the Context of Shape Optimization and Computational Wind Engineering
M. Hojjat, E. Stavropoulou, T. Gallinger, U. Israel, R. Wüchner, K.-U. Bletzinger

14. Experimental Benchmark: Self-Excited Fluid-Structure Interaction Test Cases
J. Pereira Gomes, H. Lienhart

15. Numerical Benchmarking of Fluid-Structure Interaction: A Comparison of Different Discretization and Solution Approaches
S. Turek, J. Hron, M. Razzaq, H. Wobker, M. Schäfer

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
Page amount
8 pages
Natural Sciences

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