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Turbulence and Interactions

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Table of contents

1. Some Characteristics of Non-Reacting and Reacting Low Swirl Number Jets
L. Fuchs

2. Inner-Outer Interactions in Wall-Bounded Turbulence
Javier Jiménez

3. Turbulence Interaction with Atmospheric Physical Processes
Chin-Hoh Moeng, Jeffrey Weil

4. LES of Pulsating Turbulent Flows over Smooth and Wavy Boundaries
A. Scotti, M. Gasser i Rubinat, E. Balaras

5. Numerical Study of Turbulence–Wave Interaction
Lian Shen

6. High Reynolds Number Wall-Bounded Turbulence and a Proposal for a New Eddy-Based Model
Alexander J. Smits

7. PANS Methodology Applied to Elliptic-Relaxation Based Eddy Viscosity Transport Model
Branislav Basara, Siniša Krajnović, Sharath Girimaji

8. PIV Study of Turbulent Flow in Porous Media
S. Bejatovic, M. F. Tachie, M. Agelinchaab, S. S. Paul

9. A Model for Dissipation: Cascade SDE with Markov Regime-Switching and Dirichlet Prior
D. Bernard, A. Tossa, R. Emilion, S. K. Iyer

10. Wavelet Analysis of the Turbulent LES Data of the Lid-Driven Cavity Flow
Roland Bouffanais, Guy Courbebaisse, Laurent Navarro, Michel O. Deville

11. A Two-Phase LES Compressible Model for Plasma-Liquid Jet Interaction
Céline Caruyer, Stéphane Vincent, Erick Meillot, Jean-Paul Caltagirone

12. Simulation of a Fluidized Bed Using a Hybrid Eulerian-Lagrangian Method for Particle Tracking
Cédric Corre, Jean-Luc Estivalezes, Stéphane Vincent, Olivier Simonin, Stéphane Glockner

13. Wavelet-Adapted Sub-grid Scale Models for LES
J. A. Denev, C. J. Falconi, J. Fröhlich, H. Bockhorn

14. Effect of Particle-Particle Collisions on the Spatial Distribution of Inertial Particles Suspended in Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulent Flows
Pascal Fede, Olivier Simonin

15. Effect of Near-Wall Componental Modification of Turbulence on Its Statistical Properties
Bettina Frohnapfel, Yosuke Hasegawa, Nobuhide Kasagi

16. Large-Eddy Simulation of Transonic Buffet over a Supercritical Airfoil
E. Garnier, S. Deck

17. Large Eddy Simulation of Coherent Structures over Forest Canopy
K. Gavrilov, G. Accary, D. Morvan, D. Lyubimov, O. Bessonov, S. Méradji

18. Toroidal/Poloidal Modes Dynamics in Anisotropic Turbulence
Fabien S. Godeferd, Alexandre Delache, Claude Cambon

19. Grid Filter Modeling for Large-Eddy Simulation
Marc A. Habisreutinger, Roland Bouffanais, Michel O. Deville

20. Pulsating Flow through Porous Media
Michele Iervolino, Marcello Manna, Andrea Vacca

21. Thermodynamic Fluctuations Behaviour during a Sheared Turbulence/Shock Interaction
S. Jamme, M. Crespo, P. Chassaing

22. LES and DES Study of Fluid-Particle Dynamics in a Human Mouth-Throat Geometry
S. T. Jayaraju, S. Verbanck, C. Lacor

23. Viscous Drag Reduction with Surface-Embedded Grooves
Jovan Jovanović, Bettina Frohnapfel, Antonio Delgado

24. Study on the Resolution Requirements for DNS in Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
M. Kaczorowski, C. Wagner

25. On the Role of Coherent Structures in a Lid Driven Cavity Flow
Benjamin Kadoch, Emmanuel Leriche, Kai Schneider, Marie Farge

26. Local versus Nonlocal Processes in Turbulent Flows, Kinematic Coupling and General Stochastic Processes
Michael Kholmyansky, Vladimir Sabelnikov, Arkady Tsinober

27. Time-Resolved 3D Simulation of an Aircraft Wing with Deployed High-Lift System
Thilo Knacke, Frank Thiele

28. Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer in a Channel with Spherical and Oval Dimples
Nikolai Kornev, Johann Turnow, Egon Hassel, Sergei Isaev, Frank-Hendrik Wurm

29. Investigation of the Flow around a Cylinder Plate Configuration with Respect to Aerodynamic Noise Generation Mechanisms
Michael Kornhaas, Dörte C. Sternel, Michael Schäfer

30. LES of the Flow around Ahmed Body with Active Flow Control
Siniša Krajnović, Branislav Basara

31. Enhanced Bubble Migration in Turbulent Channel Flow by an Acceleration-Dependent Drag Coefficient
J. G. M. Kuerten, C. W. M. Geld, B. J. Geurts

32. Experimental and Numerical Study of Unsteadiness in Boundary Layer/ Shock Wave Interaction
L. Larchevêque, P. Dupont, E. Martel, E. Garnier, J. -F. Debiève

33. Measurement of Particle Accelerations with the Laser Doppler Technique
H. Nobach, M. Kinzel, R. Zimmermann, C. Tropea, E. Bodenschatz

34. A Novel Numerical Method for Turbulent, Two-Phase Flow
A. Pecenko, J. G. M. Kuerten

35. Modeling of High Reynolds Number Flows with Solid Body Rotation or Magnetic Fields
Annick Pouquet, Julien Baerenzung, Jonathan Pietarila Graham, Pablo Mininni, Hélène Politano, Yannick Ponty

36. Direct Numerical Simulation of Buoyancy Driven Turbulence inside a Cubic Cavity
R. Puragliesi, A. Dehbi, E. Leriche, A. Soldati, M. Deville

37. Numerical Simulations of a Massively Separated Reactive Flow Using a DDES Approach for Turbulence Modelling
Bruno Sainte-Rose, Nicolas Bertier, Sébastien Deck, Francis Dupoirieux

38. Particle Dispersion in Large-Eddy Simulations: Influence of Reynolds Number and of Subgrid Velocity Deconvolution
Maria Vittoria Salvetti, Cristian Marchioli, Alfredo Soldati

39. Use of Lagrangian Statistics for the Direct Analysis of the Turbulent Constitutive Equation
François G. Schmitt, Ivana Vinkovic

40. Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Jet Noise with Overset Grid Techniques
J. Schulze, J. Sesterhenn

41. Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Jet Flow in Gas Turbine Combustors
Y. Shimada, B. Thornber, D. Drikakis

42. Computations of the Flow around a Wind Turbine: Grid Sensitivity Study and the Influence of Inlet Conditions
R. Z. Szasz, L. Fuchs

43. Stochastic Synchronization of the Wall Turbulence
Sedat Tardu

44. Large-Eddy Simulations of an Oblique Shock Impinging on a Turbulent Boundary Layer: Effect of the Spanwise Confinement on the Low-Frequency Oscillations
Emile Touber, Neil D. Sandham

45. Parameter-Free Symmetry-Preserving Regularization Modelling of Turbulent Natural Convection Flows
F. X. Trias, R. W. C. P. Verstappen, M. Soria, A. Oliva

46. An a Priori Study for the Modeling of Subgrid Terms in Multiphase Flows
P. Trontin, S. Vincent, J. L. Estivalezes, J. P. Caltagirone

47. Computation of Flow in a 3D Diffuser Using a Two-Velocity Field Hybrid RANS/LES
J. C. Uribe, A. Revell, C. Moulinec

48. On the Dynamics of High Reynolds Number Turbulent Axisymmetric and Plane Separating/Reattaching Flows
Pierre-Élie Weiss, Sébastien Deck, Jean-Christophe Robinet, Pierre Sagaut

49. Numerical Simulation and Statistical Modeling of Inertial Droplet Coalescence in Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence
Dirk Wunsch, Pascal Fede, Olivier Simonin, Philippe Villedieu

50. Gas-Phase Mixing in Droplet Arrays
M. R. G. Zoby, S. Navarro-Martinez, A. Kronenburg, A. J. Marquis

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Complexity, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Complexity

Publication year
Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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