Afifi, Tamer

Environment, Forced Migration and Social Vulnerability

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Table of contents

1. Environmentally Induced Displacement and the 1951 Refugee Convention: Pathways to Recognition
Bruce Burson

2. Institutional Barriers to the Recognition and Assistance of Environmentally Forced Migrants
Chloe Anne Vlassopoulos

3. What’s in a Name: Social Vulnerabilities and the Refugee Controversy in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
François Gemenne

4. Forced Migration from Sub-Saharan Africa: The Conflict–Environment Link
Wim Naude

5. Solastalgia: Environmentally Induced Distress and Migration Among Africa’s Poor Due to Climate Change
Petra Tschakert, Raymond Tutu

6. Climate and Migration: A Synthesis
Etienne Piguet

7. Forced Migration of Alaskan Indigenous Communities Due to Climate Change
Robin Bronen

8. ‘Buscando la vida’ – How Do Perceptions of Increasingly Dry Weather Affect Migratory Behaviour in Zacatecas, Mexico?
Kerstin Schmidt-Verkerk

9. Environmental Migration from Rainfed Regions in India Forced by Poor Returns from Watershed Development Projects
Kaushalya Ramachandran, Padmaja Susarla

10. Migration to Contaminated Sites: Migrants’ Settlements in Central and Eastern Europe Built in Places with High Environmental and Social Vulnerability
Richard Filčák

11. Migration and Natural Hazards: Is Relocation a Secondary Disaster or an Opportunity for Vulnerability Reduction?
Nishara Fernando, Koko Warner, Jörn Birkmann

12. Guatemala: A Review of Historic and Recent Relocation Processes Provoked by Disasters of Natural Origin
Yojana Miner Fuentes, Juan Carlos Villagrán de León

13. Environmental Factors in Mexican Migration: The Cases of Chiapas and Tlaxcala
Stefan Alscher

14. Case Study Senegal: Environmental Degradation and Forced Migration
Frauke Bleibaum

15. The Environmental Root Causes Triggering Economic Migration: The Case of Egypt
Tamer Afifi

16. A Country Made for Disasters: Environmental Vulnerability and Forced Migration in Bangladesh
Alice Poncelet, François Gemenne, Marco Martiniello, Hassan Bousetta

17. In the Land of Ostriches: Developmentalism, Environmental Degradation, and Forced Migration in Turkey
Zeynep Kadirbeyoglu

18. Environmental Migration: Case of Kyrgyzstan
Emil Nasritdinov, Mehrigul Ablezova, Jypara Abarikova, Aigoul Abdoubaetova

19. Linking the Earth’s Future to Migration: Scenarios of Environmental Change and Possible Impacts on Forced Migration
Johannes Frühmann, Jill Jäger

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Migration

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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