Lee, Joung Hwan

EKC 2009 Proceedings of the EU-Korea Conference on Science and Technology

Lee, Joung Hwan - EKC 2009 Proceedings of the EU-Korea Conference on Science and Technology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Past, Present and Future Contribution on Research and Development of Aero-Propulsion Systems in Korea
Changduk Kong

2. Application of Bioelectrochemical Process (BES) for Electricity Generation and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment
Jung Rae Kim

3. Trend of Mathematical Models in Microbial Fuel Cell for Environmental Energy Refinery from Waste/Water
Sung Taek Oh

4. Optimization Methodology of Low Carbon Mixed Energy Systems Using the Bees Algorithm
Ji Young Lee, Jae Min Kim

5. Technology Co-evolution Analysis in the Energy Sector
Sungjoo Lee, Byungun Yoon

6. Optimal Operation System of the Integrated District Heating System with Multiple Regional Branches
Ui Sik Kim, Tae Chang Park, Lae-Hyun Kim, Yeong Koo Yeo

7. A Research on the Application Method for Renewable Energy Complex System for School Buildings
Ji-Yeon Kim, Sung-Hee Hong, Hyo-Soon Park, Sung-Sil Kim, Jae-Min Kim

8. Green Architecture
Seung-Ho Lee

9. An Analysis of the Plans to Reduce Demand for Energy and Introduce Renewable Energy Systems in Innovation Cities
Hyo-Soon Park, Sung-Hee Hong, Ji-Yeon Kim, Jong-Hun Hyun

10. Wireless Monitoring System for Hybrid Power Generation System
Jin-Seok Oh, Soo-Young Bae, Ji-Young Lee, Jun-Ho Kwak, Jae-Min Kim, Cameron Johnstone

11. Level Set Method for Reconstruction of Thin Electromagnetic Inclusions
Won-Kwang Park, Dominique Lesselier

12. Uniaxial Compressive Behaviour of Carbon Fibre-Epoxy Laminates – Part 1: Unnotched
Joung Hwan Lee

13. Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Magnetic Microcomponents
Jung-Sik Kim, Miha Zakotnik

14. A Multi-Agent Emotion Generating System for Mobile Robots System
Shivashankar B. Nair, Dong Hwa Kim

15. Quality Prediction for a Fed-Batch Fermentation Process Using Multi-Block PLS
Jeong Jin Hong, Jie Zhang

16. Constrained Sintering Stress -Review
Samuel Taub, Jung-Sik Kim

17. Uniaxial Compressive Behaviour of Carbon Fibre-Epoxy Laminates – Part 2: Notched
Joung Hwan Lee

18. Comparative Study of Risk Assessment Approaches Based on Different Methods for Deriving DNEL and PNEC of Chemical Mixtures
Jongwoon Kim, Sanghun Kim, Gabriele E. Schaumann

19. Search for New Physics with AMS-02 Transition Radiation Detector
Chanhoon Chung

20. The State of the Art of Visual Analytics
Dong-Han Ham

21. Development of Analytical Algorithm for the Performance Analysis of Power Train System of an Electric Vehicle
Chul-Ho Kim, Kee-Man Lee, Sang-Heon Lee

22. Stochastic Gene Expression Model Base Gene Regulatory Networks
Haseong Kim, Erol Gelenbe

23. The Concentrations of Circulating Plasma Oxytocin and the Pattern of Oxytocin Release in Mare during Oestrus and after Ovulation
Sung Eun Bae

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks

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Springer Proceedings in Physics
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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