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Ad Hoc Networks

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Table of contents

1. Supporting Proactive Application Event Notification to Improve Sensor Network Performance
Christophe J. Merlin, Wendi B. Heinzelman

2. An Energy-Efficient Cluster-Head Selection Protocol for Energy-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
Peng Hao, Wanzhi Qiu, Rob Evans

3. Optimization of Cluster Heads for Energy Efficiency in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Yi Gu, Qishi Wu

4. Optimal Cluster Sizes for Wireless Sensor Networks: An Experimental Analysis
Anna Förster, Alexander Förster, Amy L. Murphy

5. A Parallel Paths Communication Technique for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
Balasaravanan Venugopal, Gayathri Venkataraman, Thambipillai Srikanthan

6. Scalable Max-Min Fairness in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Congzhou Zhou, N. F. Maxemchuk

7. Upper Bounding Service Capacity in Multihop Wireless SSMA-Based Ad Hoc Networks
Shirong Du, John N. Daigle, Bahram Alidaee

8. QoS over Real-Time Wireless Multi-hop Protocol
Domenico Sicignano, Danilo Tardioli, José Luis Villarroel

9. Efficient Distribution of Large Files in UMTS Supported by Network Coded M2M Data Transfer with Multiple Generations
Larissa N. Popova, Wolfgang H. Gerstacker, Wolfgang Koch

10. Enhancement of Self-organisation in Wireless Networking through a Cross-Layer Approach
M. A. Razzaque, Simon Dobson, Paddy Nixon

11. SPECS: Secure and Privacy Enhancing Communications Schemes for VANETs
T. W. Chim, S. M. Yiu, L. C. K. Hui, Zoe L. Jiang, Victor O. K. Li

12. Security and Privacy in a Sensor-Based Search and Rescue System
Jyh-How Huang, John Black, Shivakant Mishra

13. Computationally Efficient Mutual Entity Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhijun Li, Guang Gong

14. Distributed Detection of Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Rennie Graaf, Islam Hegazy, Jeffrey Horton, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini

15. Power-Aware Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Sevil Şen, John A. Clark, Juan E. Tapiador

16. DHT-Based Detection of Node Clone in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhijun Li, Guang Gong

17. Connectivity-Aware Minimum-Delay Geographic Routing with Vehicle Tracking in VANETs
Kaveh Shafiee, Victor C. M. Leung

18. Buckshot Routing - A Robust Source Routing Protocol for Dense Ad-Hoc Networks
David Peters, Reinhardt Karnapke, Jörg Nolte

19. Enhanced Route-Split Routing Tolerant to Multiple Concurrent Link Failure for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Tomoyuki Ohta, Tusyoshi Mizumoto, Yoshiaki Kakuda

20. A Simulation-Based Performance Analysis of Various Multipath Routing Techniques in ZigBee Sensor Networks
George Spanogiannopoulos, Natalija Vlajic, Dusan Stevanovic

21. Centralized Routing and Scheduling Using Multi-Channel System Single Transceiver in 802.16d
A. Al-Hemyari, N. K. Noordin, Chee Kyun Ng, A. Ismail, S. Khatun

22. Contact Time in Random Walk and Random Waypoint: Dichotomy in Tail Distribution
Chen Zhao, Mihail L. Sichitiu

23. Throughput Analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF in the Presence of Transmission Errors
Ahed Alshanyour, Anjali Agarwal

24. Effects of Unintentional Denial of Service (DOS) Due to Push-to-Talk (PTT) Delays on Performance of CSMA/CA Based Adhoc Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Networks
Abhijit C. Navalekar, William R. Michalson

25. Achievable Region in Slotted ALOHA Throughput for One-Relay Two-Hop Wireless Network Coding
Daisuke Umehara, Satoshi Denno, Masahiro Morikura, Takatoshi Sugiyama

26. Exact Models for the k-Connected Minimum Energy Problem
Christina Burt, Yao-ban Chan, Nikki Sonenberg

27. Performance Evaluation of Quality of Service in IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANs
Fei Peng, Victor C. M. Leung

28. Cooperative Localization in GPS-Limited Urban Environments
Jeffrey Hemmes, Douglas Thain, Christian Poellabauer

29. Tracking a Vehicle Moving in a Wireless Sensor Network
Fernand S. Cohen, Salah Abushariefeh, Gregory Bruton, Marcus Matthews, Kuriakose Varghese

30. Improved Topology Control Algorithms for Simple Mobile Networks
Fei (Sophie) Che, Errol L. Lloyd, Liang Zhao

31. Reliable Coverage Area Based Link Expiration Time (LET) Routing Metric for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Izhar Ahmed, K. E. Tepe, B. K. Singh

32. Constructing Minimum Relay Connected Sensor Cover in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Jie Jiang, Jun Wen, Guofu Wu, Heyin Zhang, Wenhua Dou

33. Experimentation Made Easy
Mesut Güneş, Bastian Blywis, Felix Juraschek, Olaf Watteroth

34. Enhancing Learning Using Modular Wireless Sensor Networking (WSN) Hands-On Experiments
Ezgi Taslidere, Fernand S. Cohen, Fredricka Reisman

35. Sensor Network in the Wireless UHF Band
P. Mariño, F. P. Fontán, M. A. Domínguez, S. Otero

36. VoIP Implementation and Experiments on a Mobile Wireless AdHoc Network
Hongqi Zhang, Oliver Yang, Jiying Zhao

37. Relay Implementation in WiMAX System Level Simulator
Shahid Mumtaz, Le Thanh Tu, Rasool Sadeghi, Atilio Gamerio

38. MeshMAC: Enabling Mesh Networking over IEEE 802.15.4 through Distributed Beacon Scheduling
Panneer Muthukumaran, Rodolfo Paz, Rostislav Spinar, Dirk Pesch

39. Compressing MAC Headers on Shared Wireless Media
Jesus Arango, Matthew Faulkner, Stephen Pink

40. An RTS Based Data Channel Reservations and Access Scheme in Multi-Channel Systems
Mthulisi Velempini, Mqhele E. Dlodlo

41. Building Intrusion Detection with a Wireless Sensor Network
Markus Wälchli, Torsten Braun

42. Passive and Active Analysis in DSR-Based Ad Hoc Networks
Tae Dempsey, Gokhan Sahin, Y. T. (Jade) Morton

43. An E-Hospital Security Architecture
Fang Tian, Carlisle Adams

44. Cooperative Certificate Revocation List Distribution Methods in VANETs
Michael Nowatkowski, Chris McManus, Jennie Wolfgang, Henry Owen

45. Distributed Channel Selection for Ad-Hoc Networks in the Presence of Jamming Sources
Jorge Barrera, Alfredo Garcia

46. Joint Random Access and Power Control Game in Ad Hoc Networks with Noncooperative Users
Chengnian Long, Xinping Guan

47. Graph Marginalization for Rapid Assignment in Wide-Area Surveillance
Mark Ebden, Stephen Roberts

48. Error Correction with the Implicit Encoding Capability of Random Network Coding
Suné Solms, Magdalena J. Grobler, Albert S. J. Helberg

49. An End-to-End Loss Discrimination Scheme for Multimedia Transmission over Wireless IP Networks
Hai-tao Zhao, Yu-ning Dong, Yang Li

2009. International Workshop on Advanced Sensor Integration Technology

50. Architecture for WSN Nodes Integration in Context Aware Systems Using Semantic Messages
Iker Larizgoitia, Leire Muguira, Juan Ignacio Vazquez

51. Performance Analysis of ZigBee Technology for Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks
Huasong Cao, Xuedong Liang, Ilangko Balasingham, Victor C. M. Leung

52. Analytical Models of Cross-Layer Protocol Optimization in Real-Time Wireless Sensor Ad Hoc Networks
William S. Hortos

53. Programmable Re-tasking of Wireless Sensor Networks Using WISEMAN
Sergio González-Valenzuela, Min Chen, Huasong Cao, Victor C. M. Leung

54. Oxybuoy: Constructing a Real-Time Inexpensive Hypoxia Monitoring Platform
Rizal Mohd Nor, Mikhail Nesterenko, Peter Lavrentyev

55. An Energy-Efficient, Application-Oriented Control Algorithm for MAC Protocols in WSN
Deliang Li, Fei Peng, Depei Qian

56. An Integrated RFID and Sensor System for Emergency Handling in Underground Coal Mines Environments
Lingxia Liao, Guohuan Lou, Min Chen

57. An Area-Based Overlay Architecture for Scalable Integration of Sensor Networks
Lampros Pappas, Spyros Lalis

2009. International Workshop on Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

58. Outage Probability for ARQ Decode-and-Forward Relaying under Packet-Rate Fading
Sangkook Lee, Weifeng Su, Stella Batalama, John D. Matyjas

59. Distributed Spectrum Sharing for Video Streaming in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
Lei Ding, Scott Pudlewski, Tommaso Melodia, Stella Batalama, John D. Matyjas, Michael J. Medley

60. The Cognitive Radio Channel: From Spectrum Sensing to Message Cribbing
Yi Cao, Biao Chen

61. AM-AOMDV: Adaptive Multi-metric Ad-Hoc On-Demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing
Siddharth Khimsara, Kashyap K. R. Kambhatla, June Hwang, Sunil Kumar, John D. Matyjas

62. A Low-Latency TDMA Scheduler for Multi-hop Cluster Based MANETs with Directional Antennas
Michael Iannacone, Yamin Al-Mousa, Nicholas Martin, Nirmala Shenoy, John Fischer

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, System Performance and Evaluation, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Systems and Data Security

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