Luo, Qi

High Performance Networking, Computing, Communication Systems, and Mathematical Foundations

Luo, Qi - High Performance Networking, Computing, Communication Systems, and Mathematical Foundations, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Research and Implementation of a Decoder of 1-Wire Bus
Yunping Wu, Weida Su, Conghui Chen, Yu Lu, Wangbiao Li, Yan Wu, Lei Tang, Shenzheng Cai

2. Design of the Energy and Distance Based Clustering Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
Qingzhang Chen, Dina Fang, Zhengli Wang

3. The Design of NTCIP C2F Model System for ITS
Qian Yan, Yin Wen-qing

4. Scheduling Algorithm for Vehicle to Road-Side Data Distribution
Mohammad Shahverdy, Mahmood Fathy, Saleh Yousefi

5. Fast Algorithm of Single Scale Correlative Processing and Its Experimental Research
Ming Xing, Yuan Bingcheng, Liu Jianguo

6. A Design Method of Constant Beamwidth Beam-Former
Liu Jianguo, Yuan Bingcheng

7. Network Service Incentive Mechanism Based on Competitive Game
Zhide Chen, Jinhua Zheng, Li Xu

8. An Efficient Computation Saving Mechanism for High-Performance Large-Scale Watershed Simulation
Cheng Chang, Wei-Hong Wang, Rui Liu

9. The Applications of Mobile Payment
Xin Chen

10. The Challenges and Strategies of Commercial Bank in Developing E-banking Business
Xin Chen

11. Easy Domain Processing over Heterogeneous Databases: A Unified Programming Paradigm
Rui Liu, Weihong Wang, Qinghu Li, Tao Yu, Baoyao Zhou, Cheng Chang

12. A High Performance Computing Platform Based on a Fibre-Channel Token-Routing Switch-Network
Xiaohui Zeng, Wenlang Luo, Cunjuan Ou Yang, Manhua Li, Jichang Kang

13. XML Application for SNMP_based Information Management
Wenli Dong

14. A Method of Synthetic Scheduling Basing on the Grid Service
Hongwei Zhao, Xiaojun Zhang

15. A Data Hiding Method for Text Documents Using Multiple-Base Encoding
Chin-Chen Chang, Chia-Chi Wu, Iuon-Chang Lin

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Applications, Theory of Computation, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Mathematics of Computing, Computer Communication Networks, Logics and Meanings of Programs

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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