Bamidis, Panagiotis D.

XII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2010

Bamidis, Panagiotis D. - XII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2010, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Quantitative Analysis of Two-Dimensional Catch-Up Saccades Executed to the Target Jumps in the Time-Continuous Trajectory
Vincas Laurutis, Raimondas Zemblys

2. Spike Sorting based on Dominant-Sets clustering
D. A. Adamos, N. A. Laskaris, E. K. Kosmidis, G. Theophilidis

3. Differentiation of human bone marrow stromal cells onto gelatin cryogel scaffolds
L. Fassina, E. Saino, L. Visai, M. A. Avanzini, M. G. Cusella Angelis, F. Benazzo, S. Vlierberghe, P. Dubruel, G. Magenes

4. Simples Coherence vs. Multiple Coherence: A Somatosensory Evoked Response Detection Investigation
D. B. Melges, A. M. F. L. Miranda Sá, A. F. C. Infantosi

5. Measure of Similarity of ECG Cycles
Á. Jobbágy, Á. Nagy

6. Wavelet phase synchronization between EHGs at different uterine sites: comparison of pregnancy and labor contractions
M. Hassan, Á. Alexandersson, J. Terrien, B. Karlsson, C. Marque

7. Dynamic Generation of Physiological Model Systems
J. Kretschmer, A. Wahl, K. Moeller

8. Random Forest-Based Classification of Heart Rate Variability Signals by Using Combinations of Linear and Nonlinear Features
Alan Jovic, Nikola Bogunovic

9. Validation of MRS metabolic markers in the classification of brain gliomas and their correlation to energy metabolism
M. G. Kounelakis, M. E. Zervakis, G. J. Postma, L. M. C. Buydens, A. Heerschap, X. Kotsiakis

10. Event-Related Synchronization/Desynchronization for Evaluating Cortical Response Detection Induced by Dynamic Visual Stimuli
P. J. G. Da-Silva, A. F. C. Infantosi, J. Nadal

11. Investigating the EEG Alpha Band during Kinesthetic and Visual Motor Imagery of the Spike Volleyball Movement
M. V. Stecklow, M. Cagy, A. F. C. Infantosi

12. Principal Components Clustering through a Variance-Defined Metric
J. C. G. D. Costa, D. B. Melges, R. M. V. R. Almeida, A. F. C. Infantosi

13. A Kurtosis-Based Automatic System Using Naïve Bayesian Classifier to Identify ICA Components Contaminated by EOG or ECG Artifacts
M. A. Klados, C. Bratsas, C. Frantzidis, C. L. Papadelis, P. D. Bamidis

14. Correlation between Fractal Behavior of HRV and Neurohormonal and Functional Indexes in Chronic Heart Failure
G. D’ Addio, M. Cesarelli, M. Romano, A. Accardo, G. Corbi, R. Maestri, M. T. Rovere, Paolo Bifulco, N. Ferrara, F. Rengo

15. On the Selection of Time Interval and Frequency Range of EEG Signal Preprocessing for P300 Brain-Computer Interfacing
N. V. Manyakov, N. Chumerin, A. Combaz, M. M. Hulle

16. Development of a Simple and Cheap Device for Movement Analysis
Csanád G. Erdős, Gergő Farkas, Béla Pataki

17. Signal Peptide Prediction in Single Transmembrane Proteins Using the Continuous Wavelet Transform
I. A. Avramidou, I. K. Kitsas, L. J. Hadjileontiadis

18. Comparison of AM-FM Features with Standard Features for the Classification of Surface Electromyographic Signals
C. I. Christodoulou, P. A. Kaplanis, V. Murray, M. S. Pattichis, C. S. Pattichis

19. Studying Brain Visuo-Tactile Integration through Cross-Spectral Analysis of Human MEG Recordings
S. Erla, C. Papadelis, L. Faes, C. Braun, G. Nollo

20. Patient-specific seizure prediction using a multi-feature and multi-modal EEG-ECG classification
M. Valderrama, S. Nikolopoulos, C. Adam, Vincent Navarro, M. Quyen

21. Horizontal Directionality Characteristics of the Bat Head-Related Transfer Function
S. Y. Kim, D. Nikolić, A. C. Meruelo, R. Allen

22. Assessment of Human Performance during High-Speed Marine Craft Transit
D. Nikolić, R. Collier, R. Allen

23. Effects of Electrochemotherapy on Microcirculatory Vasomotion in Tumors
T. Jarm, B. Cugmas, M. Cemazar

24. Non-linear modeling of cerebral autoregulation using cascade models
N. C. Angarita-Jaimes, O. P. Dewhirst, D. M. Simpson

25. The Epsilon-Skew-Normal dictionary for the decomposition of single- and multichannel biomedical recordings using Matching Pursuit algorithms
D. Strohmeier, A. Halbleib, M. Gratkowski, J. Haueisen

26. On the Empirical Mode Decomposition Performance in White Gaussian Noise Biomedical Signals
A. Karagiannis, Ph. Constantinou

27. Simulation of Biomechanical Experiments in OpenSim
I. Symeonidis, G. Kavadarli, E. Schuller, S. Peldschus

28. Comparing Sensorimotor Cortex Activation during Actual and Imaginary Movement
A. Athanasiou, E. Chatzitheodorou, K. Kalogianni, C. Lithari, I. Moulos, P. D. Bamidis

29. Graph Analysis on Functional Connectivity Networks during an Emotional Paradigm
C. Lithari, M. A. Klados, P. D. Bamidis

30. MORFEAS: A Non-Invasive System for automated Sleep Apnea Detection utilizing Snore Sound Analysis
Charalampos Doukas, Theodoros Petsatodis, Ilias Maglogiannis

31. Improved Optical Method for Measuring Concentration of Uric Acid Removed during Dialysis
J. Jerotskaja, F. Uhlin, M. Luman, K. Lauri, I. Fridolin

32. Correlations between Longitudinal Corneal Apex Displacement, Head Movements and Pulsatile Blood Flow
M. Danielewska, H. Kasprzak, M. Kowalska

F. Babarada, J. Arhip, C. Ravariu

34. Parameter Selection in Approximate and Sample Entropy-Complexity of Acute and Chronic Stress Response
T. Loncar Turukalo, O. Sarenac, N. Japundzic-Zigon, D. Bajic

35. The Importance of Uterine Contractions Extraction in Evaluation of the Progress of Labour by Calculating the Values of Sample Entropy from Uterine Electromyogram
J. Vrhovec, D. Rudel, A. Macek Lebar

36. Simultaneous Pneumo- and Photoplethysmographic Recording of Oscillometric Envelopes Applying a Local Pad-Type Cuff on the Radial Artery
R. Raamat, K. Jagomägi, J. Talts, J. Kivastik

37. Estimation of Mean Radial Blood Pressure in Critically Ill Patients
K. Jagomägi, J. Talts, P. Tähepöld, R. Raamat, J. Kivastik

38. Photoplethysmographic Assessment of the Pressure-Compliance Relationship for the Radial Artery
J. Talts, R. Raamat, K. Jagomägi, J. Kivastik

39. High Frequency Acoustic Properties for Cutaneous Cell Carcinomas In Vitro
L. I. Petrella, W. C. A. Pereira, P. R. Issa, H. A. Valle, C. J. Martins, J. C. Machado

40. Gender-related Effects of Carbohydrate Ingestion and Hypoxia on Heart Rate Variability: Linear and Non-linear Analysis
T. Princi, M. Klemenc, P. Golja, A. Accardo

41. On the analysis of dynamic lung mechanics separately in ins- and expiration
K. Möller, Z. Zhao, C. A. Stahl, J. Guttmann

42. Clinical Validation of an Algorithm for Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation from Single Lead ECG
M. Triventi, G. Calcagnini, F. Censi, E. Mattei, F. Mele, P. Bartolini

43. Mental and Motor Task Classification by LDA
N. Gursel Ozmen, L. Gumusel

44. The human subthalamic nucleus – knowledge for the understanding of Parkinson’s disease
T. Heida, E. Marani

45. Dissociated neurons from an extended rat subthalamic area - spontaneous activity and acetylcholine addition
T. Heida, E. Marani

46. Nigro-subthalamic and nigro-trigeminal projections in the rat
E. Marani, N. E. Lazarov, T. Heida, K. G. Usunoff

47. Statistical Estimate on Indices Associated to Atherosclerosis Risk
C. M. Ipate, A. Machedon, M. Morega

48. Study of Some EEG Signal Processing Methods for Detection of Epileptic Activity
R. Matei, D. Matei

49. Continuous Wavelet Transformation of Pattern Electroretinogram (PERG) - a tool improving the test accuracy
K. Penkala

50. An Interactive Tool for Customizing Clinical Transacranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Experiments
A. Faro, D. Giordano, I. Kavasidis, C. Pino, C. Spampinato, M. G. Cantone, G. Lanza, M. Pennisi

51. Measurement Methodology for Tempomandibular Joint Displacement Based on Focus Mutual Information Alignment of CBCT Images
W. Jacquet, E. Nyssen, B. Vande Vannet

52. Computer Aided Diagnosis of Diffuse Lung Disease in Multi-detector CT – Selecting 3D Texture Features
I. Mariolis, P. Korfiatis, C. Kalogeropoulou, D. Daoussis, T. Petsas, L. Costaridou

53. Statistical Pre-processing Method for Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Images
T. Cervinka, H. Sievanen, M. Hannula, J. Hyttinen

54. Security and Reliability of Data Transmissions in Biotelemetric System
M. Stankus, M. Penhaker, V. Srovnal, M. Cerny, V. Kasik

55. A Novel Approach for Implementation of Dual Energy Mapping Technique in CT-Based Attenuation Correction Using Single kVP Imaging: A Feasibility Study
B. Teimourian, M. R. Ay, H. Ghadiri, M. Shamsaei Zafarghandi, H. Zaidi

56. Computational Visualization of Tumor Virotherapy
X. F. Gao, M. Tangney, S. Tabirca

57. New Approaches for Continuous Non Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
Petr Zurek, Martin Cerny, Michal Prauzek, Ondrej Krejcar, Marek Penhaker

58. Wireless Power and Data Transmission for Robotic Endoscopic Capsules
R. Carta, J. Thoné, R. Puers

59. Ulcer Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images Using Bidimensional Nonlinear Analysis
Vasileios Charisis, Alexandra Tsiligiri, Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis, Christos N. Liatsos, Christos C. Mavrogiannis, George D. Sergiadis

60. Pre-clinical physiological data acquisition and testing of the IMAGE sensing device for exercise guidance and real-time monitoring of cardiovascular disease patients
A. Astaras, A. Kokonozi, E. Michail, D. Filos, I. Chouvarda, O. Grossenbacher, J. -M. Koller, R. Leopoldo, J. -A. Porchet, M. Correvon, J. Luprano, A. Sipilä, N. Maglaveras

61. Thermal Images of Electrically Stimulated Breast: a simulation study
H. Feza Carlak, Nevzat G. Gençer, Cengiz Beşikçi

62. Magnetic Resonance Current Density Imaging Using One Component of Magnetic Flux Density: An Experimental Study
A. Ersöz, B. M. Eyüboğlu

63. Computer-Aided Detection of COPD Using Digital Chest Radiographs
L. Nikházy, G. Horváth, Á. Horváth, V. Müller

64. Localisation, Registration and Visualisation of MRS Volumes of Interest on MR Images
Yu Sun, Nigel P. Davies, Kal Natarajan, Theodoros N. Arvanitis, Andrew C. Peet

65. Magnetic Marker Monitoring: A novel approach for magnetic marker design
S. Biller, D. Baumgarten, J. Haueisen

66. Corneal nerves segmentation and morphometric parameters quantification for early detection of diabetic neuropathy
Ana Ferreira, António Miguel Morgado, José Silvestre Silva

67. Novel catheters for in vivo research and pharmaceutical trials providing direct access to extracellular space of target tissues
M. Bodenlenz, C. Hoefferer, F. Feichtner, C. Magnes, R. Schaller, J. Priedl, T. Birngruber, F. Sinner, L. Schaupp, S. Korsatko, T. R. Pieber

68. Statistical Texture Analysis of MRI Images to Classify Patients Affected by Multiple Sclerosis
A. Faro, D. Giordano, C. Spampinato, M. Pennisi

69. WADEDA: A Wearable Affective Device with On-Chip Signal Processing Capabilities for Measuring ElectroDermal Activity
E. I. Konstantinidis, C. A. Frantzidis, C. Papadelis, C. Pappas, P. D. Bamidis

70. A Modular Architecture of a Computer-Operated Olfactometer for Universal Use
A. Komnidis, E. Konstantinidis, I. Stylianou, M. A. Klados, A. Kalfas, P. D. Bamidis

71. The role of geometry of the human carotid bifurcation in the formation and development of atherosclerotic plaque
P. G. Kalozoumis, A. I. Kalfas, A. D. Giannoukas

72. A wearable wireless ECG sensor: a design with a minimal number of parts
E. S. Valchinov, N. E. Pallikarakis

73. Active Contours without Edges Applied to Breast Lesions on Ultrasound
W. Gómez, A. F. C. Infantosi, L. Leija, W. C. A. Pereira

74. Automatic identification of trabecular bone fracture
S. Tassani, P. A. Asvestas, G. K. Matsopoulos, F. Baruffaldi

75. Visualization System to Improve Surgical Performance during a Laparoscopic Procedure
L. T. Paolis, M. Pulimeno, G. Aloisio

76. The blood perfusion mapping in the human skin by photoplethysmography imaging
U. Rubins, R. Erts, V. Nikiforovs

77. Fingerprint Matching with Self Organizing Maps
A. N. Ouzounoglou, T. L. Economopoulos, P. A. Asvestas, G. K. Matsopoulos

78. A Novel Model for Monte Carlo Simulation of Performance Parameters of the Rodent Research PET (RRPET) Camera Based on NEMA NU-4 Standards
N. Zeraatkar, M. R. Ay, A. R. Kamali-Asl, H. Zaidi

79. Is the Average Gray-Level from Ultrasound B-Mode Images Able to Estimate Temperature Variations in Ex-Vivo Tissue?
César A. Teixeira, A. V. Alvarenga, M. A. Krüger, W. C. A. Pereira

80. CT2MCNP: An Integrated Package for Constructing Patient-Specific Voxel-Based Phantoms Dedicated for MCNP(X) Monte Carlo Code
A. Mehranian, M. R. Ay, H. Zaidi

81. Noise reduction in fluoroscopic image sequences for joint kinematics analysis
T. Cerciello, P. Bifulco, M. Cesarelli, L. Paura, M. Romano, G. Pasquariello, R. Allen

82. The Influence of Patient Miscentering on Patient Dose and Image Noise in Two Commercial ct Scanners
M. A. Habibzadeh, M. R. Ay, A. R. Kamali asl, H. Ghadiri, H. Zaidi

83. A Study on Performance of a Digital Image Acquisition System in Mammography Diagnostic
D. Dimitric, G. Nisevic, Z. Boskovic, A. Vasic

84. An efficient Video-Synopsis technique for optical recordings with application to the analysis of rat barrel-cortex responses
V. Tsitlakidis, N. A. Laskaris, G. C. Koudounis, E. K. Kosmidis

85. Preoperative Planning Software for Hip Replacement
M. Michalíková, L. Bednarčíková, T. Tóth, J. Živčák

86. Entropy: a way to quantify complexity in calcium dynamics
A. Fanelli, F. Esposti, J. Ion Titapiccolo, M. G. Signorini

87. A new fluorescence image-processing method to visualize Ca2 +  -release and uptake Endoplasmatic Reticulum microdomains in cultured glia
J. Ion Titapiccolo, F. Esposti, A. Fanelli, M. G. Signorini

88. Experimental Measurement of Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) in Five Commercial CT Scanners
S. M. Akbari, M. R. Ay, A. R. Kamali asl, H. Ghadiri, H. Zaidi

89. Microcalcifications Segmentation Procedure Based on Morphological Operators and Histogram Filtering
M. A. Duarte, A. V. Alvarenga, C. M. Azevedo, A. F. C. Infantosi, W. C. A. Pereira

90. Segmentation of Anatomical Structures on Chest Radiographs
S. Juhász, Á. Horváth, L. Nikházy, G. Horváth, Á. Horváth

91. Lung Nodule Detection on Rib Eliminated Radiographs
G. Orbán, Á. Horváth, G. Horváth

92. An improved algorithm for out-of-plane artifacts removal in digital tomosynthesis reconstructions
K. Bliznakova, Z. Bliznakov, N. Pallikarakis

93. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Irreversible Electroporation in Tubers
Mohammad Hjouj, Boris Rubinsky

94. Superposition of activations of SWI and fMRI acquisitions of the motor cortex
M. Matos, M. Forjaz Secca, M. Noseworthy

95. A New Optical Method for Measuring Creatinine Concentration During Dialysis.
I. Fridolin, J. Jerotskaja, K. Lauri, F. Uhlin, M. Luman

96. The Role of Viscous Damping on Quality of Haptic Interaction in Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot: A Simulation Study
J. Oblak, I. Cikajlo, T. Keller, J. C. Perrry, J. Veneman, Z. Matjačić

97. A New Fibre Optic Pulse Oximeter Probe for Monitoring Splanchnic Organ Arterial Blood Oxygen Saturation
M. Hickey, N. Samuels, N. Randive, R. Langford, P. A. Kyriacou

98. Electrical properties of teeth regarding the electric vitality testing
T. Marjanović, Z. Stare, M. Ranilović

99. Stiffness of a small tissue phantom measured by a tactile resonance sensor
V. Jalkanen, B. M. Andersson, O. A. Lindahl

100. Vectorial magnetoencephalographic measurements for the estimation of radial dipolar activity in the human somatosensory system
J. Haueisen, K. Fleissig, D. Strohmeier, R. Huonker, M. Liehr, O. W. Witte

101. Registration of Chest X-Rays
J. Csorba, B. Kormanyos, B. Pataki

102. Arterial Pulse Transit Time Dependence on Applied Pressure
K. Pilt, K. Meigas, M. Viigimaa, J. Kaik, R. Kattai, D. Karai

103. Influence of an Artificial Valve Type on the Flow in the Ventricular Assist Device
D. Obidowski, P. Klosinski, P. Reorowicz, K. Jozwik

104. A New Stimulation Technique for Electrophysiological Color Vision Testing
M. Zaleski, K. Penkala

105. Novel TiN-based dry EEG electrodes: Influence of electrode shape and number on contact impedance and signal quality
P. Fiedler, S. Brodkorb, C. Fonseca, F. Vaz, F. Zanow, J. Haueisen

106. A finite element method study of the current density distribution in a capacitive intrabody communication system
Ž. Lučev, A. Koričan, M. Cifrek

107. Voice Controlled Neuroprosthesis System
D. C. Irimia, M. S. Poboroniuc, M. C. Stefan, Gh. Livint

108. Preoperative Planning Program Tool in Treatment of Articular Fractures: Process of Segmentation Procedure
M. Tomazevic, D. Kreuh, A. Kristan, V. Puketa, M. Cimerman

109. Neuroimaging of emotional activation: Issues on Experimental Methodology, Analysis and Statistics
C. Styliadis, C. Papadelis, P. D. Bamidis

110. Using Grid Infrastructure for the Promotion of Biomedical Knowledge Mining
A. Chatziioannou, I. Kanaris, C. Doukas, Ilias Maglogiannis

111. A Laboratory Scale Facility for the Parametric Characterization of the Intraocular Pressure of the Human Eye
A. V. Michailidou, P. Chatzi, P. G. Kalozoumis, A. I. Kalfas, M. Pappa, I. Tsiafis, E. I. Konstantinidis, P. D. Bamidis

112. AM-FM Texture Image Analysis in Multiple Sclerosis Brain White Matter Lesions
C. P. Loizou, V. Murray, M. S. Pattichis, M. Pantziaris, I. Seimenis, C. S. Pattichis

113. Reliable Hysteroscopy Color Imaging
I. Constantinou, V. Tanos, M. Neofytou, C. Pattichis

114. Comparison of Methods of Measurement of Head Position in Neurological Practice
P. Kutilek, J. Charfreitag, J. Hozman

115. The Nanopous Al2O3 Material Used for the Enzyme Entrapping in a Glucose Biosensor
C. Ravariu, A. Popescu, C. Podaru, E. Manea, F. Babarada

116. Hand-held resonance sensor instrument for soft tissue stiffness measurements - a first study on biological tissue in vitro
V. Jalkanen, O. A. Lindahl

117. Head Position Monitoring System
P. Cech, J. Dlouhy, M. Cizek, J. Rozman, I. Vicha

118. Short range wireless link for data acquisition in medical equipment
N. M. Roman, S. Gergely, R. V. Ciupa, M. V. Pusca

119. Corneal Quantitative Fluorometry – A Slit-Lamp Based Platform
J. P. Domingues, Isa Branco, A. M. Morgado

120. Automatic Detection of Patients’ Spontaneous Activity During Pressure Support Ventilation
G. Matrone, F. Mojoli, A. Orlando, A. Braschi, G. Magenes

121. Determination of In Vivo Three-Dimensional Lower Limb Kinematics for Simulation of High-Flexion Squats
P. D. Wong, B. Callewaert, K. Desloovere, L. Labey, B. Innocenti

122. Evaluation of chronic diabetic wounds with the Near Infrared Wound Monitor
Michael Neidrauer, Leonid Zubkov, Michael S. Weingarten, Kambiz Pourrezaei, Elisabeth S. Papazoglou

123. Non-contact UWB Radar Technology to Assess Tremor
G. Blumrosen, M. Uziel, B. Rubinsky, D. Porrat

124. High frequency mechanical vibrations stimulate the bone matrix formation in hBMSCs (human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells)
D. Prè, G. Ceccarelli, M. G. Cusella Angelis, G. Magenes

125. Mobispiro: A Novel Spirometer
Eleni J. Sakka, Pantelis Aggelidis, Markela Psimarnou

126. A computer program for the functional assessment of the rotational vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR)
A. Böhler, M. Mandalá, S. Ramat

127. New Application for Automatic Hemifield Damage Identification in Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) Visual Fields
A. Salonikiou, V. Kilintzis, A. Antoniadis, F. Topouzis

128. The Effect of Mechano- and Magnetochemically Synthesized Magnetosensitive Nanocomplex and Electromagnetic Irradiation on Animal Tumor
V. E. Orel, A. V. Romanov, I. I. Dzyatkovska, M. O. Nikolov, Yu. G. Mel’nik, N. M. Dzyatkovska, I. B. Shchepotin

129. Verification of Measuring System for Automation Intra - Abdominal Pressure Measurement
T. Tóth, M. Michalíková, L. Bednarčíková, M. Petrík, J. Živčák

130. Evolution in Bladder Pressure Measuring Implants Developed at K.U.Leuven
P. Jourand, J. Coosemans, R. Puers

131. Including the effect of the thermal wave in theoretical modeling for radiofrequency ablation
J. A. López Molina, M. J. Rivera, M. Trujillo, V. Romero-García, E. J. Berjano

132. Textile Integrated Monitoring System for Breathing Rhythm of Infants
H. Clercq, P. Jourand, R. Puers

133. Comparison between VHDL-AMS and PSPICE modeling of ultrasound measurement system for biological medium
N. Aouzale, A. Chitnalah, H. Jakjoud, D. Kourtiche, M. Nadi

134. Stimulation Parameter Testing and Verification during Pacing
Martin Augustynek, Marek Penhaker, Pavel Sazel, David Korpas

135. Biosignal Monitoring and Processing for Management of Hypertension
A. Stan, R. Lupu, M. Ciorap, R. Ciorap

136. Design and Development of an Electrophysiological Signal Acquisition System: A technological aid for research, teaching and clinical application
E. Villavicencio, D. García, L. Navarro, M. Torres, R. Huamaní, L. F. Yabar

137. Numerical Models of an Artery with Different Stent Types
M. Brand, M. Ryvkin, S. Einav, I. Avrahami, J. Rosen, M. Teodorescu

138. A macro-quality field control of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry with anatomical, chemical and computed tomographical variables
A. Scafoglieri, S. Provyn, O. Louis, J. A. Wallace, J. Mey, J. P. Clarys

139. Digital filter in hardware loop for on line ECG signal baseline wander reduction
A. Petrenas, V. Marozas, S. Daukantas, A. Lukosevicius

140. Assessment of a Patient-Specific Silicon Model of the Human Arterial Forearm
K. Canneyt, F. Giudici, P. Segers, P. Verdonck

141. Numerical Investigations of the Strain-Adaptive Bone Remodeling in the Prosthetic Pelvis
A. Bouguecha, I. Elgaly, C. Stukenborg-Colsman, M. Lerch, I. Nolte, P. Wefstaedt, T. Matthias, B. -A. Behrens

142. Development of a System Dynamics Model for Cost Estimation for the Implantation and Revision of Hip Joint Endoprosthesis
J. Schröttner, A. Herzog

143. The Volume Regulation and Accumulation of Synovial Fluid between Articular Plateaus of Knee Joints
M. Petrtyl, J. Danesova, J. Lísal

144. Anthropometric Measurements and Model Evaluation of Mass-Inertial Parameters of the Human Upper and Lower Extremities
G. S. Nikolova

145. Validation of a Person Specific 1-D Model of the Systemic Arterial Tree
P. Reymond, Y. Bohraus, F. Perren, F. Lazeyras, N. Stergiopulos

146. First Trimester Diagnosis of Trisomy-21 Using Artificial Neural Networks
C. N. Neocleous, K. Nikolaides, K. Neokleous, C. N. Schizas

147. Numerical Analysis of a Novel Method for Temperature Gradient Measurement in the Vicinity of Warm Inflamed Atherosclerotic Plaques
Z. Aronis, E. Massarwa, L. Rosen, O. Rotman, R. Eliasy, R. Haj-Ali, S. Einav

148. A multilevel and multiscale approach for the prediction of oral cancer reoccurrence
Konstantinos P. Exarchos, G. Rigas, Yorgos Goletsis, Dimitrios I. Fotiadis

149. An Automated Method for Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia Detection and Severity Classification
M. G. Tsipouras, A. T. Tzallas, G. Rigas, P. Bougia, D. I. FotiadisP, S. Konitsiotis

150. Electrospinning Poly(o-methoxyaniline) Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering Applications
Wen-Tyng Li, Mu-Feng Shie, Chung-Feng Dai, Jui-Ming Yeh

151. Diagnosis of Asthma Severity Using Artificial Neural Networks
E. Chatzimichail, A. Rigas, E. Paraskakis, A. Chatzimichail

152. Enhanced stem cells characteristic of fibroblastic mesenchymal cells from HHT patients
G. Silvani, L. Benedetti, N. Crosetto, C. Olivieri, D. Galli, B. Magnani, G. Magenes, M. G. Cusella Angelis

153. High frequency vibration (HFV) induces muscle hypertrophy in newborn mice and enhances primary myoblasts fusion in satellite cells
G. Ceccarelli, L. Benedetti, D. Prè, D. Galli, L. Vercesi, G. Magenes, M. G. Cusella Angelis

154. Surface Characterization of Collagen Films by Atomic Force Microscopy
A. Stylianou, S. B. Kontomaris, M. Kyriazi, D. Yova

155. Changes in Electrocardiogram during Intra-Abdominal Electrochemotherapy: A Preliminary Report
B. Mali, T. Jarm, E. Gadžijev, G. Serša, D. Miklavčič

156. Studying postural sway using wearable sensors: fall prediction
A. Turcato, S. Ramat

157. From Biomedical Research to Spin-Off Companies for the Health Care Market
O. A. Lindahl, B. Andersson, R. Lundström, K. Ramser

158. A Continuous-Time Dynamical Model for the Vestibular Nucleus
A. Korodi, V. Ceregan, T. L. Dragomir, A. Codrean

159. Fast optical signal in the prefrontal cortex correlates with EEG
A. V. Medvedev, J. M. Kainerstorfer, S. V. Borisov, J. VanMeter

160. Using Social Semantic Web Technologies in Public Health: A Prototype Epidemiological Semantic Wiki
C. Bratsas, A. Tzalavra, V. Vescoukis, P. Bamidis

161. Patellofemoral Contact during Simulated Weight Bearing Squat Movement: A Cadaveric Study
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176. Automated Estimation of 3D Camera Extrinsic Parameters for the Monitoring of Physical Activity of Elderly Patients
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177. Robotic system for training of grasping and reaching
J. Podobnik, M. Munih

178. Recognition and Identification of Red Blood Cell Size Using Angular Radial Transform and Neural Networks
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179. Collagen Gel as Cell Extracellular Environment to Study Gene Electrotransfer
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180. The Influence of Seat Pan and Trunk Inclination on Muscles Activity during Sitting on Forward Inclined Seats
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181. Radiation Exposure in Routine Practice with PET/CT and Automatic Infusion System - Practical experience report
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182. A Pilot Study for Development of Shoulder Proprioception Training System Using Virtual Reality for Patients with Stroke: The Effect of Manipulated Visual Feedback
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185. Active Behavior of Peripheral Nerves during Magnetic Stimulation
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186. Preparations’ methodology for the introduction of Information Systems in Hospitals
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187. Supervised and Unsupervised Finger Vein Segmentation in Infrared Images Using KNN and NNCA Clustering Algorithms
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191. Process choreography for Interaction simulation in Ambient Assisted Living environments
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197. Service composition to support ambient assisted living solutions for the elderly
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199. Suitable polymer pipe to modelling the coronary veins
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200. Satisfaction Survey of Greek Inpatients with Brain Cancer
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206. Tensile Stress Analysis of the Ceramic Head Endoprosthesis with different Micro Shape Deviations of the Contact Areas
V. Fuis, M. Koukal

207. Modelling of Cancer Dynamics and Comparison of Methods for Survival Time Estimation
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208. Implications of Data Quality Problems within Hospital Administrative Databases
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216. WeCare: Wireless Enhanced Healthcare
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217. The Functionality Control of Horizontal Agitators for Blood Bags
Z. Vasickova, M. Penhaker, M. Darebnikova

218. Experimental Hardware Solutions of Biotelemetric System
Dalibor Janckulik, Leona Motalova, Karel Musil, Ondrej Krejcar

219. Modern Tools for Design and Implementation of Mobile Biomedical System for Home Care Agencies
Dalibor Janckulik, Leona Motalova, Ondrej Krejcar

220. Application of Embedded System for Sightless with Diabetes
L. Martinak, M. Penhaker

221. TELEMON - An Embedded Wireless Monitoring and Alert System for Homecare
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223. Low Cost Data Acquisition System for Biomedical Usage
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224. Embedded Programmable Invasive Blood Pressure Simulator
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225. Generating and Transmitting Ambulatory Electronic Medical Prescriptions
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232. Renal Telemedicine and Telehealth - Where Do We Stand?
E. Kaldoudi, V. Vargemezis

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235. A New Concept of the Integrated Care Service for Unstable Diabetic Patients
P. Ładyżyński, P. Foltyński, J. M. Wójcicki, K. Migalska-Musiał, M. Molik, J. Krzymień, G. Rosiński, G. Opolski, K. Czajkowski, M. Tracz, W. Karnafel

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R. Jagusz, J. Borkowski, K. Penkala

238. EMITEL e-Encyclopaedia of Medical Physics - Project Development and Future
S. Tabakov, P. Smith, F. Milano, S. -E. Strand, C. Lewis, M. Stoeva

239. BME Education Program Following the Expectations from the Industry, Health Care and Science
P. Augustyniak, R. Tadeusiewicz, M. Wasilewska-Radwańska

240. Quality Assurance in Biomedical Engineering COOP-Educational Training Program: Planning, Implementation and Analysis
A. Alhamwi, Manal A. Farrag, T. Elsarnagawy

241. Accreditation of Medical Physics and Medical Engineering Programmes in the UK
S. Tabakov, D. Parker, F. Schlindwein, A. Nisbett

242. Tools based eLearning Platform to Support the Development and Repurposing of Educational Material
T. Stefanut, M. Marginean, D. Gorgan

R. Stojanovic, D. Karadaglic, B. Asanin, O. Chizhova

244. Repurposing Serious Games in Health Care Education
A. Protopsaltis, D. Panzoli, I. Dunwell, S. Freitas

245. Geotagged Repurposed Educational Content through mEducator Social Network Enhances Biomedical Engineering Education
S. Th. Konstantinidis, N. Dovrolis, Eleni Kaldoudi, P. D. Bamidis

246. MORMED: Towards a multilingual social networking platform facilitating Medicine 2.0
Eleni Kargioti, Dimitrios Kourtesis, Dimitris Bibikas, Iraklis Paraskakis, Ulrich Boes

247. Design and Development of a Pilot on Line Electronic OSCE Station for Use in Medical Education
E. L. Dafli, P. D. Bamidis, C. Pappas, N. Dombros

248. Review of the Biomedical Engineering Education Programs in Europe within the Framework of TEMPUS IV, CRH-BME Project
Z. Bliznakov, N. Pallikarakis

249. Virtual Experiments: May VCV Impede Circulation More than PCV in (Virtual) Patients in the Lateral Position?
T. Golczewski, M. Darowski

250. Human Factors Engineering Applied to Risk Management in the Use of Medical Equipment
A. P. S. Silva, R. M. A. Almeida, J. A. Ferreira, A. Gibertoni

251. Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI) from Active RFId on Critical Care Equipment
Ernesto Iadanza, Fabrizio Dori, Roberto Miniati, Edvige Corrado

252. The Clinical Data Recorder: What Shall Be Monitored?
L. N. Nascimento, S. J. Calil

253. Clinical Engineering and Patient Safety: a forty year cycle
M. Frize, S. Weyand, K. Greenwood

254. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in the Treatment of Novel Influenza Virus Infection: A Multicentric Hospital-Based Health Technology Assessment in Lombardy Region
P. Lago, I. Vallone, G. Zarola

255. MRI-induced heating on patients with Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators and Pacemaker: Role of Lead Structure
E. Mattei, G. Calcagnini, M. Triventi, F. Censi, P. Bartolini

256. Adoption and Sophistication of Clinical Information Systems in Greek Public Hospitals: Results from a National Web-based Survey
S. Kitsiou, V. Manthou, M. Vlachopoulou, A. Markos

257. Risk Management Process and CE Marking of Software as MD
Fabrizio Dori, Ernesto Iadanza, Roberto Miniati, Samuele Mattei

258. From Laparoscopic Surgery to 3-D Double Console Robot-Assisted Surgery
P. Lago, C. Lombardi, B. Dell’Anna

259. Clinical Engineering and Clinical Dosimetry in Patients with Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Undergoing Thyroid Remnant Ablation with Radioiodine-131
M. Medvedec, D. Dodig

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics, Biomaterials, Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

Publication year
IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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