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Geospatial Thinking

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Table of contents

1. Intersection of Nonconvex Polygons Using the Alternate Hierarchical Decomposition
Rizwan Bulbul, Andrew U. Frank

2. Visual Analytics of Urban Environments using High-Resolution Geographic Data
Peter Bak, Itzhak Omer, Tobias Schreck

3. A Visual Query Language for Spatial Data Warehouses
Sandro Bimonte, Vincenzo Del Fatto, Luca Paolino, Monica Sebillo, Giuliana Vitiello

4. The Impact of Data Quality in the Context of Pedestrian Movement Analysis
Adriano Moreira, Maribel Yasmina Santos, Monica Wachowicz, Daniel Orellana

5. Visit Potential: A Common Vocabulary for the Analysis of Entity-Location Interactions in Mobility Applications
Christine Körner, Dirk Hecker, Michael May, Stefan Wrobel

6. Pre-School Facilities and Catchment Area Profiling: a Planning Support Method
Cláudia Costa, Paula Santana, Rita Santos, Adriana Loureiro

7. A Geo-business Classification for London
Patrick Weber, Dave Chapman

8. Suggestive Geo-Tagging Assistance for Geo-Collaboration Tools
Marius Austerschulte, Carsten Keßler

9. A Novel Approach to Mining Travel Sequences Using Collections of Geotagged Photos
Slava Kisilevich, Daniel Keim, Lior Rokach

10. Exposing CSW Catalogues as Linked Data
Francisco J. Lopez-Pellicer, Aneta J. Florczyk, Javier Nogueras-Iso, Pedro R. Muro-Medrano, F. Javier Zarazaga-Soria

11. Applying Semantic Linkage in the Geospatial Web
Aneta J. Florczyk, Francisco J. Lopez-Pellicer, Rubén Béjar, Javier Nogueras-Iso, F. Javier Zarazaga-Soria

12. A Machine Learning Approach for Resolving Place References in Text
Bruno Martins, Ivo Anastácio, Pável Calado

13. Towards a Spatial Semantics to Analyze the Visual Dynamics of the Pedestrian Mobility in the Urban Fabric
Thomas Leduc, Francis Miguet, Vincent Tourre, Philippe Woloszyn

14. Managing Collapsed Surfaces in Spatial Constraints Validation
Alberto Belussi, Sara Migliorini, Mauro Negri, Giuseppe Pelagatti

15. A Spatio-Temporal Model Towards Ad-Hoc Collaborative Decision-Making
Martin Raubal, Stephan Winter

16. iNav: An Indoor Navigation Model Supporting Length-Dependent Optimal Routing
Wenjie Yuan, Markus Schneider

17. MIMEXT: a KML Extension for Georeferencing and Easy Share MIME Type Resources
Carlos Abargues, Arturo Beltran, Carlos Granell

18. Schema Mapping in INSPIRE - Extensible Components for Translating Geospatial Data
Chunyuan Cai, Sven Schade, Thimmaiah Gudiyangada

19. Automated Image-Based Abstraction of Aerial Images
Amir Semmo, Jan Eric Kyprianidis, Jürgen Döllner

20. Geospatial Annotations for 3D Environments and their WFS-based Implementation
Jan Klimke, Jürgen Döllner

21. Towards Spatial Data Infrastructures in the Clouds
Bastian Schäffer, Bastian Baranski, Theodor Foerster

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Applications in Earth Sciences

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
Natural Sciences

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