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e-Research Collaboration

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Table of contents

1. An Overview of e-Research Collaboration
Asokan Anandarajan, Murugan Anandarajan

2. An Anatomy of Collaboration Within the Online Environment
James Harley, Nick Blismas

3. Time, Place and Cyberspace: Foundations for Successful e-Research Collaboration
Lynne Siemens

4. Gaps and Bridges in Interdisciplinary Knowledge Integration
Zack Kertcher

5. Building a Conceptual Framework for Creating New Knowledge Through a Virtual Interdisciplinary Environment Process
Lynn A. Wilson

6. Serverless Social Software for Nomadic Collaboration
Anwitaman Datta, Krzysztof Rzadca, Sally Ang, Goh Chee Hong

7. A Taxonomy of e-Research Collaboration Tools: Using Web 2.0 to Connect, Collaborate and Create with Research Partners
Stein Brunvand, Mesut Duran

8. Blogging to Accelerate Peer Review of Doctoral Dissertations
Marcy Willard, Dean Leffingwell

9. The Butterfly Effect: An Approach to Web-Based Scientific Data Distribution and Management with Linkages to Climate Data and the Semantic Web
David P. Waetjen, James H. Thorne, Allan D. Hollander, Arthur M. Shapiro, James F. Quinn

10. Collaboration Among e-Research Projects in the UK: An Analysis Using Online Research Methods
Matthijs Besten, Robert Ackland, Jenny Fry, Ralph Schroeder

11. e-Research in International Cooperation Networks in Science and Technology Research
Juan Miguel González-Aranda, Rafael Rodríguez-Clemente, Sebastián Lozano

12. Wikis in Design Engineering Research
Filippo A. Salustri, Janaka S. Weerasinghe

13. Shifting the Research Grant Collaboration Paradigm with Research 2.0
Andrea Duffy

14. Doctoral Programs in the Age of Research 2.0
Maliha Zaman

15. Issues Related to Research Ethics in e-Research Collaboration
Rohaida Mohd. Saat, Norani Mohd. Salleh

16. The Coming “République des Lettres”
Ana Dinescu

17. E-Research Collaboration and the Free-Rider Problem: Communication Solutions to Social Dilemmas in Computer Mediated Research Collaborations
Daniel Balliet

18. Knowledge Sharing by Web 2.0 in Real Estate and Construction Discipline
Rita Yi Man Li

19. Creation of Social Capital in a Web Based Virtual Research Environment
Murugan Anandarajan, Bay Arinze

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Economics/Management Science, general

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