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Web Information Systems and Technologies

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Table of contents

I. Internet Technology

1. Collaboration and Human Factor as Drivers for Reputation System Effectiveness
Guido Boella, Marco Remondino

2. Agent-Oriented Programming for Client-Side Concurrent Web 2.0 Applications
Mattia Minotti, Giulio Piancastelli, Alessandro Ricci

3. The SHIP: A SIP to HTTP Interaction Protocol
Joachim Zeiß, Rene Gabner, Sandford Bessler, Marco Happenhofer

4. Efficient Authorization of Rich Presence Using Secure and Composed Web Services
Li Li, Wu Chou

II. Web Interfaces and Applications

5. Information Supply of Related Papers from the Web for Scholarly e-Community
Muhammad Tanvir Afzal

6. When Playing Meets Learning: Methodological Framework for Designing Educational Games
Stephanie B. Linek, Daniel Schwarz, Matthias Bopp, Dietrich Albert

7. SiteGuide: A Tool for Web Site Authoring Support
Vera Hollink, Viktor Boer, Maarten Someren

8. ArhiNet – A Knowledge-Based System for Creating, Processing and Retrieving Archival eContent
Ioan Salomie, Mihaela Dinsoreanu, Cristina Pop, Sorin Suciu

9. Optimizing Search and Ranking in Folksonomy Systems by Exploiting Context Information
Fabian Abel, Nicola Henze, Daniel Krause

10. Adaptation of the Domain Ontology for Different User Profiles: Application to Conformity Checking in Construction
Anastasiya Yurchyshyna, Catherine Faron-Zucker, Nhan Thanh, Alain Zarli

11. The RDF Protune Policy Editor: Enabling Users to Protect Data in the Semantic Web
Fabian Abel, Juri Luca Coi, Nicola Henze, Arne Wolf Koesling, Daniel Krause, Daniel Olmedilla

12. An Unsupervised Rule-Based Method to Populate Ontologies from Text
Eduardo Motta, Sean Siqueira, Alexandre Andreatta

13. Web Spam, Social Propaganda and the Evolution of Search Engine Rankings
Panagiotis Takis Metaxas

III. Society, e-Business and e-Government

14. Making the Invisible Visible: Design Guidelines for Supporting Social Awareness in Distributed Collaboration
Monique Janneck

15. Interaction Promotes Collaboration and Learning: Video Analysis of Algorithm Visualization Use during Collaborative Learning
Mikko-Jussi Laakso, Niko Myller, Ari Korhonen

16. Modelling the B2C Marketplace: Evaluation of a Reputation Metric for e-Commerce
Anna Gutowska, Andrew Sloane

IV. Web Intelligence

17. Using Scientific Publications to Identify People with Similar Interests
Stanley Loh, Fabiana Lorenzi, Roger Granada, Daniel Lichtnow, Leandro Krug Wives, José Palazzo Moreira de Oliveira

18. Website-Level Data Extraction
Jianqiang Li, Yu Zhao

19. Anti-folksonomical Recommender System for Social Bookmarking Service
Akira Sasaki, Takamichi Miyata, Yasuhiro Inazumi, Aki Kobayashi, Yoshinori Sakai

20. Classifying Structured Web Sources Using Support Vector Machine and Aggressive Feature Selection
Hieu Quang Le, Stefan Conrad

21. Scalable Faceted Ranking in Tagging Systems
José I. Orlicki, J. Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin, Pablo I. Fierens

22. Answering Definition Questions: Dealing with Data Sparseness in Lexicalised Dependency Trees-Based Language Models
Alejandro Figueroa, John Atkinson

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Business Information Systems, e-Commerce/e-business, Computer Appl. in Administrative Data Processing, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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