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Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies

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Table of contents

1. Computational Intelligence and Image Processing Methodsfor Applications in Skin Cancer Diagnosis
Maciej Ogorzałek, Grzegorz Surówka, Leszek Nowak, Christian Merkwirth

2. Affective Man-Machine Interface: Unveiling Human Emotions through Biosignals
Egon L. Broek, Viliam Lisý, Joris H. Janssen, Joyce H. D. M. Westerink, Marleen H. Schut, Kees Tuinenbreijer

3. On-Chip Biosensors Based on Microwave Detection for Cell Scale Investigations
Claire Dalmay, Arnaud Pothier, M. Cheray, Fabrice Lalloué, Marie-Odile Jauberteau, Pierre Blondy

4. Improvements of a Brain-Computer Interface Applied to a Robotic Wheelchair
André Ferreira, Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho, Mário Sarcinelli-Filho, José Luis Martín Sánchez, Juan Carlos García García, Manuel Mazo Quintas

5. Wavelet-Based and Morphological Analysis of the Global Flash Multifocal ERG for Open Angle Glaucoma Characterization
J. M. Miguel-Jiménez, S. Ortega, I. Artacho, L. Boquete, J. M. Rodríguez-Ascariz, P. Villa, R. Blanco

6. Biotin-Streptavidin Sensitive BioFETs and Their Properties
Thomas Windbacher, Viktor Sverdlov, Siegfried Selberherr

7. Improving Patient Safety with X-Ray and Anesthesia Machine Ventilator Synchronization: A Medical Device Interoperability Case Study
David Arney, Julian M. Goldman, Susan F. Whitehead, Insup Lee

8. A Ceramic Microfluidic Device for Monitoring Complex Biochemical Reactive Systems
Walter Smetana, Bruno Balluch, Ibrahim Atassi, Philipp Kügler, Erwin Gaubitzer, Michael Edetsberger, Gottfried Köhler

9. Knee Angle Estimation Algorithm for Myoelectric Control of Active Transfemoral Prostheses
Alberto López Delis, João Luiz Azevedo Carvalho, Adson Ferreira Rocha, Francisco Assis Oliveira Nascimento, Geovany Araújo Borges

10. Micro Droplet Transfer between Superhydrophobic Surfaces via a High Adhesive Superhydrophobic Surface
Daisuke Ishii, Hiroshi Yabu, Masatusgu Shimomura

11. Study on Biodegradation Process of Polyethylene Glycol with Exponential Glowth of Microbial Population
Masaji Watanabe, Fusako Kawai

12. Variable Down-Selection for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Nuno S. Dias, Mst Kamrunnahar, Paulo M. Mendes, Steven J. Schiff, Jose H. Correia

13. Effect of a Simulated Analogue Telephone Channel on the Performance of a Remote Automatic System for the Detection of Pathologies in Voice: Impact of Linear Distortions on Cepstrum-Based Assessment - Band Limitation, Frequency Response and Additive Noise
Rubén Fraile, Nicolás Sáenz-Lechón, Juan Ignacio Godino-Llorente, Víctor Osma-Ruiz, Corinne Fredouille

14. A Biologically-Inspired Visual Saliency Model to Test Different Strategies of Saccade Programming
Tien Ho-Phuoc, Anne Guérin-Dugué, Nathalie Guyader

15. Transition Detection for Brain Computer Interface Classification
Ricardo Aler, Inés M. Galván, José M. Valls

16. Tuning Iris Recognition for Noisy Images
Artur Ferreira, André Lourenço, Bárbara Pinto, Jorge Tendeiro

17. Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Macroscopic Features in Biological Materials
Michal Krumnikl, Eduard Sojka, Jan Gaura, Oldřich Motyka

18. Wavelet Transform Analysis of the Power Spectrum of Centre of Pressure Signals to Detect the Critical Point Interval of Postural Control
Neeraj Kumar Singh, Hichem Snoussi, David Hewson, Jacques Duchêne

19. Early Detection of Severe Apnoea through Voice Analysis and Automatic Speaker Recognition Techniques
Ruben Fernández, Jose Luis Blanco, David Díaz, Luis A. Hernández, Eduardo López, José Alcázar

20. Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation for Mobile Devices
Stefanie Kaiser, Malte Kirst, Christophe Kunze

21. Speaker-Adaptive Speech Recognition Based on Surface Electromyography
Michael Wand, Tanja Schultz

22. Towards the Development of a Thyroid Ultrasound Biometric Scheme Based on Tissue Echo-morphological Features
Josè C. R. Seabra, Ana L. N. Fred

23. Collecting, Analyzing, and Publishing Massive Data about the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Lorenzo Montserrat, Jose Antonio Cotelo-Lema, Miguel R. Luaces, Diego Seco

24. BredeQuery: Coordinate-Based Meta-analytic Search of Neuroscientific Literature from the SPM Environment
Bartłomiej Wilkowski, Marcin Szewczyk, Peter Mondrup Rasmussen, Lars Kai Hansen, Finn Årup Nielsen

25. Simulation of ECG Repolarization Phase with Improved Model of Cell Action Potentials
Roman Trobec, Matjaž Depolli, Viktor Avbelj

26. Advances in Computer-Based Autoantibodies Analysis
Paolo Soda, Giulio Iannello

27. Support Vector Machine Diagnosis of Acute Abdominal Pain
Malin Björnsdotter, Kajsa Nalin, Lars-Erik Hansson, Helge Malmgren

28. Near Field Communication and Health: Turning a Mobile Phone into an Interactive Multipurpose Assistant in Healthcare Scenarios
Giuliano Benelli, Alessandro Pozzebon

29. Electronic Health Records: An Enhanced Security Paradigm to Preserve Patient’s Privacy
Daniel Slamanig, Christian Stingl

30. Augmented Feedback System to Support Physical Therapy of Non-specific Low Back Pain
Dominique Brodbeck, Markus Degen, Michael Stanimirov, Jan Kool, Mandy Scheermesser, Peter Oesch, Cornelia Neuhaus

31. Multi-analytical Approaches Informing the Risk of Sepsis
Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Benoit Lewden, Selam Mequanint, Michael Bauer

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Computer Appl. in Administrative Data Processing, Software Engineering, Pattern Recognition, Computer Communication Networks, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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