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Industrial Applications

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Table of contents

1. Production of Bread, Cheese and Meat
Klaus Gori, Mette Dines Cantor, Mogens Jakobsen, Lene Jespersen

2. Asian Fungal Fermented Food
M. J. Robert Nout, Kofi E. Aidoo

3. Production of Beer and Wine
Winfried Hartmeier, Monika Reiss

4. Production of Edible Mushrooms
Ramesh Chandra Upadhyay, Manjit Singh

5. The β-Lactam Antibiotics: Current Situation and Future Prospects in Manufacture and Therapy
Frank-Rainer Schmidt

6. Non-β-Lactam Antibiotics
Gerhard Erkel

7. Insecticidal and Nematicidal Metabolites from Fungi
Heidrun Anke

8. Immunomodulators
Hesham El Enshasy

9. Ergot Alkaloids
Daniel G. Panaccione

10. Production of Organic Acids by Filamentous Fungi
Christian P. Kubicek, Peter Punt, Jaap Visser

11. Production of Vitamin B2 and a Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid by Fungi
K.-Peter Stahmann

12. Fungal Flavours
Marco A. Fraatz, Holger Zorn

13. Industrial Applications of Fungal Enzymes
Lars H. Østergaard, Hans Sejr Olsen

14. Fungal Biotransformations in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Wolfgang Hüttel, Dirk Hoffmeister

15. Fungal Biodegradation of Lignocelluloses
Annele Hatakka, Kenneth E. Hammel

16. (Hemi-)Cellulose Degrading Enzymes and Their Encoding Genes from Aspergillus and Trichoderma

Ronald P. Vries, Evy Battaglia, Pedro M. Coutinho, Bernard Henrissat, Jaap Visser

17. Fungi and Their Enzymes for Pitch Control in the Pulp and Paper Industry
Ana Gutiérrez, José C. Río, Ángel T. Martínez

18. Biosorption of Metals
Martin Zimmermann, Klaus Wolf

19. Bioherbicides
Alice L. Pilgeram, David C. Sands

20. Genomic Approaches for Identification of the Biopolymer Degrading Enzyme Network of Aspergillus niger

R. M. Kaaij, A. F. J. Ram, P. Schaap, P. J. Punt

21. New Trends in Fungal Biooxidation
Martin Hofrichter, René Ullrich

22. Fungal Soil Bioremediation: Developments Towards Large-Scale Applications
Kari Steffen, Marja Tuomela

Keywords: Chemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Plant Sciences, Nutrition, Agriculture, Forestry

Publication year
The Mycota
Page amount
23 pages
Natural Sciences

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