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Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications 2009

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Table of contents

1. Discrete Differential Forms, Approximation of Eigenvalue Problems, and Application to the
p Version of Edge Finite Elements
Daniele Boffi

2. Semi-Implicit DGFE Discretization of the Compressible Navier–Stokes Equations: Efficient Solution Strategy
Vít Dolejší, M. Holík

3. Some Numerical Approaches for Weakly Random Homogenization
Claude Bris

4. Goal Oriented, Anisotropic, A Posteriori Error Estimates for the Laplace Equation
Frederic Alauzet, Wissam Hassan, Marco Picasso

5. Energy Stability of the MUSCL Scheme
Qaisar Abbas, Edwin Weide, Jan Nordström

6. Numerical Stabilization of the Melt Front for Laser Beam Cutting
Torsten Adolph, Willi Schönauer, Markus Niessen, Wolfgang Schulz

7. Numerical Optimization of a Bioreactor for the Treatment of Eutrophicated Water
Lino J. Alvarez-Vázquez, Francisco J. Fernández, Aurea Martínez

8. Finite Element Approximation of a Quasi-3D Model for Estuarian River Flows
Mohamed Amara, Agnès Pétrau, David Trujillo

9. Convergence of a Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin and Finite Volume Scheme for the 3 Dimensional Vlasov–Poisson–Fokker–Planck System
Mohammad Asadzadeh, Piotr Kowalczyk

10. Infrastructure for the Coupling of Dune Grids
Peter Bastian, Gerrit Buse, Oliver Sander

11. FEM for Flow and Pollution Transport in a Street Canyon
Petr Bauer, Atsushi Suzuki, Zbyněk Jaňour

12. Stabilized Finite Element Methods with Shock-Capturing for Nonlinear Convection–Diffusion-Reaction Models
Markus Bause

13. Finite Element Discretization of the Giesekus Model for Polymer Flows
Roland Becker, Daniela Capatina

14. A dG Method for the Strain-Rate Formulation of the Stokes Problem Related with Nonconforming Finite Element Methods
Roland Becker, Daniela Capatina, Julie Joie

15. Numerical Simulation of the Stratified Flow Past a Body
L. Beneš, J. Fürst

16. A Flexible Updating Framework for Preconditioners in PDE-Based Image Restoration Algorithms
Daniele Bertaccini, Fiorella Sgallari

17. Stabilized Finite Element Method for Compressible–Incompressible Diphasic Flows
M. Billaud, G. Gallice, B. Nkonga

18. An Immersed Interface Technique for the Numerical Solution of the Heat Equation on a Moving Domain
François Bouchon, Gunther H. Peichl

19. Lid-Driven-Cavity Simulations of Oldroyd-B Models Using Free-Energy-Dissipative Schemes
Sébastien Boyaval

20. Adaptive Multiresolution Simulation of Waves in Electrocardiology
Raimund Bürger, Ricardo Ruiz-Baier

21. On the Numerical Approximation of the Laplace Transform Function from Real Samples and Its Inversion
R. Campagna, L. D’Amore, A. Galletti, A. Murli, M. Rizzardi

22. A Motion-Aided Ultrasound Image Sequence Segmentation
D. Casaburi, L. D’Amore, L. Marcellino, A. Murli

23. A High Order Finite Volume Numerical Scheme for Shallow Water System: An Efficient Implementation on GPUs
M. J. Castro Díaz, M. Lastra, J. M. Mantas, S. Ortega

24. Spectral Analysis for Radial Basis Function Collocation Matrices
R. Cavoretto, A. Rossi, M. Donatelli, S. Serra-Capizzano

25. Finite Element Solution of the Primitive Equations of the Ocean by the Orthogonal Sub-Scales Method
Tomás Chacón Rebollo, Macarena Gómez Mármol, Isabel Sánchez Munoz

26. Solution of Incompressible Flow Equations by a High-Order Term-by-Term Stabilized Method
Tomás Chacón Rebollo, Macarena Gómez Mármol, Isabel Sánchez Muñoz

27. Solving Large Sparse Linear Systems Efficiently on Grid Computers Using an Asynchronous Iterative Method as a Preconditioner
T. P. Collignon, M. B. Gijzen

28. Hierarchical High Order Finite Element Approximation Spaces for H(div) and H(curl)
Denise Siqueira, Philippe R. B. Devloo, Sônia M. Gomes

29. Some Theoretical Results About Stability for IMEX Schemes Applied to Hyperbolic Equations with Stiff Reaction Terms
Rosa Donat, Inmaculada Higueras, Anna Martinez-Gavara

30. Stable Perfectly Matched Layers for the Schrödinger Equations
Kenneth Duru, Gunilla Kreiss

31. Domain Decomposition Schemes for Frictionless Multibody Contact Problems of Elasticity
Ivan I. Dyyak, Ihor I. Prokopyshyn

32. Analysis and Acceleration of a Fluid-Structure Interaction Coupling Scheme
Michael R. Dörfel, Bernd Simeon

33. Second Order Numerical Operator Splitting for 3D Advection–Diffusion-Reaction Models
Riccardo Fazio, Alessandra Jannelli

34. Space-Time DG Method for Nonstationary Convection–Diffusion Problems
Miloslav Feistauer, Václav Kučera, Karel Najzar, Jaroslava Prokopová

35. High Order Finite Volume Schemes for Numerical Solution of Unsteady Flows
Petr Furmánek, Jiří Fürst, Karel Kozel

36. Multigrid Finite Element Method on Semi-Structured Grids for the Poroelasticity Problem
F. J. Gaspar, F. J. Lisbona, C. Rodrigo

37. A Posteriori Error Bounds for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Quasilinear Parabolic Problems
Emmanuil H. Georgoulis, Omar Lakkis

38. An A Posteriori Analysis of Multiscale Operator Decomposition
Victor Ginting

39. Goal-Oriented Error Estimation for the Discontinuous Galerkin Method Applied to the Biharmonic Equation
João L. Gonçalves, Philippe R. B. Devloo, Sônia M. Gomes

40. Solving Stochastic Collocation Systems with Algebraic Multigrid
Andrew D. Gordon, Catherine E. Powell

41. Adaptive Two-Step Peer Methods for Incompressible Navier–Stokes Equations
B. Gottermeier, J. Lang

42. On Hierarchical Error Estimators for Time-Discretized Phase Field Models
Carsten Gräser, Ralf Kornhuber, Uli Sack

43. Nonlinear Decomposition Methods in Elastodynamics
Christian Groß, Rolf Krause, Mirjam Walloth

44. An Implementation Framework for Solving High-Dimensional PDEs on Massively Parallel Computers
Magnus Gustafsson, Sverker Holmgren

45. Benchmarking FE-Methods for the Brinkman Problem
Antti Hannukainen, Mika Juntunen, Rolf Stenberg

46. Finite Element Based Second Moment Analysis for Elliptic Problems in Stochastic Domains
H. Harbrecht

47. On Robust Parallel Preconditioning for Incompressible Flow Problems
Timo Heister, Gert Lube, Gerd Rapin

48. Hybrid Modeling of Plasmas
Mats Holmström

49. A Priori Error Estimates for DGFEM Applied to Nonstationary Nonlinear Convection–Diffusion Equation
J. Hozman, V. Dolejší

50. Stable Crank–Nicolson Discretisation for Incompressible Miscible Displacement Problems of Low Regularity
Max Jensen, Rüdiger Müller

51. Simulations of 3D/4D Precipitation Processes in a Turbulent Flow Field
Volker John, Michael Roland

52. 2D Finite Volume Lagrangian Scheme in Hyperelasticity and Finite Plasticity
Gilles Kluth, Bruno Després

53. Local Projection Method for Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Problems with Projection Spaces Defined on Overlapping Sets
Petr Knobloch

54. Numerical Solution of Volterra Integral Equations with Weak Singularities
M. Kolk, A. Pedas

55. Non-Conforming Finite Element Method for the Brinkman Problem
Juho Könnö, Rolf Stenberg

56. Error Control for Simulations of a Dissociative Quantum System
Katharina Kormann, Anna Nissen

57. A Comparison of Simplicial and Block Finite Elements
Sergey Korotov, Tomáš Vejchodský

58. Five-Dimensional Euclidean Space Cannot be Conformly Partitioned into Acute Simplices
Michal Křížek

59. The Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Convection-Diffusion Problems in Time-Dependent Domains
Václav Kučera, Miloslav Feistauer, Jaroslava Prokopov́

60. A Spectral Time-Domain Method for Computational Electrodynamics
James V. Lambers

61. Numerical Simulation of Fluid–Structure Interaction in Human Phonation: Application
Martin Larsson, Bernhard Müller

62. Error Estimation and Anisotropic Mesh Refinement for Aerodynamic Flow Simulations
Tobias Leicht, Ralf Hartmann

63. A MHD Problem on Unbounded Domains: Coupling of FEM and BEM
Wiebke Lemster, Gert Lube

64. A Stable and High Order Interface Procedure for Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems
Jens Lindström, Jan Nordström

65. Local Time-Space Mesh Refinement for Finite Difference Simulation of Waves
Vadim Lisitsa, Galina Reshetova, Vladimir Tcheverda

66. Formulation of a Staggered Two-Dimensional Lagrangian Scheme by Means of Cell-Centered Approximate Riemann Solver
R. Loubère, P.-H. Maire, P. Váchal

67. Optimal Control for River Pollution Remediation
Aurea Martínez, Lino J. Alvarez-Vázquez, Miguel E. Vázquez-Méndez, Miguel A. Vilar

68. An Anisotropic Micro-Sphere Approach Applied to the Modelling of Soft Biological Tissues
A. Menzel, T. Waffenschmidt, V. Alastrué

69. Anisotropic Adaptation via a Zienkiewicz–Zhu Error Estimator for 2D Elliptic Problems
S. Micheletti, S. Perotto

70. On a Sediment Transport Model in Shallow Water Equations with Gravity Effects
T. Morales de Morales Luna, M. J. Castro Díaz, C. Parés Madroñal

71. Adaptive SQP Method for Shape Optimization
P. Morin, R. H. Nochetto, M. S. Pauletti, M. Verani

72. Convergence of Path-Conservative Numerical Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems of Balance Laws
M. L. Muñoz-Ruiz, C. Parés, M. J. Castro Díaz

73. A Two-Level Newton–Krylov–Schwarz Method for the Bidomain Model of Electrocardiology
M. Munteanu, L. F. Pavarino, S. Scacchi

74. On a Shallow Water Model for Non-Newtonian Fluids
G. Narbona-Reina, D. Bresch

75. On Stationary Viscous Incompressible Flow Through a Cascade of Profiles with the Modified Boundary Condition on the Outflow and Large Inflow
Tomáš Neustupa

76. Variational and Heterogeneous Multiscale Methods
Jan Martin Nordbotten

77. Discrete Dislocation Dynamics and Mean Curvature Flow
Petr Pauš, Michal Beneš, Jan Kratochvíl

78. Non-Symmetric Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners for the Bidomain Reaction–Diffusion system
Micol Pennacchio, Valeria Simoncini

79. Efficiency of Shock Capturing Schemes for Burgers’ Equation with Boundary Uncertainty
Per Pettersson, Qaisar Abbas, Gianluca Iaccarino, Jan Nordström

80. FEM Techniques for the LCR Reformulation of Viscoelastic Flow Problems
A. Ouazzi, H. Damanik, J. Hron, S. Turek

81. A Posteriori Estimates for Variational Inequalities
S. Repin

82. Review on Longest Edge Nested Algorithms
Maria-Cecilia Rivara

83. Simulation of Spray Painting in Automotive Industry
Robert Rundqvist, Andreas Mark, Björn Andersson, Anders Ålund, Fredrik Edelvik, Sebastian Tafuri, Johan S Carlson

84. Numerical Simulation of the Electrohydrodynamic Generation of Droplets by the Boundary Element Method
P. Sarmah, A. Glière, J. L. Reboud

85. A General Pricing Technique Based on Theta-Calculus and Sparse Grids
Stefanie Schraufstetter, Janos Benk

86. A Posteriori Error Estimation in Mixed Finite Element Methods for Signorini’s Problem
Andreas Schröder

87. Solution of an Inverse Problem for a 2-D Turbulent Flow Around an Airfoil
Jan Šimák, Jaroslav Pelant

88. On Skew-Symmetric Splitting and Entropy Conservation Schemes for the Euler Equations
Björn Sjögreen, H. C. Yee

89. Ideal Curved Elements and the Discontinuous Galerkin Method
Veronika Sobotíková

90. Analysis of the Parallel Finite Volume Solver for the Anisotropic Allen–Cahn Equation in 3D
Pavel Strachota, Michal Beneš, Marco Grottadaurea, Jaroslav Tintěra

91. Stabilized Finite Element Approximations of Flow Over a Self-Oscillating Airfoil
Petr Sváček, Jaromír Horáček

92. Multigrid Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Neumann Boundary Control
Stefan Takacs, Walter Zulehner

93. Extension of the Complete Flux Scheme to Time-Dependent Conservation Laws
J. H. M. ten Thije Boonkkamp, M. J. H. Anthonissen

94. Solution of Navier–Stokes Equations Using FEM with Stabilizing Subgrid
M. Tezer-Sezgin, S. Han Aydın, A. I. Neslitürk

95. Multigrid Methods for Control-Constrained Elliptic Optimal Control Problems
Michelle Vallejos, Alfio Borzì

96. Modelling the New Soil Improvement Method Biogrout: Extension to 3D
W. K. Wijngaarden, F. J. Vermolen, G. A. M. Meurs, C. Vuik

97. Angle Conditions for Discrete Maximum Principles in Higher-Order FEM
Tomáš Vejchodský

98. Unsteady High Order Residual Distribution Schemes with Applications to Linearised Euler Equations
N. Villedieu, L. Koloszar, T. Quintino, H. Deconinck

99. Implicit–Explicit Backward Difference Formulae Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Convection–Diffusion Problems
Miloslav Vlasák, Vít Dolejší

100. A Cut-Cell Finite-Element Method for a Discontinuous Switch Model for Wound Closure
S. V. Zemskov, F. J. Vermolen, E. Javierre, C. Vuik

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Computational Science and Engineering

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