Doulamis, Anastasios

Networks for Grid Applications

Doulamis, Anastasios - Networks for Grid Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Designing 21st Century Communications: Architecture, Services, Technology, and Facilities
Joe Mambretti

2. Authorisation Infrastructure for On-Demand Grid and Network Resource Provisioning
Yuri Demchenko, Mihai Cristea, Cees Laat, Evangelos Haleplidis

3. On the Definition of Access Control Requirements for Grid and Cloud Computing Systems
Antonios Gouglidis, Ioannis Mavridis

4. Business Models, Accounting and Billing Concepts in Grid-Aware Networks
Serafim Kotrotsos, Peter Racz, Cristian Morariu, Katerina Iskioupi, David Hausheer, Burkhard Stiller

5. Network Centered Multiple Resource Scheduling in e-Science Applications
Yan Li, Sanjay Ranka, Sartaj Sahni, Mark Schmalz

6. Percolation-Based Replica Discovery in Peer-to-Peer Grid Infrastructures
Francesco Palmieri

7. GridFTP GUI: An Easy and Efficient Way to Transfer Data in Grid
Wantao Liu, Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Brian Tieman, Ravi Madduri, Bo Li, Ian Foster

8. An Alarms Service for Monitoring Multi-domain Grid Networks
Charaka Palansuriya, Jeremy Nowell, Florian Scharinger, Kostas Kavoussanakis, Arthur S. Trew

9. Grid Anywhere: An Architecture for Grid Computing Able to Explore the Computational Resources of the Set-Top Boxes
Fabiano Costa Teixeira, Marcos José Santana, Regina Helena Carlucci Santana, Julio Cezar Estrella

10. The Open Cloud Testbed: Supporting Open Source Cloud Computing Systems Based on Large Scale High Performance, Dynamic Network Services
Robert Grossman, Yunhong Gu, Michal Sabala, Colin Bennet, Jonathan Seidman, Joe Mambratti

11. Designing Power-Efficient WDM Ring Networks
Isabella Cerutti, Luca Valcarenghi, Piero Castoldi

12. Energy Efficiency in Thin Client Solutions
Willem Vereecken, Lien Deboosere, Pieter Simoens, Brecht Vermeulen, Didier Colle, Chris Develder, Mario Pickavet, Bart Dhoedt, Piet Demeester

13. Architecture to Integrate Broadband Access Networks and Wireless Grids
João Paulo Ribeiro Pereira

14. Implementation of Random Linear Network Coding Using NVIDIA’s CUDA Toolkit
Péter Vingelmann, Frank H. P. Fitzek

15. Collaboration in a Wireless Grid Innovation Testbed by Virtual Consortium
Joseph Treglia, Angela Ramnarine-Rieks, Lee McKnight

16. Challenges for Social Control in Wireless Mobile Grids
Tina Balke, Torsten Eymann

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, System Performance and Evaluation, Performance and Reliability, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems

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