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Combating Fungal Infections

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Table of contents

1. Mould Infections: A Global Threat to Immunocompromised Patients
Ricardo Araujo, Cidália Pina-Vaz, Acácio Gonçalves Rodrigues

2. Virulence and Pathogenicity of Fungal Pathogens with Special Reference to Candida albicans

Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Iqbal Ahmad, Farrukh Aqil, Mohd Owais, Mohd Shahid, Javed Musarrat

3. Animal as Reservoir of Fungal Diseases (Zoonoses?)
Jose L. Blanco, Marta E. Garcia

4. Fungi Associated with Eye Infections with Special Reference to Corneal Keratitis and Their Possible Reservoir
Shamim Ahmad, Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Fohad Mabood Hussain, Iqbal Ahmad

5. Antifungal Drugs Mode of Action and Recent Development
Yoshikazu Sakagami

6. Antifungal-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Pediatrics: A State of the Art
Vassilios Fanos, Marco Zaffanello, Laura Cuzzolin, Luigi Cataldi

7. Antifungal Resistance: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms
Ricardo Araujo, Ana Espinel-Ingroff

8. Multidrug Resistance in Fungi: The Role of Pleiotropic Drug Resistance Genes
Sushma Sharma, K. Ganesan

9. Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections: An Overview
Mohammad Shahid, Iqbal Ahmad, Abida Malik, Noor Jahan, Trivendra Tripathi

10. Combinational Antifungal Therapy and Recent Trends in Drug Discovery
Iqbal Ahmad, Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Maryam Zahin, Mohd Owais, Mohd Shahid, Zafar Mehmood, Aditya Bhushan Pant

11. Role of De-Escalation and Combination Therapy Strategies in the Management of Invasive Fungal Infection: A Multidisciplinary Point of View
Rafael Zaragoza, Javier Pemán, Miguel Salavert, Amparo Solé, Isidro Jarque, Emilio Monte, Eva Romá, Emilia Cantón

12. Challenges to the Management of Pulmonary Mycoses in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Michael Koldehoff

13. Aspartic Peptidase Inhibitors as Potential Bioactive Pharmacological Compounds Against Human Fungal Pathogens
André Luis Souza dos Santos

14. Metabolic Pathways as Drug Targets: Targeting the Sulphur Assimilatory Pathways of Yeast and Fungi for Novel Drug Discovery
Anand Kumar Bachhawat, Amit Kumar Yadav

15. Innate Immunity in Pathogenesis and Treatment of Dermatomycosis
Mohammad Owais, Mairaj Ahmed Ansari, Iqbal Ahmad, Qamar Zia, Gerald Pierard, Arun Chauhan

16. Cytokine Therapy: Possible Tools in Management of Fungal Infection
Mohammad Shahid, Trivendra Tripathi, Nancy Khardori, Anwar Huq, Iqbal Ahmad

17. Immunomodulators: Potential in Treatment of Systemic Fungal Infections
Qamar Zia, Nishat Fatima, Maroof Alam, Deepa Bisht, Prashant Yadav, Iqbal Ahmad, Farrukh Aqil, Mohammad Owais

18. Fungal Vaccines: Recent Trends
Mohammad Shahid, Abida Malik, Noor Jahan, Hamdan Ibrahim AL-Mohammed, Ali Ibrahim Al-Sultan, Elsayed Aboulmagd

19. Antifungal Activity of Medicinal Plant Extracts and Phytocompounds: A Review
Farrukh Aqil, Maryam Zahin, Iqbal Ahmad, Mohd Owais, Mohd Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Shyam S. Bansal, S. Farooq

20. Novel Drug Delivery Systems for Antifungal Compounds
Qamar Zia, Mohammad Farzuddin, Mairaj Ahmad Ansari, Maroof Alam, Azmat Ali, Iqbal Ahmad, Mohammad Owais

Keywords: Biomedicine, Medical Microbiology, Microbiology, Immunology, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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