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RNA Technologies and Their Applications

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Table of contents

1. The Key Features of RNA Silencing
Kuniaki Saito, Keita Miyoshi, Mikiko C. Siomi, Haruhiko Siomi

2. Selected Strategies for the Delivery of siRNA In Vitro and In Vivo

Sandra D. Laufer, Anke Detzer, Georg Sczakiel, Tobias Restle

3. RNAi Suppression and Its Application
Xiaoping Yi, Rui Lu

4. Strategies to Prevent siRNA-Triggered Cellular Toxicity
Matthias Bauer

5. RNAi in Malignant Brain Tumors: Relevance to Molecular and Translational Research
Mitsutoshi Nakada, Daisuke Kita, Yutaka Hayashi, Kazuyuki Kawakami, Jun-ichiro Hamada, Toshinari Minamoto

6. Silencing Huntington’s Disease Gene with RNAi
Yu Zhang, Robert M. Friedlander

7. Application of Dicer-Substrate siRNA in Pain Research
Philippe Sarret, Louis Doré-Savard, Pascal Tétreault, Valérie Bégin-Lavallée, Nicolas Beaudet

8. RNAi Treatment of HIV-1 Infection
Karin J. Eije, Ben Berkhout

9. Application of RNA Interference to Treat Conditions Associated with Dysregulation of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 Channel
Vickram Ramkumar, Debashree Mukherjea, Sarvesh Jajoo, Tejbeer Kaur, Leonard P. Rybak

10. Harnessing RNAi-Based Functional Genomics to Unravel the Molecular Complexity Underlying Skin Pigment Variation
Hsiang Ho, Jayavani Aruri, Safoora Ahmed, Anand K. Ganesan

11. mRNA Structure and its Effects on Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing
Stephen I. Rudnick, Veenu Aishwarya, Alan M. Gewirtz

12. Antisense RNA-Mediated Regulation of the p53 Tumor Suppressor
Marianne Farnebo, Klas G. Wiman

13. Antisense Oligonucleotides: Insights from Preclinical Studies and Clinical Trials
Doreen Kunze, Kai Kraemer, Susanne Fuessel

14. What can the New Hammerhead Ribozyme Structures Teach us About Design?
William G. Scott

15. microRNA Biogenesis and its Impact on RNA Interference
Stefanie Grund, Sven Diederichs

16. MicroRNAs in Epithelial Antimicrobial Immunity
Jun Liu, Guoku Hu, Rui Zhou, Kristen M. Drescher, Xian-Ming Chen

17. Emerging Roles of Long Noncoding RNAs in Gene Expression and Intracellular Organization
Tetsuro Hirose

18. Noncoding RNAs as Therapeutic Targets
Maciej Szymański, Jan Barciszewski

19. Noncoding RNAs at H19/IGF2 Locus: Role in Imprinting, Gene Expression, and Associated Pathologies
Nahalie Berteaux, Nathalie Spruyt, Eric Adriaenssens

Keywords: Biomedicine, Molecular Medicine, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Human Genetics, Cell Biology

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RNA Technologies
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16 pages
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