Blume, Oliver

Mobile Networks and Management

Blume, Oliver - Mobile Networks and Management, ebook


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ISBN: 9783642118173
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Table of contents

1. Handovers for Ubiquitous and Optimal Broadband Connectivity among Cooperative Networking Environments
Lambros Sarakis, George Kormentzas

2. OpenMIH, an Open-Source Media-Independent Handover Implementation and Its Application to Proactive pre-Authentication
Yoann Lopez, Eric Robert

3. Bandwidth Sensitive Adaptation of Applications during MRM Controlled Multi-Radio Handover
Oliver Blume, Jens Gebert, Manuel Stein, Dmitry Sivchenko, Bangnan Xu

4. An Autonomic Connection Management Mechanism on Mobile Terminals
Xiuli Zheng, Yuhong Li, Weiqi Hu, Xiubin Zhuang

5. Context-Aware Connectivity and Mobility in Wireless Mesh Networks
Ricardo Matos, Susana Sargento

6. Dissemination of Anonymised Context Information by Extending the DCXP Framework
Stefan Forsström, Victor Kardeby, Jamie Walters, Roger Norling, Theo Kanter

7. Alternative Enhancement of Associativity Based Routing (AEABR) for Mobile Networks
Barbaros Preveze, Aysel Şafak

8. Towards Automized Interconnection of Networks: Composition and Dynamic Negotiation of SLAs
Martin Johnsson, Maria Ángeles Callejo Rodrígues, Thi Mai Trang Nguyen, Petteri Pöyhönen, Zohra Boudjemil

9. Taxonomy for GP-Aware Mobility
Sérgio Figueiredo, Justino Lourenço, Rui Aguiar, Augusto Neto

10. Topology-Aware Hybrid Random Walk Protocols for Wireless Multihop Networks
Vasileios Karyotis, Fabio Pittalà, Maria Fazio, Symeon Papavassiliou, Antonio Puliafito

11. Distributed Algorithm for Self Organizing LTE Interference Coordination
Ingo Karla

12. Design and Implementation of a Radio Access Selection Algorithm for Multi-mode Mobile Terminals
Alexandros Kaloxylos, Fotos Georgiadis, Ioannis Modeas, Nikos Passas

13. Managing of Large Data Artifacts on Mobile Devices with an Ultra Sensitive GPS Devices
Zdenek Slanina, Ondrej Krejcar

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Software Engineering, Information Storage and Retrieval, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computers and Society

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