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Coastal Altimetry

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Table of contents

1. Radar Altimetry: Past, Present and Future
J. Benveniste

2. From Research to Operations: The USDA Global Reservoir and Lake Monitor
C. Birkett, C. Reynolds, B. Beckley, B. Doorn

3. User Requirements in the Coastal Ocean for Satellite Altimetry
C. Dufau, C. Martin-Puig, L. Moreno

4. Retracking Altimeter Waveforms Near the Coasts
C. Gommenginger, P. Thibaut, L. Fenoglio-Marc, G. Quartly, X. Deng, J. Gómez-Enri, P. Challenor, Y. Gao

5. Range and Geophysical Corrections in Coastal Regions: And Implications for Mean Sea Surface Determination
O. B. Andersen, R. Scharroo

6. Tropospheric Corrections for Coastal Altimetry
E. Obligis, C. Desportes, L. Eymard, M. J. Fernandes, C. Lázaro, A. L. Nunes

7. Surge Models as Providers of Improved “Inverse Barometer Corrections” for Coastal Altimetry Users
P. L. Woodworth, K. J. Horsburgh

8. Tide Predictions in Shelf and Coastal Waters: Status and Prospects
R. D. Ray, G. D. Egbert, S. Y. Erofeeva

9. Post-processing Altimeter Data Towards Coastal Applications and Integration into Coastal Models
L. Roblou, J. Lamouroux, J. Bouffard, F. Lyard, M. Hénaff, A. Lombard, P. Marsaleix, P. Mey, F. Birol

10. Coastal Challenges for Altimeter Data Dissemination and Services
H. M. Snaith, R. Scharroo

11. In situ Absolute Calibration and Validation: A Link from Coastal to Open-Ocean Altimetry
P. Bonnefond, B. J. Haines, C. Watson

12. Introduction and Assessment of Improved Coastal Altimetry Strategies: Case Study over the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea
J. Bouffard, L. Roblou, F. Birol, A. Pascual, L. Fenoglio-Marc, M. Cancet, R. Morrow, Y. Ménard

13. Satellite Altimetry Applications in the Caspian Sea
A. V. Kouraev, J.-F. Crétaux, S. A. Lebedev, A. G. Kostianoy, A. I. Ginzburg, N. A. Sheremet, R. Mamedov, E. A. Zakharova, L. Roblou, F. Lyard, S. Calmant, M. Bergé-Nguyen

14. Satellite Altimetry Applications in the Black Sea
A. I. Ginzburg, A. G. Kostianoy, N. A. Sheremet, S. A. Lebedev

15. Satellite Altimetry Applications in the Barents and White Seas
S. A. Lebedev, A. G. Kostianoy, A. I. Ginzburg, D. P. Medvedev, N. A. Sheremet, S. N. Shauro

16. Satellite Altimetry Applications off the Coasts of North America
W. J. Emery, T. Strub, R. Leben, M. Foreman, J. C. McWilliams, G. Han, C. Ladd, H. Ueno

17. Evaluation of Retracking Algorithms over China and Adjacent Coastal Seas
L. Yang, M. Lin, Y. Zhang, L. Bao, D. Pan

18. Satellite Altimetry for Geodetic, Oceanographic, and Climate Studies in the Australian Region
X. Deng, D. A. Griffin, K. Ridgway, J. A. Church, W. E. Featherstone, N. J. White, M. Cahill

19. Lakes Studies from Satellite Altimetry
J.-F. Crétaux, S. Calmant, R. Abarca Rio, A. Kouraev, M. Bergé-Nguyen, P. Maisongrande

20. The Future of Coastal Altimetry
R. K. Raney, L. Phalippou

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Oceanography, Geophysics/Geodesy

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