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Materials with Complex Behaviour

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Table of contents

1. A Statistical Study on Stress-Strain Relation of AISI 304 Stainless Steel Under Elevated Temperatures
S.H. Park, J.K. Kim, J.H. Kim

2. Interaction Between Concrete Cylinders and Shape-Memory Wires in the Achievement of Active Confinement
Jean-François Destrebecq, Xavier Balandraud

3. Mathematic Modeling of the Osprey Process
M. Bodea, R. Muresan, C.V. Prica

4. Cyclic-Bend-Over-Sheave Fatigue Testing of an Umbilical for Oil Production in Ultra-Deep Waters
Paula Ferreira Lépore, Miguel Angel Buelta Martinez

5. Dynamic Crack Propagation in Composite Structures
D. Bruno, F. Greco, P. Lonetti

6. Computational Analysis of Loading–Unloading and Non-homogeneity Effects in Metallic Hollow Sphere Structures
Branca F. Oliveira, Luiz A.B. Cunda, Andreas Öchsner, Guillermo J. Creus

7. Dielectric Spectra Analysis: Reliable Parameter Estimation Using Interval Analysis
Adrien Brochier, Maëlenn Aufray, Wulff Possart

8. Numerical Modeling of Complex Structures: Shells and Biological Cells
J.N. Reddy, R.A. Arciniega, G.U. Unnikrishnan, V.U. Unnikrishnan

9. Free Vibration Characteristics of Thermally Loaded Cylindrical Shell
Byung-Hee Jeon, Hui-Won Kang, Young-Shin Lee

10. Model of Large Displacements in Static Analysis of Shell
Domagoj Matešan, Jure Radnić, Alen Harapin

11. Nonlinear Time-Dependent Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Shells
Domagoj Matešan, Jure Radnić

12. DBEM and FEM Analysis of an Extrusion Press Fatigue Failure
R. Citarella, G. Cricrì, M. Lepore, M. Perrella

13. Damage Detections in Nonlinear Vibrating Thermally Loaded Plates
E. Manoach, I. Trendafilova

14. Macroscopic Stability Analysis in Periodic Composite Solids
Fabrizio Greco, Paolo Lonetti, Paolo Nevone Blasi, Girolamo Sgambitterra

15. Finite Element Vibration Analysis of MHSS Based on 3D Tomography Image Processing
R. Winkler, J. Schulz, M. Merkel, A. Öchsner

16. Computational Modelling and Experimental Characterisation of Heterogeneous Materials
A. J. Beveridge, M.A. Wheel, D.H. Nash

17. Model Experiment and Numerical Modelling of Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction
Noriko Kodama, Kazuhito Komiya

18. The Laser Butt Welding Simulation of the Thin Sheet Metal
Takeji Arai

19. Laser Drilling Simulation Considering Multiple Reflection of Laser, Evaporation and Melt Flow
Etsuji Ohmura, Satoru Noguchi

20. Effect of Flight Spectrum Loads on the Damage Tolerance Evaluation of a Helicopter Frame
Marco Giglio, Andrea Manes

21. Effects of Manufacturing-Induced Residual Stresses and Strains on Hydrogen Embrittlement of Cold Drawn Steels
J. Toribio, M. Lorenzo, D. Vergara, V. Kharin

22. Hybrid Bonding of Advanced High Strength Steels in the Lightweight Body Shell Design for the Automobile Manufacturing
G. Weber, T. Bschorr, H. Cramer, O. Hahn, M. Rethmeier, H. Thommes

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Mechanics, Computational Science and Engineering

Publication year
Advanced Structured Materials
Page amount
12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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