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Agility Across Time and Space

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Table of contents

1. Fundamentals of Agile Distributed Software Development
Darja Šmite, Nils Brede Moe, Pär J. Ågerfalk

2. Implementing Extreme Programming inDistributed Software Project Teams: Strategies and Challenges
Likoebe M. Maruping

3. Transitioning from Distributed and Traditional to Distributed and Agile: An Experience Report
Daniel Wildt, Rafael Prikladnicki

4. Tailoring Agility: Promiscuous Pair Story Authoring and Value Calculation
Steve Tendon

5. Scrum and Global Delivery: Pitfalls and Lessons Learned
Cristiano Sadun

6. Onshore and Offshore Outsourcing with Agility: Lessons Learned
Clifton Kussmaul

7. Contribution of Agility to Successful Distributed Software Development
Saonee Sarker, Charles L. Munson, Suprateek Sarker, Suranjan Chakraborty

8. Preparing your Offshore Organization forAgility: Experiences in India
Jayakanth Srinivasan

9. Improving Global Development Using Agile
Alberto Avritzer, Francois Bronsard, Gilberto Matos

10. Turning Time from Enemy into an Ally Using the Pomodoro Technique
Xiaofeng Wang, Federico Gobbo, Michael Lane

11. MBTA: Management By Timeshifting Around
Erran Carmel

12. The Dilemma of High Level Planning inDistributed Agile Software Projects: AnAction Research Study in a Danish Bank
Per Svejvig, Ann-Dorte Fladkjær Nielsen

13. Tools for Supporting Distributed Agile Project Planning
Xin Wang, Frank Maurer, Robert Morgan, Josyleuda Oliveira

14. Combining Agile and Traditional: Customer Communication in Distributed Environment
Mikko Korkala, Minna Pikkarainen, Kieran Conboy

15. Coordination Between Global Agile Teams: From Process to Architecture
Jan Bosch, Petra Bosch-Sijtsema

16. Considering Subcontractors in Distributed Scrum Teams
Jakub Rudzki, Imed Hammouda, Tuomas Mikkola, Karri Mustonen, Tarja Systä

17. Using Scrum Practices in GSD Projects
Maria Paasivaara, Casper Lassenius

18. Feature Teams—Distributed and Dispersed
Jutta Eckstein

19. Roles and Responsibilities in Feature Teams
Jutta Eckstein

20. Getting Communication Right: The Difference Between Distributed Bliss or Miss
Jan-Erik Sandberg, Lars Arne Skaar

21. A Task-Driven Approach on Agile Knowledge Transfer
Jörn Koch, Joachim Sauer

22. Architecture-Centric Development in Globally Distributed Projects
Joachim Sauer

23. Agility Across Time and Space: Summing up and Planning for the Future
Darja Šmite, Nils Brede Moe, Pär J. Ågerfalk

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Technology Management

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36 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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