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Business Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. Faceted Wikipedia Search
Rasmus Hahn, Christian Bizer, Christopher Sahnwaldt, Christian Herta, Scott Robinson, Michaela Bürgle, Holger Düwiger, Ulrich Scheel

2. A Model of Cross-Functional Coopetition in Software Development Project Teams
Shahla Ghobadi, Farhad Daneshgar, Graham Low

3. Using Probabilistic Topic Models in Enterprise Social Software
Konstantinos Christidis, Gregoris Mentzas

4. Using SPARQL and SPIN for Data Quality Management on the Semantic Web
Christian Fürber, Martin Hepp

5. Quality in Blogs: How to Find the Best User Generated Content
Rafael Hellmann, Joachim Griesbaum, Thomas Mandl

6. Avoiding Inconsistency in User Preferences for Data Quality Aware Queries
Naiem Khodabandehloo Yeganeh, Shazia Sadiq

7. Textractor: A Framework for Extracting Relevant Domain Concepts from Irregular Corporate Textual Datasets
Ashwin Ittoo, Laura Maruster, Hans Wortmann, Gosse Bouma

8. Comparing Intended and Real Usage in Web Portal: Temporal Logic and Data Mining
Jérémy Besson, Ieva Mitašiūnaitė, Audronė Lupeikienė, Jean-François Boulicaut

9. Capturing Eye Tracking Data for Customer Profiling
Robert Andrei Buchmann, Radu Meza

10. Consistency Checking of Compliance Rules
Ahmed Awad, Matthias Weidlich, Mathias Weske

11. From Economic Drivers to B2B Process Models: A Mapping from REA to UMM
Rainer Schuster, Thomas Motal, Christian Huemer, Hannes Werthner

12. Using Surveys to Evaluate a Business Rules Based Development Approach
José L. Martínez-Fernández, José C. González-Cristóbal, Paloma Martínez

13. Identification of Services through Functional Decomposition of Business Processes
Artur Caetano, António Rito Silva, José Tribolet

14. Requirements for a Business Process Model Repository: A Stakeholders’ Perspective
Khurram Shahzad, Mturi Elias, Paul Johannesson

15. Supporting Complex Business Information Systems
Oliver Daute, Stefan Conrad

16. On Integrating Data Mining into Business Processes
Dennis Wegener, Stefan Rüping

17. From Process Execution towards a Business Process Intelligence
Carsten Felden, Peter Chamoni, Markus Linden

18. Auditing Workflow Executions against Dataflow Policies
Rafael Accorsi, Claus Wonnemann

19. Workflow Data Footprints
Nikola Trčka

20. On the Cognitive Effectiveness of Routing Symbols in Process Modeling Languages
Kathrin Figl, Jan Mendling, Mark Strembeck, Jan Recker

21. Visualising Business Capabilities in the Context of Business Analysis
Christopher Klinkmüller, André Ludwig, Bogdan Franczyk, Rolf Kluge

22. A Model Driven Engineering Approach for Modelling Versions of Business Processes using BPMN
Imen Ben Said, Mohamed Amine Chaabane, Eric Andonoff

23. Value Propositions in Service Oriented Business Models for ERP: Case Studies
Håkan Enquist, Gustaf Juell-Skielse

24. Event-Driven Business Intelligence Architecture for Real-Time Process Execution in Supply Chains
Markus Linden, Sebastian Neuhaus, Daniel Kilimann, Tanja Bley, Peter Chamoni

25. Production Inventory and Enterprise System Implementation: An Ex-ante No-Cost Based Evaluation
Salvatore Cannella, Elena Ciancimino, José David Canca Ortiz, Rossitza Setchi

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Appl. in Administrative Data Processing, Business Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Production/Logistics

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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