Lehmann-Grube, Fritz

Facets of Virtual Environments

Lehmann-Grube, Fritz - Facets of Virtual Environments, ebook


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ISBN: 9783642117435
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Table of contents

1. Development of Virtual Geographic Environments and Geography Research
Fengru Huang, Hui Lin, Bin Chen

2. Dual Reality: Merging the Real and Virtual
Joshua Lifton, Joseph A. Paradiso

3. Exploring the Use of Virtual Worlds as a Scientific Research Platform: The Meta-Institute for Computational Astrophysics (MICA)
S. G. Djorgovski, P. Hut, S. McMillan, E. Vesperini, R. Knop, W. Farr, M. J. Graham

4. Characterizing Mobility and Contact Networks in Virtual Worlds
Felipe Machado, Matheus Santos, Virgílio Almeida, Dorgival Guedes

5. Landmarks and Time-Pressure in Virtual Navigation: Towards Designing Gender-Neutral Virtual Environments
Elena Gavrielidou, Maarten H. Lamers

6. The Effects of Virtual Weather on Presence
Bartholomäus Wissmath, David Weibel, Fred W. Mast

7. Complexity of Virtual Worlds’ Terms of Service
Holger M. Kienle, Andreas Lober, Crina A. Vasiliu, Hausi A. Müller

8. The Role of Semantics in Next-Generation Online Virtual World-Based Retail Store
Geetika Sharma, C. Anantaram, Hiranmay Ghosh

9. StellarSim: A Plug-In Architecture for Scientific Visualizations in Virtual Worlds
Amy Henckel, Cristina V. Lopes

10. Formalizing and Promoting Collaboration in 3D Virtual Environments – A Blueprint for the Creation of Group Interaction Patterns
Andreas Schmeil, Martin J. Eppler

11. Conceptual Design Scheme for Virtual Characters
Gino Brunetti, Rocco Servidio

12. Usability Issues of an Augmented Virtuality Environment for Design
Xiangyu Wang, Irene Rui Chen

13. The Managed Hearthstone: Labor and Emotional Work in the Online Community of World of Warcraft
Andras Lukacs, David G. Embrick, Talmadge Wright

14. Human Rights and Private Ordering in Virtual Worlds
Olivier Oosterbaan

15. Investigating the Concept of Consumers as Producers in Virtual Worlds: Looking through Social, Technical, Economic, and Legal Lenses
Holger M. Kienle, Andreas Lober, Crina A. Vasiliu, Hausi A. Müller

Keywords: Computer Science, Computers and Society, Computer Graphics, Media Design, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Personal Computing, Computers and Education

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