Diehl, Moritz

Recent Advances in Optimization and its Applications in Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Copositive Programming – a Survey
Mirjam Dür

2. A Robust H Quasi-LPV Approach for Designing Nonlinear Observers
Daniel F. Coutinho, Alain Wouwer

3. Solving Infinite-dimensional Optimization Problems by Polynomial Approximation
Olivier Devolder, François Glineur, Yurii Nesterov

4. Abstract Cones of Positive Polynomials and Their Sums of Squares Relaxations
Roland Hildebrand

5. Asynchronous Gossip Algorithm for Stochastic Optimization: Constant Stepsize Analysis*
S. Sundhar Ram, Angelia Nedić, Venu V. Veeravalli

6. On Hessian- and Jacobian-Free SQP Methods - a Total Quasi-Newton Scheme with Compact Storage
Torsten Bosse, Andreas Griewank, Lutz Lehmann, Volker Schloßhauer

7. Approximate Geometric Ellipsoid Fitting: A CG-Approach
Martin Kleinsteuber, Knut Hüper

8. Continuous Reformulation of MINLP Problems
Korbinian Kraemer, Wolfgang Marquardt

9. Local Convergence of Sequential Convex Programming for Nonconvex Optimization
Quoc Tran Dinh, Moritz Diehl

10. Fixed-Order H-infinity Optimization of Time-Delay Systems
Suat Gumussoy, Wim Michiels

11. Using Model Order Reduction for the Parameter Optimization of Large Scale Dynamical Systems
Yao Yue, Karl Meerbergen

12. Optimization On Manifolds: Methods and Applications
P.-A. Absil, R. Mahony, R. Sepulchre

13. On the Best Low Multilinear Rank Approximation of Higher-order Tensors*
Mariya Ishteva, P.-A. Absil, Sabine Huffel, Lieven Lathauwer

14. Refining Sparse Principal Components
M. Journée, F. Bach, P.-A. Absil, R. Sepulchre

15. Optimal Data Fitting on Lie Groups: a Coset Approach
C. Lageman, R. Sepulchre

16. Riemannian BFGS Algorithm with Applications
Chunhong Qi, Kyle A. Gallivan, P.-A. Absil

17. Identification Method for Time-Varying ARX Models
Quentin Rentmeesters, P.-A Absil, Paul Dooren

18. On Some Riemannian Aspects of Two and Three-Body Controlled Problems*
J.-B. Caillau, B. Daoud, J. Gergaud

19. Optimization techniques for the computation of the effective Hamiltonian
Maurizio Falcone, Marco Rorro

20. Hybrid Solution Methods for Bilevel Optimal Control Problems with Time Dependent Coupling
Matthias Knauer, Christof Büskens

21. Consistent Control Procedures in the Monotone Structural Evolution. Part 1: Theory
Adam Korytowski, Maciej Szymkat

22. Consistent Control Procedures in the Monotone Structural Evolution. Part 2: Examples and Computational Aspects
Maciej Szymkat, Adam Korytowski

23. Minimizing Tumor Volume for a Mathematical Model of Anti-Angiogenesis with Linear Pharmacokinetics
Urszula Ledzewicz, Helmut Maurer, Heinz Schättler

24. On Infinite Horizon Optimal Control of a Lotka-Voltera-System
Sabine Pickenhain

25. Performance of NMPC Schemes without Stabilizing Terminal Constraints
Nils Altmüller, Lars Grüne, Karl Worthmann

26. Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for an Artificial β-cell
Dimitri Boiroux, Daniel A. Finan, John B. Jørgensen, Niels K. Poulsen, Henrik Madsen

27. An Optimized Linear Model Predictive Control Solver
Dimitar Dimitrov, Pierre-Brice Wieber, Olivier Stasse, Hans Joachim Ferreau, Holger Diedam

28. A Linear-Quadratic Model-Predictive Controller for Control and State Constrained Nonlinear Control Problems
Matthias Gerdts, Björn Hüpping

29. NMPC Suboptimality Estimates for Sampled–Data Continuous Systems
Lars Grüne, Marcus Lossow, Karl Worthmann

30. Efficient Numerics for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Christian Kirches, Leonard Wirsching, Sebastian Sager, Hans Georg Bock

31. Optimal Control of Periodic Adsorption Processes: The Newton-Picard Inexact SQP Method
A. Potschka, A. Küpper, J.P. Schlöder, H.G. Bock, S. Engell

32. On the Optimization of Steady Bingham Flow in Pipes
Juan Carlos Los Reyes

33. Semismooth Newton Methods for an Optimal Boundary Control Problem of Wave Equations
Axel Kröner, Karl Kunisch, Boris Vexler

34. A Space Mapping Approach for the p-Laplace Equation
Oliver Lass, Stefan Volkwein

35. Numerical Solutions for Optimal Control of Monodomain Equations in Cardiac Electrophysiology
Ch. Nagaiah, K. Kunisch, G. Plank

36. Barrier Methods for a Control Problem from Hyperthermia Treatment Planning
Anton Schiela, Martin Weiser

37. On a State-Constrained PDE Optimal Control Problem arising from ODE-PDE Optimal Control
S. Wendl, H. J. Pesch, A. Rund

38. Multi-Disciplinary Optimization of an Active Suspension System in the Vehicle Concept Design Stage
Jan Anthonis, Marco Gubitosa, Stijn Donders, Marco Gallo, Peter Mas, Herman Auweraer

39. Optimal Control of Machine Tool Manipulators
Bahne Christiansen, Helmut Maurer, Oliver Zirn

40. Impact of the Material Distribution Formalism on the Efficiency of Evolutionary Methods for Topology Optimization
J. Denies, B. Dehez, F. Glineur, H. Ben Ahmed

41. A Variational Model for Image Texture Identification
R. Echegut, L. Piffet

42. Optimization Study of a Parametric Vehicle Bumper Subsystem Under Multiple Load Cases
Laszlo Farkas, Cedric Canadas, Stijn Donders, Herman Auweraer, Danny Schildermans

43. Application of Learning Automata for Stochastic Online Scheduling
Yailen Martinez, Bert Vreckem, David Catteeuw, Ann Nowe

44. Global Optimization with Expensive Functions - Sample Turbomachinery Design Application
Caroline Sainvitu, Vicky Iliopoulou, Ingrid Lepot

45. Adaptive Alternating Minimization for Fitting Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Signals
Diana M. Sima, Anca Croitor Sava, Sabine Huffel

46. Optimization of Partial Differential Equations for Minimizing the Roughness of Laser Cutting Surfaces
Georg Vossen, Jens Schüttler, Markus Nießen

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Optimization, Control

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