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True-3D in Cartography

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Table of contents

1. Perspectives on 3-D Visualization of Spatial Geodata and Future Prospects
Harold Moellering

2. How true is true-3D? – Geometry between Single Image Stereograms and Lenticular Foil Displays
Gunter Weiss, Manfred F. Buchroithner

3. Survey of True 3D and Raster Level of Detail Support in GIS Software
Kenan Bektaş, Arzu Çöltekin, Ralph K. Straumann

4. Think Differently: a New Method to Create Lenticular- and Integral-Pictures
Dirk Stendel

5. Truly modelling reality...? - Let’s improve our cognitive maps with a bastard mix of algorithms to “undo” pictures, isometric mapping, high-density diagrams and comic culture as integral sign posts for software development in cartography
Niels-Christian Fritsche

6. Autostereoscopic Maps on the Basis of Lenticular Foils
Thomas Gründemann, Klaus Habermann

7. True-3D Visualization of Glacier Retreat in the Dachstein Massif, Austria: Hard- and Softcopy Displays
Katharina Bruhm, Manfred F. Buchroithner, Bernd Hetze, Matthias Gindele

8. Creating Physical 3D Maps Using Rapid Prototyping Techniques
Wolf-Dieter Rase

9. State of the Art of Tactile Maps for Visually Impaired People
Wolf Günther Koch

10. Hypsometry in Tactile Maps
Vit Voženílek, Veronika Růžičková, Dita Finková, Libuše Ludíková, Zuzana Nĕmcová, Jan Doležal, Alena Vondráková, Magdaléna Kozáková, Vojtĕch Regec

11. Physical 3D models from LIDAR data as tactile maps for visually impaired persons
Friederike Schwarzbach, Tapani Sarjakoski, Juha Oksanen, L. Tiina Sarjakoski, Suvi Weckman

12. Blurring Boundaries Between Real and Digital/Virtual Globes – Creating virtual globes from real ones and vice versa
Mátyás Gede, Zsuzsanna Ungvári

13. The Digital True-3D Globe from Willem Janszoon Blaeu
Claudia Knust, Manfred F. Buchroithner, Wolfram Dolz

14. State-of-the-art of Tactile Hyperglobes
Andreas Riedl

15. Explanation of the BGS Subsurface Viewer
Robert W. Armstrong

16. Three-Dimensional Visualisation of the Tectonic movement over Mexico by means of the Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements
Bertha Márquez Azúa, Ismael Luis Ledesma Tello, Javier González Sánchez, Maria Guadalupe Ascencio Escamilla

17. Terrestrial Laser Scan Application in Urban Planning
Khaled El Nabbout

18. 3D Terrain Visualisation for GIS: A Comparison of Different Techniques
Che Mat Ruzínoor, Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff, Ahmad Rodzi Mahmud, Biswajeet Pradhan

19. Cartographic Representation of Dresden’s Historical Development by Projecting a Movie onto a Solid Terrain Model
Thomas Hahmann, Christina Eisfelder, Manfred F. Buchroithner

20. Enhancing Interactive NonPlanar Projections of 3D Geovirtual Environments with Stereoscopic Imaging
Matthias Trapp, Haik Lorenz, Markus Jobst, Jürgen Döllner

21. 3D Representation of Retreating Glaciers: Anaglyphs and the Geowall
Roger Wheate, Brian Menounos

22. High-resolution mapping and visualization of a climbing wall
Natalia Kolecka

23. TOPGIS - swisstopo’s Production System for 3D Topographic Databases
Martin Suter

24. Temple complex ‘Virtual Nako’ – 3D Visualisation of cultural heritage in Google Earth
Ben Nausner

25. Challenges and Perspectives for True–3D in Car Navigation
Timo Götzelmann, Jochen Katzer

26. Holographic Relief Map Production by using Topographic Line Maps (Digital Carto-Holograms)
H. Polat Dalkiran, Servet Özağaç, Hakan Büyükbayrak

27. Stereoscopic 3-D solutions for online maps and virtual globes
Manfred F. Buchroithner, Maged N. Kamel Boulos, Larry R Robinson

28. The Landscape Relief Model - An anachronism or still a useful object for contemplating the landscape
Toni Mair

29. StereoWebMap, A Real Stereoscopic Map Server for the Internet
Conrado Sanchez

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Earth Sciences, general

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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19 pages
Natural Sciences

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