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Early Warning for Geological Disasters

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Table of contents

1. Earthquake Early Warning and Tsunami Warning of the Japan Meteorological Agency, and Their Performance in the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake (M_w 9.0)
M. Hoshiba, T. Ozaki

2. Estimation of Fault Rupture Extent Using Near-Source Records for Earthquake Early Warning
M. Yamada

3. CISN ShakeAlert: An Earthquake Early Warning Demonstration System for California
M. Böse, R. Allen, H. Brown, G. Gua, M. Fischer, E. Hauksson, T. Heaten, M. Hellweg, M. Liukis, D. Neuhauser, P. Maechling, K. Solanki, M. Vinci, I. Henson, O. Khainovski, S. Kuyuk, M. Carpio, M.-A. Meier, T. Jordan

4. The Mexican Seismic Alert System (SASMEX): Its Alert Signals, Broadcast Results and Performance During the M 7.4 Punta Maldonado Earthquake of March 20th, 2012
A. Cuéllar, J. M. Espinosa-Aranda, R. Suárez, G. Ibarrola, A. Uribe, F. H. Rodríguez, R. Islas, G. M. Rodríguez, A. García, B. Frontana

5. Development of Earthquake Early Warning Systems in the European Union
P. Gasparini, G. Manfredi

6. EDIM: Earthquake Disaster Information System for the Marmara Region, Turkey
F. Wenzel, M. Erdik, N. Köhler, J. Zschau, C. Milkereit, M. Picozzi, J. Fischer, J. P. Redlich, F. Kühnlenz, B. Lichtblau, I. Eveslage, I. Christ, R. Lessing, C. Kiehle

7. An Integrated Regional and On-Site Earthquake Early Warning System for Southern Italy: Concepts, Methodologies and Performances
A. Zollo, S. Colombelli, L. Elia, A. Emolo, G. Festa, G. Iannaccone, C. Martino, P. Gasparini

8. Earthquake Early Warning for Transport Lines
G. Bonn, A. Buchmann, D. Hilbring, E. Hohnecker, T. Titzschkau, F. Wenzel

9. The Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning System for the Indian Ocean (GITEWS)
Joern Lauterjung, Alexander Rudloff, Ute Münch, Daniel J. Acksel

10. Walking the Last Mile: Contributions to the Development of an End-to-End Tsunami Early Warning System in Indonesia
H. Spahn, M. Hoppe, A. Kodijat, I. Rafliana, B. Usdianto, H. Dwi Vidiarina

11. The Last-Mile Evacuation Project: AMulti-disciplinary Approach to Evacuation Planning and Risk Reduction in Tsunami-Threatened Coastal Areas
N. Goseberg, G. Lämmel, H. Taubenböck, N. Setiadi, J. Birkmann, T. Schlurmann

12. The Role of Information and Communication Technology in the Development of Early Warning Systems for Geological Disasters: The Tsunami Show Case
J. Wächter, T. Usländer

13. A Test of Earthquake Early Warning System Using Low Cost Accelerometer in Hualien, Taiwan
Y.-M. Wu, T.-L. Lin

14. Applications of a Low-Cost, Wireless, Self-Organising System (SOSEWIN) to Earthquake Early Warning and Structural Health Monitoring
M. Picozzi, C. Milkereit, K. Fleming, J. Fischer, K-H. Jaeckel, D. Bindi, S. Parolai, J. Zschau

15. Low Cost 3D Early Warning System for Alpine Instable Slopes: The Aggenalm Landslide Monitoring System
K. Thuro, Th. Wunderlich, O. Heunecke, J. Singer, P. Wasmeier, St. Schuhbäck, J. Festl, Ch. Reith, J. Glabsch

16. Operational Integration of Spaceborne Measurements of Lava Discharge Rates and Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations for Global Volcano Monitoring
F. Ferrucci, N. Theys, B. Hirn, L. Clarisse, P. Valks, G. Laneve, R. A, S. Tait, C. Di Bartola, H. Brenot

17. Engineering Earthquake Early Warning via Regional Networks
I. Iervolino

18. Operational Earthquake Forecasting and Decision-Making
G. Woo, W. Marzocchi

19. How Useful is Early Warning and Can It Be Made More Effective?
M. Wyss, F. Wenzel, J. Daniell

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Geoecology/Natural Processes

Publication year
Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences
Page amount
15 pages
Natural Sciences

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