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Urban Airborne Particulate Matter

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Table of contents

1. A Comparative Review of PM Levels, Sources, and Their Likely Fates in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Najat A. Saliba, Rawad Massoud

2. Concentration and Source Origin of Trace Metals in PM2.5 Collected at Selected Canadian Sites within the Canadian National Air Pollution Surveillance Program
Valbona Celo, Ewa Dabek-Zlotorzynska

3. Sources and Distributions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Toxicity of Polluted Atmosphere Aerosols
Gerhard Lammel, Jiří Novák, Linda Landlová, Alice Dvorská, Jana Klánová, Pavel Čupr, Jiří Kohoutek, Eberhard Reimer, Lenka Škrdlíková

4. Particulate Emissions from On-Road Vehicles
Andreas Limbeck, Christoph Puls

5. The Atmospheric Concentrations of Pb, Mn, Cr, and Cd on the Korean Peninsula Between 1991 and 2006
Kim Ki-Hyun, Nguyen Hang Thi, Ma Chang-Jin

6. Long-Distance Transport of Urban and Industrial Metals and Their Incorporation into the Environment: Sources, Transport Pathways and Historical Trends
Samuel K. Marx, Hamish A. McGowan

7. Trace Analysis of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Air Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction
Rajasekhar Balasubramanian, Jun He

8. Analytical Developments for Emerging Pollutants in Indoor Suspended Particulate Matter and Dust
C. Garcia-Jares, R. Barro, J. Regueiro, L. Sanchez-Prado, M. Llompart

9. Application of Synchrotron X-ray Techniques for the Determination of Metal Speciation in (House) Dust Particles
Lachlan C. W. MacLean, Suzanne Beauchemin, Pat E. Rasmussen

10. Ultra-Trace Analysis of Palladium: State-of-the-Art and Future Challenges
C. Puls, A. Limbeck, S. Hann

11. Direct Determination of Metals in PM10 Filters by Laser Ablation-ICP-MS
Sebastien Rauch, Gabriele Carugati, Ying Cao

12. Chemical Composition of Subway Particles in Seoul, Korea, Determined Using Quantitative Single Particle Analysis
Hae-Jin Jung, Sunni Kang, Hye Kyeong Kim, Chul-Un Ro

13. Analysis of Palladium Concentrations in Airborne Particulate Matter with Reductive Co-Precipitation, He Collision Gas and ID-ICP-Q-MS
H. Alsenz, F. Zereini, C. L. S. Wiseman, W. Püttmann

14. Fate and Transfer of Semivolatile Organic Compounds in a Multi-Compartment Environment
Rajasekhar Balasubramanian, Jun He

15. Vertical Distribution of Airborne Particulate Matter in a Tropical Urban Environment: Changes in Physical and Chemical Characteristics
M. Kalaiarasan, R. Balasubramanian, K. W. D. Cheong, K. W. Tham

16. Semi-volatile Organic Pollutants in the Gaseous and Particulate Phases in Urban Air
Hua Wei, An Li

17. Secondary Particle Production in Urban Areas
Boris Bonn

18. The Effect of Asian Dust on Urban Airborne PM in Japan
Chang-Jin Ma

19. The Assessment of SO2 Emitted into Atmosphere by the Pyrometallurgical Complex of Ghazaouet (NW, Algeria)
B. Dahmani, F. Hadji, L. Benaabidate

20. Pd Particles as Standardized Test Material for Bioavailability Studies of Traffic Related Pd Emissions to Barley Plants
Kerstin Leopold, Michael Schuster

21. The Role of Stable Free Radicals, Metals and PAHs of Airborne Particulate Matter in Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress and Carcinogenicity
Athanasios Valavanidis, Konstantinos Fiotakis, Thomie Vlachogianni

22. In vivo and In vitro Assessment of Particulate Matter Toxicology
Umme S. Akhtar, Jeremy A. Scott, Amanda Chu, Greg J. Evans

23. The Use of Snow, Soil and Lichens as Biomonitors of Contaminants in Airborne Particulate Matter in North-Eastern European Russia
Tony R. Walker

24. Biomonitoring of Toxic Compounds of Airborne Particulate Matter in Urban and Industrial Areas
Andreas Klumpp, Helge Ro-Poulsen

25. Exposure to Ultrafine Particles in Urban Centres
Kelly Sabaliauskas, Greg Evans

26. Occupational Exposure to Urban Airborne Particulate Matter: A Review on Environmental Monitoring and Health Effects
Ivo Iavicoli, Veruscka Leso, Luca Fontana, Antonio Bergamaschi

27. Health Risks of Urban Airborne Particles
Andreas D. Kappos

28. Airborne Particulate Matter, Platinum Group Elements and Human Health
Clare L.S. Wiseman, Fathi Zereini

29. Distinguishing Health Effects Among Different PM2.5 Components
Thomas J. Grahame

30. Regulations and Policy Measures Related to the Reduction of Ambient Particulate Matter
L. Morawska, E. R. Jayaratne, L. D. Knibbs, M. Megatmokhtar

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Chemistry, Climate Change, Ecotoxicology

Publication year
Environmental Science and Engineering
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23 pages
Natural Sciences

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