Blecken, Alexander

Advanced Manufacturing and Sustainable Logistics

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Table of contents

1. A Concept for an Accurate and Closely Coordinated Production
Wilhelm Dangelmaier

2. A Mesoscopic Approach to the Simulation of Logistics Systems
Michael Schenk, Juri Tolujew, Tobias Reggelin

3. Development of a Simulation Model for Multimodal, Cross-Company Logistics Networks
Wilfried Sihn, Christian Hillbrand, Felix Meizer, René Leitner, Margarethe Prochazka

4. Building Blocks as an Approach for the Planning of Adaptable Production Systems
Egon Müller

5. Challenges for the Provision of Process Data for the Virtual Factory
Gert Zülch, Martin Waldherr, Michael Zülch

6. Application of Operations Research Techniques to the Redesign of the Distribution Systems
Jacek Zak

7. Simulation in Production and Logistics: Trends, Solutions and Applications
Sigrid Wenzel, Pinar Boyaci, Ulrich Jessen

8. Logistics in the Context of Humanitarian Operations
Alexander Blecken

9. Sustainable Process Management - Status Quo and Perspectives
Dennis Kundisch, Philipp Herrmann, Christian Meier

10. A Model for Quantifying Impacts of Supply Chain Cost and Working Capital on the Company Value
Marcus Brandenburg, Stefan Seuring

11. Assessing the Effects of Assortment Complexity in Consumer Goods Supply Chains
Christoph Danne, Petra Häusler

12. Dynamic Supply Loops – A Concept for Flexible and Faster Automotive Supply Network Management
Wolfgang Menzel, Joachim Lentes, Andre Döring, Roland Ericsson, Levi Siljemyr

13. Development of a Lean Quality Management System: An Integrated Management System
Alexander Blecken, Alexander Zobel, Evangelos Maurantzas

14. Integrated Adaptive Design and Planning of Supply Networks
Dmitry Ivanov, Boris Sokolov, Joachim Kaeschel

15. Lean Intra-corporate Supply Chain Management for Complex Organizations
Andreas Fellhauer, Adam Strożek

16. Up-to-Date Supply Chain Management: The Coordinated (S, R) Order-Up-to
Salvatore Cannella, Elena Ciancimino

17. Towards an Integrated Virtual Value Creation Chain in Sheet Metal Forming
Manfred Grauer, Daniel Metz, Ulf Müller, Sachin Karadgi, Walter Schäfer, Thomas Barth

18. Using ISO 10303-224 for 3D Visualization of Manufacturing Features
Tobias Teich, Jörg Militzer, Franziska Jahn, Daniel Kretz, Tim Neumann

19. Combined Working Time Model Generation and Personnel Scheduling
Maik Günther, Volker Nissen

20. Knowledge Oriented Implementation of Collaborative Supply Chain Management
Priscilla Heinze, Marcus Hake

21. Reference Modeling of an IT-Based Logistics System
Iris Hausladen

22. An Autonomous Control Concept for Production Logistics
Henning Rekersbrink, Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Christian Zabel

23. Towards Agile Business Processes Based on the Internet of Things
Benedikt Schmidt, Markus Schief

24. Methods for the Calculation of CO2 Emissions in Logistics Activities
Hartmut Zadek, Robert Schulz

25. A p-Robust Capacitated Network Design Model with Facility Disruptions
Zuli Liu, Songshan Guo, Lawrence V. Snyder, Andrew Lim, Peng Peng

26. A Resource Based Mixed Integer Modelling Approach for Integrated Operational Logistics Planning
Jens Peter Kempkes, Achim Koberstein, Leena Suhl

27. Job Shop Scheduling with Buffer Constraints and Jobs Consuming Variable Buffer Space
Andreas Witt, Stefan Voß

28. Maturity Progression Model for Sustainable Supply Chains
Hendrik Reefke, David Sundaram, M. Daud Ahmed

29. Scenario Technique with Integer Programming for Sustainability in Manufacturing
Armin Fügenschuh, Pia Gausemeier, Günther Seliger, Semih Severengiz

30. Modelling Post-carriage Transport Costs in Groupage Networks
Nicholas Boone, Tim Quisbrock

31. Discrete Lot-Sizing and Scheduling Including Deterioration and Perishability Constraints
Julia Pahl, Stefan Voß

32. Developing and Maintaining Trust in Post-disaster Hastily Formed Networks
Peter Tatham, Gyöngyi Kovács

33. Humanitarian Cluster Leads as Fourth-Party Logistics Providers
Leif-Magnus Jensen

34. An Efficient Heuristic Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Parham Azimi, Peyman Daneshvar

35. Control of Disassembly Systems Based on the Division of Labour by Means of Dynamically Adapting Routing Plans
Gert Zülch, Jan Hrdina

36. Integrated Production Program and Human Resource Allocation Planning of Sequenced Production Lines with Simulated Assessment
Lothar März, Hansjörg Tutsch, Stefan Auer, Wilfried Sihn

37. Simulation of Container Traffic Flows at a Metropolitan Seaport
Hendrik Reefke

38. Simulation of ITSM Processes as Training Tool Set
Achim Schmidtmann

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Business Information Systems, Production/Logistics, Simulation and Modeling, Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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