Jaiswal, Mahadeo P.

Information Systems, Technology and Management

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Table of contents

1.. Keynote Talks

1. Service Discovery Protocols for VANET Based Emergency Preparedness Class of Applications: A Necessity Public Safety and Security
Richard Werner Pazzi, Kaouther Abrougui, Cristiano Rezende, Azzedine Boukerche

2. High-End Analytics and Data Mining for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Alok N. Choudhary, Ramanathan Narayanan, Kunpeng Zhang

3. Resource Allocation for Energy Efficient Large-Scale Distributed Systems
Young Choon Lee, Albert Y. Zomaya

2.. Information Systems

4. Social Cognitive Theory in IS Research – Literature Review, Criticism, and Research Agenda
Kévin D. Carillo

5. Knowledge Intensive Business Processes: A Process-Technology Fit Perspective
Uday Kulkarni, Minu Ipe

6. A Web Service Similarity Refinement Framework Using Automata Comparison
Lu Chen, Randy Chow

7. A System for Analyzing Advance Bot Behavior
JooHyung Oh, Chaetae Im, HyunCheol Jeong

8. Two Approaches to Handling Proactivity in Pervasive Systems
Elizabeth Papadopoulou, Yussuf Abu Shaaban, Sarah Gallacher, Nick Taylor, M. Howard Williams

9. A Spatio-Temporal Role-Based Access Control Model for Wireless LAN Security Policy Management
P. Bera, S. K. Ghosh, Pallab Dasgupta

10. Proposing Candidate Views for Materialization
T. V. Vijay Kumar, Mohammad Haider, Santosh Kumar

11. A Fuzzy Reasoning Framework for Resolving Spatial Queries through Service Driven Integration of Heterogeneous Geospatial Information
Indira Mukherjee, S. K. Ghosh

3.. Information Technology

12. Dynamic Web Service Composition Based on Operation Flow Semantics
Demian Antony D’Mello, V. S. Ananthanarayana

13. Distributed Scheduling of a Network of Adjustable Range Sensors for Coverage Problems
Akshaye Dhawan, Aung Aung, Sushil K. Prasad

14. Verifiable (t, n) Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme Using ECC Based Signcryption
Atanu Basu, Indranil Sengupta

15. Model-Based Software Reliability Prediction
G. Sri Krishna, Rajib Mall

16. Real-Time Power-Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Omar Al-Jarrah, Ayad Salhieh, Aziz Qaroush

17. Document Clustering with Semantic Features and Fuzzy Association
Sun Park, Dong Un An, ByungRea Cha, Chul-Won Kim

18. Supporting Video Streaming over WiMAX Networks by Enhanced FMIPv6-Based Handover
Phuong-Quyen Huynh, Pat Jangyodsuk, Melody Moh

4.. Information Management

19. Two Risk-Aware Resource Brokering Strategies in Grid Computing: Broker-Driven vs. User-Driven Methods
Junseok Hwang, Jihyoun Park, Jorn Altmann

20. A Socio-Technical Perspective on Computer Mediated Communication: Comparison of Government and Non Government Sectors in India
Payal Mehra

21. Can You Judge a Man by His Friends? - Enhancing Spammer Detection on the Twitter Microblogging Platform Using Friends and Followers
Teng-Sheng Moh, Alexander J. Murmann

22. Encouraging Cooperation in Ad-Hoc Mobile-Phone Mesh Networks for Rural Connectivity
Kavitha Ranganathan, Vikramaditya Shekhar

23. Fuzzontology: Resolving Information Mining Ambiguity in Economic Intelligent Process
Olufade Falade Williams Onifade, Odile Thiéry, Adenike Oyinlola Osofisan, Gérald Duffing

24. Personalizing Web Recommendations Using Web Usage Mining and Web Semantics with Time Attribute
Teng-Sheng Moh, Neha Sushil Saxena

25. Towards Analyzing Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing Environments
Amit Sangroya, Saurabh Kumar, Jaideep Dhok, Vasudeva Varma

26. Time-Sequential Emotion Diagnosis Based on the Eye Movement of the User in Support of Web-Based e-Learning
Kiyoshi Nosu, Takeshi Koike, Ayuko Shigeta

27. Critical Success Factors in Managing Virtual Teams
Ganesh Vaidyanathan, Carmen Debrot

5.. Applications

28. 3D Reconstruction and Camera Pose from Video Sequence Using Multi-dimensional Descent
Varin Chouvatut, Suthep Madarasmi, Mihran Tuceryan

29. Adapting Content Presentation for Mobile Web Browsing
Boonlit Adipat, Dongsong Zhang, Lina Zhou

30. Application of Decision Tree Technique to Analyze Construction Project Data
Vijaya S. Desai, Sharad Joshi

31. Effects of Initial Search Bound on the Performance of Self-adaptive Evolutionary Computation Methods
Anjan Kumar Swain

6.. Short Papers

32. A Computational Study of Margining Portfolios of Options by Two Approaches
Edward G. Coffman, Dmytro Matsypura, Vadim G. Timkovsky

33. Improved Substitution-Diffusion Based Image Cipher Using Chaotic Standard Map
Anil Kumar, M. K. Ghose

34. Linear Multivariable System Reduction Using Particle Swarm Optimization and A Comparative Study Using Relative Integral Square Error
Girish Parmar, Mahendra K. Pandey, Vijay Kumar

35. An Anomaly Based Approach for Intrusion Detection by Authorized Users in Database Systems
Bharat Gupta, Deepak Arora, Vishal Jha

36. Towards a Knowledge Management Portal for a Local Community
Marcelo Lopez, Gustavo Isaza, Luis Joyanes

37. Fusion of Speech and Face by Enhanced Modular Neural Network
Rahul Kala, Harsh Vazirani, Anupam Shukla, Ritu Tiwari

38. Mining Rare Events Data by Sampling and Boosting: A Case Study
Tom Au, Meei-Ling Ivy Chin, Guangqin Ma

39. Model-Based Regression Test Case Prioritization
Chhabi Rani Panigrahi, Rajib Mall

40. Software Process Improvement through Experience Management: An Empirical Analysis of Critical Success Factors
Neeraj Sharma, Kawaljeet Singh, D. P. Goyal

7.. Tutorial Papers

41. A Comparative Feature Selection Approach for the Prediction of Healthcare Coverage
Prerna Sethi, Mohit Jain

42. A Grid-Based Scalable Classifier for High Dimensional Datasets
Sheetal Saini, Sumeet Dua

Keywords: Computer Science, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Multimedia Information Systems, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Data Encryption, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems

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