Fitt, Alistair D.

Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2008

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Table of contents

1. Modelling Living Tissues: Mechanical and Mechanobiological Aspects
M. Doblaré, J. M. García-Aznar

2. New Mathematical Approaches for Image Reconstruction in the Oil and Medical Industries
M. Moscoso

3. Continuum Models: Helping to Guide Industry
Colin Please

4. Wax Segregation in Oils: A Multiscale Problem
Mario Primicerio

5. Chebfun: A New Kind of Numerical Computing
R. B. Platte, L. N. Trefethen

6. Minisymposium Asymptotic Analysis

D. Dominici, R. B. Paris

7. Asymptotics of Orthogonal-Polynomial Functionals and Shannon Information Entropy of Rydberg Atoms
J. S. Dehesa, S. López-Rosa, A. Martínez-Finkelshtein, R. J. Yáñez

8. Asymptotic Analysis of the Zeros of Hermite Polynomials
Diego Dominici

9. The Error Function in the Study of Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion Problems with Discontinuous Boundary Data
J. J. López, E. Pérez Sinusía, N. M. Temme

10. Singular Perturbations of Parabolic Equations With or Without Boundary Layers
Denis R. Akhmetov, Mikhail M. Lavrentiev Jr., Renato Spigler

11. The Asymptotic Inversion of Certain Cumulative Distribution Functions
Amparo Gil, Javier Segura, Nico Temme

12. Minisymposium Asymptotic Properties of Complex Random Systems and Applications

Malwina J. Luczak

13. A Multi-Class Mean-Field Model with Graph Structure for TCP Flows
C. Graham, Ph. Robert

14. Minisymposium Charge and Spin Transport in Nanostructures

L. L. Bonilla, M. Carretero

15. The Equilibrium Wigner Function in the Case of Nonparabolic Energy Bands
V. Romano

16. Nonlinear Electron and Spin Transport in Semiconductor Superlattices
L. L. Bonilla, L. Barletti, M. Alvaro

17. Self-Sustained Spin-Polarized Current Oscillations in Multiquantum Well Structures
M. Carretero, L. L. Bonilla, R. Escobedo, G. Platero

18. Spin Dynamics in Quantum Dots
Gloria Platero, Jesús Iñarrea, Carlos López-Monís

19. Relocation Dynamics During Voltage Switching in Spin-Polarized Superlattices
R. Escobedo, M. Carretero, L. L. Bonilla, G. Platero

20. Minisymposium Dynamical Systems Methods in Aerospace Engineering

B. Krauskopf, M. H. Lowenberg

21. A Combined Numerical/Experimental Continuation Approach Applied to Nonlinear Rotor Dynamics
D. Rezgui, M. Lowenberg, P. Bunniss

22. Operational Parameter Study of an Aircraft Turning on the Ground
J. Rankin, B. Krauskopf, M. Lowenberg, E. Coetzee

23. Geometric Nonlinearities of Aircraft Systems
B. Krauskopf, P. Thota, M. Lowenberg

24. Application of Nonlinear Dynamics in Civil Aerospace
E. Coetzee

25. Minisymposium Global System Dynamics and Policies

Steven Bishop

26. Systems Approaches for Critical Decisions
Julian Hunt, Steven Bishop, Yulia Timoshkina

27. Application of System Dynamics to Climate Policy Assessment
Klaus Hasselmann

28. Minisymposium Multivariate and/or Multidimensional Image Processing in Biomedical Applications

J. Angulo, D. Jeulin

29. Regionalized Random Germs by a Classification for Probabilistic Watershed Application: Angiogenesis Imaging Segmentation
Guillaume Noyel, Jesύs Angulo, Dominique Jeulin

30. Nucleus Modelling and Segmentation in Cell Clusters
Jesús Angulo

31. Spatio-Temporal Segmentation for Radiotherapy Planning
Jean Stawiaski, Etienne Decencière, François Bidault

32. Tracking and Registration for Multidimensional Biomedical Image Analysis
K. Rohr, W. J. Godinez, N. Harder, S. Yang, I.-H. Kim, S. Wörz, R. Eils

33. Patches of Finite Elements for Singularly-Perturbed Diffusion Reaction Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients
Massimiliano Culpo, Carlo Falco, Eugene O’Riordan

34. Upgrading the UK Broadband Infrastructure by Monte Carlo Simulation
W. T. Lee, K. Mueller

35. Multi-Stepping and Anti-Icing / De-Icing Devices
J. P. F. Charpin, P. Verdin

36. A Diffusion Model for Spatially Dependent Photopolymerization
D. Mackey, T. Babeva, I. Naydenova, V. Toal

37. Minisymposium Interfacial Processes in Industrial and Environmental Turbulent Flows

I. Eames, J. C. R. Hunt

38. Wakes of Maneuvering Body in Stratified Fluids
S. I. Voropayev, H. J. S. Fernando

39. Eddy Dynamics Near Sharp Interfaces and in Straining Flows
J. C. R. Hunt, I. Eames, J. Westerweel

40. Evolution and Run-Up of Tsunamis
C. A. Klettner, I. Eames, J. C. R. Hunt, H. J. S. Fernando

41. Interfacial Mixing by Horizontal Vortices and Shear Turbulence
J. B. Flór, E. H. Hopfinger, E. Guyez

42. Minisymposium Inverse Problems and Signal Processing in Industrial Applications

R. Ramlau, G. Teschke

43. Sparse Deconvolution for Peak Picking and Ion Charge Estimation in Mass Spectrometry
Kristian Bredies, Theodore Alexandrov, Jens Decker, Dirk A. Lorenz, Herbert Thiele

44. Mathematical Imbalance Determination from Vibrational Measurements and Industrial Applications
Jenny Niebsch, Ronny Ramlau

45. An Update of Hopkins’ Analysis of the Optical Disc Player Using Singular-System Theory
Roy Pike

46. The Application of Wavelet Analysis for the Detection of Planetary Wave Type Oscillations in the Ionospheric Total Electron Content
C. Borries

47. Statistical Significance of Gabor Frames Expansions: Simple Filtering Principles for Radar Wind Profiler Data
G. Teschke, V. Lehmann

48. Minisymposium Multirate Time Integration for Multiscaled Systems

E. Jan W. Maten, Michael Günther

49. Domain Decomposition Based Multirating and its Perspective in Circuit Simulation
Michael Striebel, Andreas Bartel, Michael Günther

50. Multirate Numerical Integration for Stiff ODEs
V. Savcenco, R. M. M. Mattheij

51. Terminal Current Interpolation for Multirate Time Integration of Hierarchical IC Models
A. Verhoeven, E. J. W. Maten, J. J. Dohmen, B. Tasić, R. M. M. Mattheij

52. On Extrapolated Multirate Methods
Emil M. Constantinescu, Adrian Sandu

53. Is Geometry or Dynamics More Important in Cardiac Arrhythmogenesis?
Arun V. Holden, Stephen H. Gilbert, Alan P. Benson

54. A Bidomain Numerical Validation for Assessing Times of Fast and Ending Repolarization from Monophasic Action Potentials
P. Colli Franzone, L. F. Pavarino, S. Scacchi, B. Taccardi

55. Framework for Modular, Flexible and Efficient Solving the Cardiac Bidomain Equations Using PETSc
G. Seemann, F. B. Sachse, M. Karl, D. L. Weiss, V. Heuveline, O. Dössel

56. On Efficiency and Accuracy in Cardioelectric Simulation
M. Weiser, B. Erdmann, P. Deuflhard

57. Computational and Numerical Methods for the Efficient and Accurate Solution of the Bidomain Equations
J. P. Whiteley

58. Minisymposium Operational Applications of Data Assimilation

J. P. Argaud, B. Bouriquet

59. Data Fusion in the Navigation of Robots: Assessing Tools
Robin Jaulmes

60. The Role of Balance in Data Assimilation
R. N. Bannister

61. Data Assimilation in Nuclear Power Plant Core
J. P. Argaud, B. Bouriquet, P. Erhard, S. Massart, S. Ricci

62. An Iterative Method for Transport Equations in Radiotherapy
Bruno Dubroca, Martin Frank

63. Boundary Control of Radiative Transfer Equations for Application in Radiotherapy Planning
Martin Frank, Michael Herty

64. Model Hierarchies and Optimal Control of Radiative Transfer
R. Pinnau, G. Thömmes

65. Minisymposium Optimization and Model Order Reduction in Circuit Design

Giuliana Gangemi

66. A Netlist Reduction Algorithm to Symbolic Circuit Analysis
Paola Barrera, Jochen Broz, Thomas Halfmann

67. Introduction of Symbolic Simplified Expressions in Circuit Optimization
Angelo Ciccazzo, Thomas Halfmann, Angelo Marotta, Salvatore Rinaudo, Alberto Venturi

68. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Model Order Reduction of Nonlinear IC Models
A. Verhoeven, M. Striebel, J. Rommes, E. J. W. Maten, T. Bechtold

69. Surrogate Modeling of RF Circuit Blocks
Luciano Tommasi, Dirk Gorissen, Jeroen A. Croon, Tom Dhaene

70. Minisymposium Precipitation, Deposition and Sedimentation of Particles in Fluid Flow

L. L. Bonilla, Y. Farjoun

71. Structure of Granular Deposits Formed by Aerosol Particles Conveyed by Fluid Streams
J. L. Castillo, D. Rodríguez-Pérez, S. Martín, A. Perea, P. L. García-Ybarra

72. Creation of Clusters via a Thermal Quench
Yossi Farjoun

73. Theory of Surface Deposition from Boundary Layers Containing Condensable Vapor and Particles
J. C. Neu, A. Carpio, L. L. Bonilla

74. Comparing League Formats with Respect to Match (Un)importance: A Case Study in Belgian Soccer
Dries R. Goossens, Jeroen Belien

75. Modelling Batting Strategy in Test Cricket
P. Scarf, X. Shi, S. Akhtar

76. Minisymposium Interactions between Structure and Process in Manufacturing Systems

D. Hömberg

77. Modelling, Analysis and Stability of Milling Processes Including Workpiece Effects
D. Hömberg, O. Rott

78. Adaptive Finite Element Discretisation of the Spindle Grinding Wheel System
H. Blum, A. Rademacher

79. Optimal Control of Robot Guided Laser Material Treatment
Andreas Steinbrecher

80. Minisymposium Mathematical Models for Supply Chains

S. Göttlich, A. Klar

81. Design Network Problem and Heuristics
U. Ziegler, S. Göttlich

82. Time-Dependent Order and Distribution Policies in Supply Networks
S. Göttlich, M. Herty, Ch. Ringhofer

83. Dynamics of Supply Chains Under Mixed Production Strategies
R. Donner, K. Padberg, J. Höfener, D. Helbing

84. Analogies Between Social Interaction Models and Supply Chains
Laurent Navoret, Richard Bon, Pierre Degond, Jacques Gautrais, David Sanchez, Guy Theraulaz

85. Computing the Value of Transshipment Flexibility in Distribution Networks
M. Laumanns

86. Validated Methods: Applications to Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Systems in Medicine and Engineering
Andreas Rauh, Ekaterina Auer

87. Verification Techniques for Sensitivity Analysis and Design of Controllers for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Uncertainties
Andreas Rauh, Johanna Minisini, Eberhard P. Hofer

88. Verified Solution of Nonlinear Dynamic Models in Epidemiology
Joshua A. Enszer, Mark A. Stadtherr

89. Physically Motivated Constraints for Efficient Interval Simulations Applied to the Analysis of Uncertain Models of Blood Cell Dynamics
Mareile Freihold, Andreas Rauh, Eberhard P. Hofer

90. Application of MOBILE for Accurate Bone Motion Reconstruction Using
Motion-Measurements and MRI Measurements
M. Tändl, T. Stark, A. Kecskeméthy

91. Toward Verified Modelling and Simulation
of Closed Loop Systems in SMARTMOBILE

E. Auer

92. Reliably Safe Path Planning Using Interval Analysis
R. Pepy, M. Kieffer, E. Walter

93. Minisymposium Models and Methods for Viscous Jets, Break-up and Drop Forming

Nicole Marheineke

94. General String Theory for Dynamic Curved Viscida with Surface Tension
Nicole Marheineke, Raimund Wegener

95. Instability of Non-Newtonian Liquid Jets Curved by Gravity
J. Uddin, S. P. Decent

96. Simulation and Optimization of Film Casting Processes
T. Götz, K. Selvanayagam

97. On the Effect of an Atmosphere of Nitrogen on the Evaporation of Sessile Droplets of Water
S. K. Wilson, K. Sefiane, S. David, G. J. Dunn, B. R. Duffy

98. Similarity Solutions for Unsteady Rivulets
Y. M. Yatim, S. K. Wilson, B. R. Duffy, R. Hunt

99. Depinning of 2d and 3d Droplets Blocked by a Hydrophobic Defect
P. Beltrame, P. Hänggi, E. Knobloch, U. Thiele

100. Minisymposium ECMIMIM: Concepts of Mathematical Modelling in the Curriculum of Mathematics in Industry

A. Noack

101. Why Teach Mathematical Modelling?
G. Brandell

102. Differential Equations in the ECMIMIM Curriculum
P. Miidla

103. Minisymposium Topics in Learning Applied and Industrial Mathematics

A. Kværnø, H. G. Morsche

104. Modelling Reality: Motivate Your Students!
M. Bracke

105. The Impact of CAS Use in Introductory Engineering Mathematics
K. Schmidt, P. Rattleff, P. M. Hussmann

106. Minisymposium Web Based Courses: Reaching a Distributed Audience

Matti Heiliö, Helle Rootzén

107. Statlab: An Interactive Teaching Tool for DOE
M. A. A. Boon, A. Bucchianico, J. J. M. Rijpkema, E. E. M. Berkum

108. Statmaster and HEROS: Web-based Courses First and Second Generation
P. V. Larsen, H. Rootzén

109. University Network of Virtual Education in Serbia
A. Tepavčević, M. Heilio

110. Introducing eLearning in Industrial Mathematics in Tanzania and Rwanda
Verdiana Grace Masanja

111. Management of Several Purifying Plants in the Same Area: A Multi-Objective Optimal Control Problem
L. J. Alvarez-Vázquez, N. García-Chan, A. Martínez, M. E. Vázquez-Méndez

112. Vector Space of Cooperative Games: Construction of Basis Related with Solutions Based on Marginal Contributions and Determination of Games with Predefined Allocations
R. Amer, J. M. Giménez

113. Introduction of Measurement Rules on the Nodes of Oriented Structures by Using Concepts of Game Theory
R. Amer, J. M. Giménez, A. Magaña

114. Quasicontinuum Method at Finite Temperature Applied to the Study of Nanovoids Evolution in Fcc Crystals
C. Arévalo, Y. Kulkarni, M. P. Ariza, M. Ortiz, J. Knap, J. Marian

115. Second-Order Asymptotic Expansion for an Eigenvalue Set in Domain with Small Iris
A. Bendali, A. Tizaoui, S. Tordeux, J. P. Vila

116. Mathematical Modelling of Fuel Cells
P. Berg

117. Meshless Solution of Singular Potential Flows in Strong Formulation
Francisco Bernal, Manuel Kindelan

118. Estimation of a Piecewise Constant Function Using Reparameterized Level-Set Functions
Inga Berre, Martha Lien, Trond Mannseth

119. On the Trajectory of Rockets in the Atmosphere
L. M. B. C. Campos, P. J. S. Gil

120. On Aircraft Response and Control During a Wake Encounter
L. M. B. C. Campos, J. M. G. Marques

121. On Alternative Safety Metrics for the Probability of the Collision Between Aircraft
L. M. B. C. Campos, J. M. G. Marques

122. Homogeneous Branched-Chain Explosions
M. Carretero, L. L. Bonilla, J. B. Keller

123. Wind Simulation Refinement: Some New Challenges for Particle Methods
C. Chauvin, F. Bernardin, M. Bossy, A. Rousseau

124. Parallel Numerical Algorithm for Simulation of Counter Propagation of Two Laser Beams
R. Čiegis, I. Laukaitytė, V. Trofimov

125. Modelling Burglaries in Streets
John P. Curtis, Frank T. Smith, Xiang Ye

126. Approximate Numerical Solutions of Autonomous Second-Order Matrix Models Using Cubic Matrix Splines
E. Defez, M. M. Tung, J. Ibañez, A. Hervás

127. The Mathematical Model of the Pan-Tilt Unit Used in Noise Measurements in Urban Traffic
O. A. Detesan, M. Arghir, G. Solea

128. Spread of Epidemics and Rumours with Mobile Agents
M. Draief, A. Ganesh

129. A Two-Layer Algebraic Turbulence Model for Compressible Flow in Turbomachinery Cascade
A. Dumitrache, H. Dumitrescu, F. Frunzulica

130. Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Analysis of a HAWT in Yaw
H. Dumitrescu, A. Dumitrache, V. Cardos

131. Quasi-Positive Continuous Darcy-Flux Finite-Volume Methods
Michael G. Edwards, Hongwen Zheng

132. Are Copying and Innovation Enough?
T. S. Evans, A. D. K. Plato, T. You

133. Pricing Options Under Stochastic Volatility with Fourier-Cosine Series Expansions
F. Fang, C. W. Oosterlee

134. Topology and Motion Planning Algorithms in Robotics
M. Farber

135. Some Hints on Finding the Most Important Components in a System
Josep Freixas, Montserrat Pons

136. An Advanced Aeroelastic Model for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines
F. Frunzulica, H. Dumitrescu, A. Dumitrache, V. Cardos

137. On One Nonlinear Mathematical Model for Intensive Steel Quenching and Its Analytical Solution in Closed Form
Sh. E. Guseynov, J. S. Rimshans, N. I. Kobasko

138. Designing a Cover for a Tank
G. Gutiérrez, S. Merino, J. Martı́nez, I. Ladrón Guevara

139. An Advection-Dispersion Model for Spray Droplet Transport Including Interception by a Shelterbelt
S. A. Harper, R. McKibbin, G. C. Wake

140. Numerical Modelling of a Pulse Combustion Burner: Limiting Conditions of Stable Operation
P. A. Heerbeek, M. B. Gijzen, C. Vuik, M. R. Fonteijne

141. Optimal Control of Buoyant Flows with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity
H. Herrero, F. Pla

142. Minimum Time Optimal Rendezvous on Circular and Elliptical Orbits
V. Istratie

143. Distributed Particle Swarm Intelligence for Optimization in the Water Industry
J. Izquierdo, I. Montalvo, R. Pérez, M. M. Tung, M. Tavera

144. Application of the Method of Auxiliary Sources in Optical Diffraction Microscopy
M. Karamehmedović, M. -P. Sørensen, P. -E. Hansen, A. Lavrinenko

145. Radial Basis Function (RBF) Solution of the Motz Problem
Manuel Kindelan, Francisco Bernal

146. Bilevel Optimization of Container Cranes
M. Knauer, C. Büskens

147. Optimization of Satellite Constellations
M. Knauer, C. Büskens

148. Moving Penalty Functions for Optimal Control with PDEs on Networks
O. Kolb, P. Domschke, J. Lang

149. Numerical Analysis of Geometrical Characteristics of Machine Elements Obtained with CMM Scanning
P. Krawiec

150. Plastic Yield of Particulate Materials Under the Effect of Temperature
I. Malujda

151. A Model for Spray Droplet Adhesion, Bounce or Shatter at a Crop Leaf Surface
Geoffry N. Mercer, Winston L. Sweatman, W. Alison Forster

152. Optimisation through Control in Static and Dynamic Traffic Networks
Richard Mounce

153. The Science of Desire: A Systematic Approach to Mathematical Modeling
Kees Overveld

154. Modeling, Analysis and Simulations of Case Hardening of Steel
L. Panizzi, A. Fasano, D. Hömberg

155. Surface Recording of His-Purkinje Activity by One-Beat Wavelet Analysis in Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter
V. Pezza, B. Pezza, E. Pezza, L. Pezza, M. Curione, V. Sanguigni

156. Application of FEM in Analysis of Spigot Joint Contact Problems
T. Podolski, J. Kroczak

157. Fractional Cauchy Problem with Applications to Anomalous Diffusion
E. Popescu

158. Multi-scale Modeling of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field
N. A. Popescu, E. Popescu

159. Analytical and Numerical Modelling of Thermoviscous Shocks and Their Interactions in Nonlinear Fluids Including Dissipation
A. R. Rasmussen, M. P. Sørensen, Yu. B. Gaididei, P. L. Christiansen

160. Study on Development of the Seated Human Body System Exposed to Vehicular Ride Vibration Environment
S. Rodean, M. Arghir

161. Surrogate Modeling for Geometry Optimization
M. Rojas, Y. B. Abraham, N. A. W. Holzwarth, R. J. Plemmons

162. Variational Optimization of Power Yield in Industrial Systems
Stanislaw Sieniutycz

163. An Age-Dependent Metapopulation Model
Jacques A. L. Silva, Edgar Pereira

164. Two-Layer Shallow Water Equations with Complete Coriolis Force and Topography
A. L. Stewart, P. J. Dellar

165. Optimising for Wind Power Contributions in an Electricity Grid
Winston L. Sweatman, Geoff Pritchard, Bill Whiten, Mike Camden, Kim Nan

166. A Novel Solution Method for Tokamak Plasma Force Balance
A. Thyagaraja, P. J. Knight

167. A Differential-Geometric Approach to Model Isotropic Diffusion on Circular Conic Surfaces in Uniform Rotation
M. M. Tung, A. Hervás

168. A General Model of Lung Tumour Motion
P. L. Wilson, J. Meyer

169. The Lipid Bilayer at the Mesoscale: A Physical Continuum Model
P. L. Wilson, S. Takagi, H. Huang

170. Wavelet Transform in Speech Segmentation
M. Ziółko, J. Gałka, T. Drwiega

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Computational Science and Engineering, Numerical Analysis, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance

Publication year
Mathematics in Industry
Page amount
21 pages
Natural Sciences

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