Shen, Zhenjiang

Geospatial Techniques in Urban Planning

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Table of contents

1. A Challenge to Configure Form Scenarios for Urban Growth Simulations Reflecting the Institutional Implications of Land-Use Policy
Ying Long, Zhenjiang Shen, Qizhi Mao, Liqun Du

2. A Planning Tool for Simulating Urban Growth Process and Spatial Strategy of Urban Development in Chuandong, China
Yan Ma, Zhenjiang Shen, Dingyou Zhou, Ke Wang

3. Simulating Spatio-Temporal Allocation of Farmland Conversion Quotas in China Using a Multi-Agent System
Zhang Honghui, Zeng Yongnian, Tan Rong, Shen Zhenjiang

4. Planning in Complex Spatial and Temporal Systems: A Simulation Framework
Shih-Kung Lai, Haoying Han

5. Reaching Consensus Among Stakeholders on Planned Urban Form Using Constrained CA
Ying Long, Zhenjiang Shen

6. An Agent-Based Approach to Support Decision-Making of Total Amount Control for Household Water Consumption
Yan Ma, Zhenjiang Shen, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Katsunori Suzuki, Ying Long

7. Review of VR Application in Digital Urban Planning and Managing
Anrong Dang, Wei Liang, Wei Chi

8. Virtual Fort San Domingo in Taiwan: A Study on Accurate and High Level of Detail 3D Modelling
Shih-Yuan Lin, Sheng-Chih Chen

9. Web-Based Multimedia and Public Participation for Green Corridor Design of an Urban Ecological Network
Zhenjiang Shen, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Kazuko Kishimoto

10. Online Cooperative Design for the Proposal of Layouts of Street Furniture in a Street Park
Zhenjiang Shen, Dingyou Zhou, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Kazuko Kishimoto, Seitaro Imai

11. Online Learning Tool for Repair of Traditional Merchant Houses: Machiya
Zhenjiang Shen, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Masayasu Tsunekawa, Eiichi Nishimoto

12. Historical Landscape Restoration Using Google Technology in a Traditional Temple Area, Kanazawa, Japan
Zhenjiang Shen, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Zheyuang Chen, Linqian Peng

13. Automatic Generation of Virtual 3D City Models for Urban Planning
Kenichi Sugihara, Zhenjiang Shen

14. An Urban Growth Control Planning Support System for the Beijing Metropolitan Area
Ying Long, Zhenjiang Shen, Qizhi Mao

15. A Planning Support System for Retrieving Planning Alternatives of Historical Conservation Areas from Spatial Data Using GIS
Zhenjiang Shen, Mistuhiko Kawakami, Fangfang Lu, Lanchun Bian, Ying Long, Lin Gao, Dingyou Zhou

16. Visualization of the District Ecological Network Plan at Urban Partitions for Public Involvement
Zhenjiang Shen, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Satoshi Yamashita

17. Simulating Land-Use Patterns and Building Types after Land Readjustment at the Urban District Level Using the CAUFN Tool
Zhenjiang Shen, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Takaaki Kushita, Ippei Kawamura

18. Integration of MAS and GIS Using Netlogo
Zhenjiang Shen, Xiaobai A. Yao, Mitsuhiko Kawakami, Ping Chen, Masahito Koujin

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Environmental Management

Publication year
Advances in Geographic Information Science
Page amount
13 pages
Natural Sciences

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