Mascia, Peter N.

Plant Biotechnology for Sustainable Production of Energy and Co-products

Mascia, Peter N. - Plant Biotechnology for Sustainable Production of Energy and Co-products, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction Overview: World Energy Resources and the Need for Biomass for Energy and Lower Fossil Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Charles E. Wyman

2. Designing Biomass Crops with Improved Calorific Content and Attributes for Burning: a UK Perspective
Gordon G. Allison, Mark P. Robbins, José Carli, John C. Clifton-Brown, Iain S. Donnison

3. Designing Plants To Meet Feedstock Needs
Peter N. Mascia, Michael Portereiko, Mark Sorrells, Richard B. Flavell

4. Engineering Advantages, Challenges and Status of Sugarcane and other Sugar-Based Biomass Resources
Ricardo A. Dante, Plinio T. Cristofoletti, Isabel R. Gerhardt

5. High Fermentable Corn Hybrids for the Dry-Grind Corn Ethanol Industry
Joel E. Ream, Ping Feng, Iñigo Ibarra, Susan A. MacIsaac, Beena A. Neelam, Erik D. Sall

6. Engineering Advantages, Challenges and Status of Grass Energy Crops
David I. Bransby, Damian J. Allen, Neal Gutterson, Gregory Ikonen, Edward Richard, William Rooney, Edzard Santen

7. Woody Biomass and Purpose-Grown Trees as Feedstocks for Renewable Energy
Maud A. W. Hinchee, Lauren N. Mullinax, William H. Rottmann

8. Engineering Status, Challenges and Advantages of Oil Crops
Richard F. Wilson, David F. Hildebrand

9. Invasive Species Biology, Ecology, Management and Risk Assessment: Evaluating and Mitigating the Invasion Risk of Biofuel Crops
Jacob N. Barney, Joseph M. DiTomaso

10. Gene Flow in Genetically Engineered Perennial Grasses: Lessons for Modification of Dedicated Bioenergy Crops
Albert P. Kausch, Joel Hague, Melvin Oliver, Lidia S. Watrud, Carol Mallory-Smith, Virgil Meier, C. Neal Stewart

11. Genetic Modification in Dedicated Bioenergy Crops and Strategies for Gene Confinement
Albert P. Kausch, Joel Hague, Melvin Oliver, Yi Li, Henry Daniell, Peter Mascia, C. Neal Stewart

12. Integrated Biorefineries—A Bottom-Up Approach to Biomass Fractionation
Birgit Kamm

13. Heat and Power Production from Stover for Corn Ethanol Plants
Shahab Sokhansanj, Sudhagar Mani, Cannayen Igathinathane, Sam Tagore

14. The Problem is the Solution: the Role of Biofuels in the Transition to a Regenerative Agriculture
Daniel G. Torre Ugarte, Chad C. Hellwinckel

15. Life-Cycle Analysis of Biofuels
Michael Wang

16. Criteria for a Sustainable Bioenergy Infrastructure and Lifecycle
Jürgen Scheffran

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Forestry, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Renewable and Green Energy, Sustainable Development, Biotechnology

Publication year
Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry
Page amount
17 pages
Natural Sciences

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