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The Third International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam

Toi, Vo - The Third International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Challenges and Opportunities of Ultra-High Field MRI
A. N. Dula, E. B. Welch, J. L. Creasy, J. C. Gatenby, E. A. Stringer, L. M. Chen, A. W. Anderson, M. J. Avison, J. C. Gore

2. Nanocrystalline Silver: Novel Structure and Activity
Robert E. Burrell, Patricia Nadworny

3. Ultrasound: Past, Present and Future
K. Kirk Shung

4. Bioengineering in Vietnam
Regis B. Kelly

5. Detection and Treatment of Diseases Using Light
W. Pham

6. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s Disease
A. W. Anderson, X. Hong, L. R. Arlinghaus, M. Tumuklu, Thornton-Wells, R. E. Hoffman, S. Park, H. Y. Meltzer

7. Current Development of Neuroimaging Using PET Techniques
A. L. Brownell

8. Peanut Agglutinin-Immobilized Fluorescent Nanospheres with Surface Poly(N-vinylacetamide) Chains as a Novel Colonoscopic Imaging Agent
S. Sakuma, K. Hiwatari, T. Yano, K. Iwata, Y. Masaoka, M. Kataoka, H. Tachikawa, Y. Shoji, R. Kimura, K. Nakamura, H. Ma, Z. Yang, L. Tang, R. M. Hoffman, S. Yamashita

9. Techniques for the Incorporation of Fluorine-18 and Carbon-11
Nickels, W. Pham

10. Dynamic Model Identification of PAM-Based Rehabilitation Robot Using Neural MIMO NARX Model
Ho Pham Huy Anh, Le Tan Loi

11. Simulation of the Gait of a Patient Specific Model of Post Polio Residual Paralysis (PPRP): Effect of the Orthosis
T. T. Dao, P. Pouletaut, F. Marin, P. Aufaure, F. Charleux, M. C. Ho Ba Tho

12. Mechanical Behavior of Muscles during Flexion and Extension of Lower Limb on Variable Age Group by Using BRG.LifeMod
Nitin Sahai, Ravi P. Tewari, Lokesh Singh

13. Biomechanics of Index Finger during Mouse Click
P. Chivapornthip, E. L. J. Bohez, S. Nanthavanij, K. Sitthiseripratip, E. Lorprayoon

14. Numerical Study of Deformation-Induced Fluid Flows in Osteonal Matrix
V. -H. Nguyen, T. Lemaire, S. Naili

15. Evaluation Spatial-temporal and Pressure Parameters of Normal Cats at Walk, Using a Pressure Walkway
T. LeQuang, P. Maitre, A. Colin, E. Viguier

16. Gait Analysis for Sound Dogs at a Walk by Using a Pressure Walkway
T. LeQuang, P. Maitre, A. Colin, T. Roger, E. Viguier

17. Robust Design with Time-Oriented Responses for Regenerative Medicine Industry
N. K. V. Truong, S. M. Shin, Y. S. Choi, S. H. Jeong, B. R. Cho

18. Cerebral Palsy Classification Using Heuristics and Belief Decision Tree: A Preliminary Study
T. T. Dao, F. Marin, F. Mégrot, M. C. Ho Ba Tho

19. Test for Determinism and Nonlinearity in Near Infrared Spectroscopy Data
N. T. Dzung

20. Multifractality in NIRS Data of Brain Activity
N. T. Dzung

21. Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Silicon Microneedles for Transdermal Drug Delivery Applications
D. W. Bodhale, A. Nisar, N. Afzulpurkar

22. Heat-Stress Relationships of Rat Cardiac Trabeculae Determined Using a Micromechanocalorimeter
J. -C. Han, A. J. Taberner, P. M. F. Nielsen, R. S. Kirton, D. S. Loiselle

23. About the Operating Principles of System DDFAO “(Dépistage et Diagnostique Fonctionnel Assisté Par Ordinateur)”
Huynh Luong Nghia, Nguyen Tiep

24. A Design of Renal Dataflow Control and Patient Record Management System for Renal Department Environment in Vietnam
Hai D. Vu, Thuan D. Nguyen, Ngoc P. Pham, Huy Q. Hoang, Thanh V. Pham

25. Anisotropy of Longitudinal Wave Velocity in Spherically Shaped Bovine Cortical Bone
K. Yamamoto, T. Nakatsuji, M. Indo, T. Yanagitani, M. Matsukawa, K. Yamazaki

26. Calculating the Dosimetry Distribution of Leksell Gamma Knife in Phantom Zubal Head by Using MCNP5
Dang Truong Ka My, Dang Nguyen Phuong, Truong Thi Hong Loan, Mai Nhon

27. A Program for Locating Possible Breast Masses on Mammograms
Viet Dzung Nguyen, Duc Thuan Nguyen, Tien Dzung Nguyen, Thom Thao Nguyen Thi, Duc Hoa Tran

28. Retrospective Study of Biomechanical Factors Influencing Early Clinical Results of the Munting Stemless Hip Prosthesis
F. Boucher, P. Pouletaut, E. Munting, M. C. Ho Ba Tho

29. Integrated Approaches for Personalised Cranio-Maxillofacial Implant Design and Manufacturing
L. C. Hieu, E. Bohez, J. V. Sloten, L. T. Hung, L. Khanh, N. Zlatov, P. D. Trung

30. Current Medical Product Development for Diagnosis, Surgical Planning and Treatment in the Areas of Neurosurgery, Orthopeadic and Dental-Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery in Vietnam
L. C. Hieu, L. H. Quoc, V. V. Thanh, T. D. Nguyen, P. V. An, L. T. Hung, L. Khanh

31. Glass Nanopipette: Fabrication and Application for Studying Living Cells
Duong Chi Dung, Huynh Luong Nghia, V. P. Veiko, A. O. Golubok, E. B. Yakovlev

32. Resolution Study of Ultrasound Reflections in Bovine Vertebral Bones In-Vitro
L. H. Le, C. Zhang, E. Lou

33. Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs): An Artificial Lighting Source for Biological Studies
Duong Tan Nhut, Nguyen Ba Nam

34. A Novel Electronic Cervical Range of Motion Measurement System
E. Lian, J. Hachadorian, Ngo Thanh Hoan, Vo Toi

35. Measurement of the Range of Neck Motion: A Comparative Study
J. Hachadorian, A. Lugo, E. Lian, Truong Quang Dang Khoa, Vo Toi

36. Extract an Irregular Structure of an Echinocytes Using Morphological Operations
Hoang Manh Ha, Thai Thanh Nga

37. Study on Artificial Scaffold from Cancellous Bone
To Minh Quan, Thai Tu Thanh, Phan Kim Ngoc, Tran Bao Ha

38. Report Case: Cultured Keratinocyte Autograft on Collagen from Amniotic Membrane for Treatment the Injured Human Skin
Tran Bao Ha, Huynh Minh Tuan, Tran Thi Thanh Thuy, Tran Cong Toai, Hoang Nghia Son

39. Doxorubicin Delivery by Copolymeric Nanoparticle for Treatment of Breast Cancer
N. V. Cuong, J. L. Jiang, M. F. Hsiesh

40. Regeneration of Pancreatic B Cells of Type 1 Diabetic Mouse by Stem Cell Transplatation
Pham Phuc, Pham Buu Truc, Duong Thanh Thuy, Truong Hai Nhung, Doan Chinh Chung, Nguyen Khac Toan, Ma Kien Phuc, Phan Kim Ngoc

41. Results of Curing Some Diseases by Stem Cell Transplantation at Stem Cell R&D Laboratory
Phan Kim Ngoc, Pham Phuc

42. Regulations of Cell Division from Streptomyces That May Play an Important Role in Drug Resistance
Nguyen H. K. Tu

43. Cellular Bio-corrosion of Metal Implants and Effects of Metal ions on Bone Cells and Immune Cells
Filgueira, E. Chan, D. Cadosch

44. Chitosan Hydrogel as an Immunoisolative Barrier for Xenogeneic Islet Transplantation
K. C. Yang, Z. Qi, F. H. Lin, C. C. Wu, S. Sumi

45. The Method to Encourage Biological Cell Division with Vibration and Circulation Technique Using Optical Manipulating
N. Watanabe, K. Taguchi

46. Adaptive Cross-Point Regions for Lossless Images Compression
T. T. Dang, T. D. Vu, T. P. Vo

47. Cortical Bone Microelasticity Assessed with Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Relationship to Nanostructural Characteristics across a Human Osteon
Mathilde Mouchet, Aurélien Gourrier, Fabienne Rupin, Kay Raum, Françoise Peyrin, Amena Saïed, Pascal Laugier

48. The Overview of Tomographic Algorithms Used in Medical Imaging Equipments
Huynh Luong Nghia, Tran Anh Quang

49. Adaptive Complex Wavelet Technique for Medical Image Denoising
Nguyen Thanh Binh, Ashish Khare

50. Three Dimensional Medical Image Processing and Analysing Software
Tran Phan Son Giang

51. Formation of Biodegradable Copolymeric Nanoparticles for Anticancer Drug Delivery
N. T. H. Anh, N. V. Cuong, N. K. Hoang

52. Synthesis and in Vitro Cell Compatibility of α-Tricalcium Phosphate-Based Apatite Cement Containing Tricalcium Silicate
L. J. Cardenas, A. Takeuchi, K. Tsuru, S. Matsuya, K. Ishikawa

53. In Vitro Culture and Differentiation of Osteoblasts on Coral Scaffold from Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells
C. Gargiulo, H. D. Thao, H. M. Tuan, T. T. T. Thuy, P. H. Van, L. Filgueira, T. C. Toai

54. Evaluation of Novel Carbon Nano-tube Particles in the Bacterial and Viral DNA and RNA Extraction from the Clinical Samples
S. T. Pham, K. C. Nguyen, D. X. A. Vo, H. N. Hoang, L. T. T. Ho, H. V. Pham

55. Stem Cell Origin and Microenvironment Contribution for NF1-Associated Neurofibromas
L. Q. Le, T. Shipman, D. K. Burns, L. F. Parada

56. Green Tea Epigalocatechin Gallate Exhibits Anticancer Effect in Human Pancreatic Carcinoma Cells via Inhibition of Both FAK and IGF-1R
H. A. Vu, Y. Beppu, H. T. Chi, K. Sasaki, H. Yamamoto, P. T. Xinh, T. Tanii, Y. Hara, T. Watanabe, Y. Sato, I. Ohdomari

57. Application of Shrimp Chitosan Solution as Additive and Supplementing Ingredient in Culturing 3T3 Fibroblast Cells
Nguyen Toan, Nguyen Duc Tam

58. Preparation of Size-Controlled BSA Nanoparticles by Intermittent Addition of Desolvating Agent
Hoang Hai Nguyen, Sanghoon Ko

59. Mechanical Properties of a Single Trabecula in Bovine Femur by the Three Point Bending Test
Kazuto Tanaka, Yusuke Kita, Tsutao Katayama, Mami Matsukawa

60. Ultrasonic Characterization of Bovine Bone Marrow
Tomohiro Kubo, Nicolas Cazier, Takashi Saeki, Mami Matsukawa

61. Tribological Response of Cobalt-Chromium Femoral Head under Lubrication of Bovine Serum Albumin
Cong-Truyen Duong, Seonghun Park

62. VEF-Sponsored HUT Biomechanics Course
B. S. Kelley, B. R. Rigby, H. D. Vu

63. Building an Elearning Website for Biomedical Engineering Education
H. Q. Huy, N. D. Thuan, V. D. Hai

64. Ethnic Differences in Dietary Intake and the Association between Dietary Intake and Gastric Cancer Risk in Chinese Subjects Resident in Malaysia
D. M. Ha, D. Forman, K. L. Goh, K. M. Fock, H. M. Mitchell

65. Phylogenetic Analysis the 5’-Noncoding Sequences of the Hepatitis C Virus Detected from the Patient with HCV Infection
Nguyễn Thái So’n, Phạm Hùng Vân

66. A Study of Mean Glandular Dose during Diagnostic Mammography in Hospitals in Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen Thai Ha, Nguyen Duc Thuan, Nguyen Thu Van

67. Relationship between Dental Occlusion and Arm Strength
Lê Minh Hòa, Đặng Nam Huân, Nguyễn Hồng Thao, Ngô Thanh Hoàn, Tru’o’ng Quang Dang Khoa, Nguyễn H. M. Tâm, Võ Văn Tó’i

68. Eyestrain, Blink Rate and Dry Eye Syndromes of Video Display Terminal Users
B. Dumery, P. A. Grounauer, Vo Toi

69. A Laser Headset for Measuring Cervical Range of Motion
Gustavo Lugo, Tran Anh Vu, Nguyen Huynh Minh Tam, Vo Toi

70. Engineering Resistance in Brinjal against Nematode (Meloidogyne Incognita) Using cry1Ab Gene from Bacillus Thuringiensis Berliner
Phan Dinh Phap, Hoang Thi Lan Xuan, D. Sudhakar, P. Balasubramanian

71. Removing Noise and Artifacts from EEG Using Adaptive Noise Cancelator and Blind Source Separation
Nguyen T. K. Cuong, Vo Q. Ha, Nguyen T. M. Huong, Truong Quang Dang Khoa, Nguyen Huynh Minh Tam, Huynh Q. Linh, Vo Toi

72. Removing Electroencephalographic Artifacts by Independent Components Analysis
Nguyen Thi Minh Huong, Truong Quang Dang Khoa, Nguyen Thi Kim Cuong, Vo Quang Ha, Nguyen Huu Pho, Le Tu Quoc Tuan, Ngo Thanh Hoan, Huynh Quang Linh, Vo Toi

73. A Trip from a Tube to a Chip Applied Micro and Nanotechnology in Biotechnology, Veterinary and Life Sciences
Dang Duong Bang, Raghuram Dhumpa, Cao Cuong, Laouenan Florian, Javier Berganzo, Rafal Walczak, Yuliang Liu, Mingiang Bu, Sun Yi, Jan Dzuiban, Jesus Miguel Rruano, Anders Wolff

74. Au Nanoparticles for Applications in Analysis of Cellular and Biomolecular Recognitions
Cuong Cao, Anders Wolff, Dang Duong Bang

75. A Total Integrated Biochip System for Detection of SNP in Cancer
Ivan R. Perch-Nielsen, Monica Brivio, Eva Schaeffer, Klaus S. Drese, Frederica Rampf, Dang Duong Bang, Henrik Bruus, Anders Wolff

76. Lab on a Chip Application in Life Sciences
N. T. Nguyen, Y. Sun, Y. C. Kwok, H. Y. Tan, W. K. Loke

77. A Lab-on-Chip for Separating and Focusing Bioparticles via Dielectrophoresis
Ngoc-Duy Dinh, Cheng-Hsien Liu

78. Nanotechnology at SHTP LABS in Vietnam
Khe Nguyen, Pham Hung Van

79. Microparticle Encoding Technologies for High-Throughput Multiplexed Suspension Assays
S. W. Birtwell, H. Morgan

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials, Biophysics and Biological Physics

Publication year
IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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