Fransoo, Jan C.

Behavioral Operations in Planning and Scheduling

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Jan Fransoo, Toni Wäfler, John R. Wilson

2. Decision Making in Planning and Scheduling: A Field Study of Planning Behaviour in Manufacturing
Roland Gasser, Katrin Fischer, Toni Wäfler

3. The Interconnectivity of Planning and Shop Floor: Case Description and Relocation Analysis
Cees Snoo, Wout Wezel

4. The Unsung Contribution of Production Planners and Schedulers at Production and Sales Interfaces
Martina Berglund, Jane Guinery, Johan Karltun

5. Collaborative Planning in Supply Chains: The Importance of Creating High Quality Relationships
Hannes Günter, Cees Snoo, Craig Shepherd, Philip Moscoso, Johann Riedel

6. Measuring Supply Chain Performance: Current Research and Future Directions
Craig Shepherd, Hannes Günter

7. Planning Information Processing along the Supply-Chain: A Socio-Technical View
Bernard Grabot, Stefan Marsina, Anne Mayère, Ralph Riedel, Peter Williams

8. The Planning Bullwhip: A Complex Dynamic Phenomenon in Hierarchical Systems
Philip Moscoso, Jan Fransoo, Dieter Fischer, Toni Wäfler

9. Product Centric Organization of After-Sales Supply Chain Planning and Control
Jan Holmström, Naoufel Cheikhrouhou, Gael Farine, Kary Främling

10. Human Control Capabilities
Toni Wäfler, Rüdiger Weth, Johan Karltun, Ulrike Starker, Kathrin Gärtner, Roland Gasser, Jessica Bruch

11. Building Decision Support Systems for Acceptance
Ralph Riedel, Jan Fransoo, Vincent Wiers, Katrin Fischer, Julien Cegarra, David Jentsch

12. Design of Scheduling Algorithms
Jan Riezebos, Jean-Michel Hoc, Nasser Mebarki, Christos Dimopoulos, Wout Wezel, Guillaume Pinot

13. A Comparison of Task Analysis Methods for Planning and Scheduling
Julien Cegarra, Wout Wezel

14. Allocating Functions to Human and Algorithm in Scheduling
Wout Wezel, Julien Cegarra, Jean-Michel Hoc

15. Design of Scheduling Algorithms: Applications
Jan Riezebos, Jean-Michel Hoc, Nasser Mebarki, Christos Dimopoulos, Wout Wezel, Guillaume Pinot

16. Case Study: Advanced Decision Support for Train Shunting Scheduling
Wout Wezel, Jan Riezebos

17. An Open Source Encyclopedia and Debating Instrument for Planning Terms: The Hopsopedia
Cees Snoo, Wout Wezel, Jan Riezebos

18. A Sample of Hopsopedia Term Descriptions
Cees Snoo, Wout Wezel, Jan Riezebos

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Industrial and Production Engineering, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Cognitive Psychology, Organization/Planning

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