Saint-Paul, Ulrich

Mangrove Dynamics and Management in North Brazil

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Table of contents

1. The Need for a Holistic Approach in Mangrove Research and Management
U. Saint-Paul, H. Schneider

2. MADAM, Concept and Reality
U. Saint-Paul

3. The Geography of the Bragança Coastal Region
G. Krause

4. Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction
H. Behling, M. Cohen, R. J. Lara, V. Vedel

5. The Biogeochemistry of the Caeté Mangrove-Shelf System
B. P. Koch, T. Dittmar, R. J. Lara

6. Mangrove Vegetation of the Caeté Estuary
U. Mehlig, M. P. M. Menezes, A. Reise, D. Schories, E. Medina

7. Mangrove Infauna and Sessile Epifauna
C. R. Beasley, M. E. B. Fernandes, E. A. G. Figueira, D. S. Sampaio, K. R. Melo, R. S. Barros

8. Drivers of Temporal Changes in Mangrove Vegetation Boundaries and Consequences for Land Use
R. J. Lara, M. Cohen, C. Szlafsztein

9. System Processes and Forest Development
U. Berger, M. Wolff

10. Synoptic Analysis of Mangroves for Coastal Zone Management
G. Krause, M. Bock

11. Distribution Pattern of Fish in a Mangrove Estuary
M. Barletta, U. Saint-Paul

12. Dynamics in Mangrove Fish Assemblages on a Macrotidal Coast
U. Krumme, U. Saint-Paul

13. An Evaluation of the Larval Fish Assemblage in a North Brazilian Mangrove Area
A. Barletta-Bergan

14. Molecular Phylogenetic and Population Genetic Structuring of Macrodon sp., a Coastal and Estuarine Fish of the Western Atlantic Ocean
I. Sampaio, S. Santos, H. Schneider

15. Fisheries and Management
V. J. Isaac, R. V. Espírito-Santo, U. Saint-Paul

16. The Brachyuran Crab Community of the Caeté Estuary, North Brazil: Species Richness, Zonation and Abundance
K. Diele, V. Koch, F. A. Abrunhosa, J. Farias Lima, D. Jesus de Brito Simith

17. Feeding Ecology and Ecological Role of North Brazilian Mangrove Crabs
V. Koch, I. Nordhaus

18. Comparative Population Dynamics and Life Histories of North Brazilian Mangrove Crabs, Genera Uca and Ucides (Ocypodoidea)
K. Diele, V. Koch

19. Artisanal Fishery of the Mangrove Crab Ucides cordatus (Ucididae) and First Steps Toward a Successful Co-Management in Bragança, North Brazil
K. Diele, A. R. R. Araújo, M. Glaser, U. Salzmann

20. Simulating Ucides cordatus Population Recovery on Fished Grounds
C. Piou, U. Berger, K. Diele

21. Mangroves and People: A Social-Ecological System
M. Glaser, G. Krause, R. S. Oliveira, M. Fontalvo-Herazo

22. The Mangrove Information System MAIS: Managing and Integrating Interdisciplinary Research Data
U. Salzmann, G. Krause, B. P. Koch, I. Puch Rojo

23. Coastal Zone Management Tool: A GIS-Based Vulnerability Assessment to Natural Hazards
C. Szlafsztein, H. Sterr

24. Epilog
U. Saint-Paul, H. Schneider

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Ecology, Tree Biology, Ecosystems, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Environmental Management

Publication year
Ecological Studies
Page amount
18 pages
Natural Sciences

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