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Active Flow Control II

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Table of contents

I. Airfoils

1. Transitory Control of Dynamic Stall on a Pitching Airfoil
George T. K. Woo, Ari Glezer

2. Unsteady Lift Suppression with a Robust Closed Loop Controller
David Williams, Wesley Kerstens, Jens Pfeiffer, Rudibert King, Tim Colonius

3. Active Flow Control on a S10 Glider Configuration
Thomas Grund, Wolfgang Nitsche

4. Numerical Investigation of Active Flow Control Applied to an Airfoil with a Camber Flap
Bert Günther, Angelo Carnarius, Frank Thiele

5. On Amplitude Scaling of Active Separation Control
Oksana Stalnov, Avraham Seifert

6. Lock-On to a High-Lift State with Oscillatory Forcing in a Three-Dimensional Wake Flow
Kunihiko Taira, Clarence W. Rowley, Tim Colonius

7. Active Flow Control on an Industry-Relevant Civil Aircraft Half Model
Matthias Bauer, Inken Peltzer, Wolfgang Nitsche, Burkhard Gölling

8. Numerical Investigation of Spatially Distributed Actuation on a Three-Element High-Lift Configuration
Tobias Höll, Erik Wassen, Frank Thiele

9. Robust Closed-Loop Lift Control on an Industry-Relevant Civil Aircraft Half Model
Notger Heinz, Rudibert King, Burkhard Gölling

II. Turbomachines

10. Closed Loop Blade Tone Control in Axial Turbomachines by Flow Induced Secondary Sources in the Blade Tip Regime
Olaf Lemke, Wolfgang Neise, Lars Enghardt, Rudibert King, Rifet Muminovic, Michael Möser

11. Turbofan Tone Noise Reduction by Flow-Induced Unsteady Blade Forces
Mathias Steger, Ulf Michel, Graham Ashcroft, Frank Thiele

12. Experimental AFC Approaches on a Highly Loaded Compressor Cascade
Martin Hecklau, Vincent Zander, Inken Peltzer, Wolfgang Nitsche, André Huppertz, Marius Swoboda

13. Robust Control in Turbomachinery Configurations
Olaf Wiederhold, Rudibert King, Bernd R. Noack

14. URANS Simulations of Active Flow Control on Highly Loaded Turbomachinery Blades
Christoph Gmelin, Mathias Steger, Erik Wassen, Frank Thiele, André Huppertz, Marius Swoboda

III. Bluff Bodies

15. Application of Active Flow Control on Generic 3D Car Models
Daniel Krentel, Rifet Muminovic, André Brunn, Wolfgang Nitsche, Rudibert King

16. Simulation of Active Drag Reduction for a Square-Back Vehicle
Erik Wassen, Sándor Eichinger, Frank Thiele

17. Model Predictive Control for a 2D Bluff Body Under Disturbed Flow Conditions
Rifet Muminovic, Jens Pfeiffer, Nico Werner, Rudibert King

IV. Burner and Cavities

18. Closed-Loop Control of an Unstable Open Cavity
Denis Sipp, Alexandre Barbagallo, Peter Schmid

19. A Zero-Mach Solver and Reduced Order Acoustic Representations for Modeling and Control of Combustion Instabilities
Jonas P. Moeck, Carsten Scharfenberg, Oliver Paschereit, Rupert Klein

20. Modeling the Fuel/Air Mixing to Control the Pressure Pulsations and NOxEmissions in a Lean Premixed Combustor
Arnaud Lacarelle, Jonas P. Moeck, Christian O. Paschereit, Gregor Gelbert, Rudibert King, Dirk M. Luchtenburg, Bernd R. Noack, Jens Kasten, Hans-Christian Hege

V. Model Reduction and Feature Extraction

21. Reduced Order Modeling Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) and Wavenet System Identification of a Free Shear Layer
Casey Fagley, Jürgen Seidel, Stefan Siegel, Thomas McLaughlin

22. Turbulence Control Based on Reduced-Order Models and Nonlinear Control Design
Dirk M. Luchtenburg, Katarina Aleksić, Michael Schlegel, Bernd R. Noack, Rudibert King, Gilead Tadmor, Bert Günther, Frank Thiele

23. A New Discretization Framework for Input/Output Maps and Its Application to Flow Control
Jan Heiland, Volker Mehrmann, Michael Schmidt

24. Extraction of Coherent Structures from Natural and Actuated Flows
Jens Kasten, Tino Weinkauf, Christoph Petz, Ingrid Hotz, Bernd R. Noack, Hans-Christian Hege

VI. Optimal Flow Control

25. Optimized Waveforms for Feedback Control of Vortex Shedding
Won Tae Joe, Tim Colonius, Douglas G. MacMynowski

26. Optimal Boundary Control Problems Related to High-Lift Configurations
Christian John, Bernd R. Noack, Michael Schlegel, Fredi Tröltzsch, Daniel Wachsmuth

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Numerical and Computational Physics, Automotive Engineering

Publication year
Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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