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Dynamics, Games and Science I

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Table of contents

1. A Brief Survey of Focal Decomposition
Mauricio M. Peixoto

2. Anosov and Circle Diffeomorphisms
João P. Almeida, Albert M. Fisher, Alberto A. Pinto, David A. Rand

3. Evolutionarily Stable Strategies and Replicator Dynamics in Asymmetric Two-Population Games
Elvio Accinelli, Edgar J. Sánchez Carrera

4. Poverty Traps, Rationality and Evolution
Elvio Accinelli, Silvia London, Lionello F. Punzo, Edgar J. Sanchez Carrera

5. Leadership Model
Leandro Almeida, José Cruz, Helena Ferreira, Alberto A. Pinto

6. Lorenz-Like Chaotic Attractors Revised
Vítor Araújo, Maria José Pacifico

7. A Dynamical Point of View of Quantum Information: Entropy and Pressure
A. T. Baraviera, C. F. Lardizabal, A. O. Lopes, M. Terra Cunha

8. Generic Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems: An Overview
Mário Bessa, João Lopes Dias

9. Microeconomic Model Based on MAS Framework: Modeling an Adaptive Producer
Pavel Brazdil, Frederico Teixeira

10. A Tourist’s Choice Model
J. Brida, M. J. Defesa, M. Faias, Alberto A. Pinto

11. Computability and Dynamical Systems
J. Buescu, D. S. Graça, N. Zhong

12. Dynamics and Biological Thresholds
N. J. Burroughs, M. Ferreira, J. Martins, B. M. P. M. Oliveira, Alberto A. Pinto, N. Stollenwerk

13. Global Convergence in Difference Equations
Elias Camouzis, Gerasimos Ladas

14. Networks Synchronizability, Local Dynamics and Some Graph Invariants
Acilina Caneco, Sara Fernandes, Clara Grácio, J. Leonel Rocha

15. Continuous Models for Genetic Evolution in Large Populations
Fabio A. C. C. Chalub, Max O. Souza

16. Forecasting of Yield Curves Using Local State Space Reconstruction
Eurico O. Covas, Filipe C. Mena

17. KAM Theory as a Limit of Renormalization
João Lopes Dias

18. An Overview of Optimal Life Insurance Purchase, Consumption and Investment Problems
Isabel Duarte, Diogo Pinheiro, Alberto A. Pinto, Stanley R. Pliska

19. Towards a Theory of Periodic Difference Equations and Its Application to Population Dynamics
Saber N. Elaydi, Rafael Luís, Henrique Oliveira

20. Thompson’s Group, Teichmüller Spaces, and Dual Riemann Surfaces
Edson Faria

21. Bargaining Skills in an Edgeworthian Economy
M. Ferreira, B. Finkenstädt, B. M. P. M. Oliveira, Alberto A. Pinto, A. N. Yannacopoulos

22. Fractional Analysis of Traffic Dynamics
Lino Figueiredo, J. A. Tenreiro Machado

23. The Set of Planar Orbits of Second Species in the RTBP
Joaquim Font, Ana Nunes, Carles Simó

24. Statistical Properties of the Maximum for Non-Uniformly Hyperbolic Dynamics
Ana Cristina Moreira Freitas, Jorge Milhazes Freitas, Mike Todd

25. Adaptive Learning and Central Bank Inattentiveness in Optimal Monetary Policy
Orlando Gomes, Vivaldo M. Mendes, Diana A. Mendes

26. Discrete Time, Finite State Space Mean Field Games
Diogo A. Gomes, Joana Mohr, Rafael Rigão Souza

27. Simple Exclusion Process: From Randomness to Determinism
Patrícia Gonçalves

28. Universality in PSI20 fluctuations
Rui Gonçalves, Helena Ferreira, Alberto A. Pinto

29. Dynamical Systems with Nontrivially Recurrent Invariant Manifolds
Viacheslav Grines, Evgeny Zhuzhoma

30. Some Recent Results on the Stability of Endomorphisms
J. Iglesias, A. Portela, A. Rovella

31. Differential Rigidity and Applications in One-Dimensional Dynamics
Yunping Jiang

32. Minimum Regret Pricing of Contingent Claims in Incomplete Markets
C. Kountzakis, S. Z. Xanthopoulos, A. N. Yannacopoulos

33. A Class of Infinite Dimensional Replicator Dynamics
D. Kravvaritis, V. Papanicolaou, T. Xepapadeas, A. N. Yannacopoulos

34. Kinetic Theory for Chemical Reactions Without a Barrier
Gilberto M. Kremer, Ana Jacinta Soares

35. Dynamical Gene-Environment Networks Under Ellipsoidal Uncertainty: Set-Theoretic Regression Analysis Based on Ellipsoidal OR
Erik Kropat, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Selma Belen

36. Strategic Interaction in Macroeconomic Policies: An Outline of a New Differential Game Approach
T. Krishna Kumar

37. Renormalization of Hénon Maps
M. Lyubich, M. Martens

38. Application of Fractional Calculus in Engineering
J. A. Tenreiro Machado, Isabel S. Jesus, Ramiro Barbosa, Manuel Silva, Cecilia Reis

39. Existence of Invariant Circles for Infinitely Renormalisable Area-Preserving Maps
R. S. MacKay

40. The Dynamics of Expectations
Wilfredo L. Maldonado, Isabel M. F. Marques

41. Dynamics on the Circle
W. Melo

42. Rolling Ball Problems
Waldyr M. Oliva, Gláucio Terra

43. On the Dynamics of Certain Models Describing the HIV Infection
Dayse H. Pastore, Jorge P. Zubelli

44. Tilings and Bussola for Making Decisions
Alberto A. Pinto, Abdelrahim S. Mousa, Mohammad S. Mousa, Rasha M. Samarah

45. A Hotelling-Type Network
Alberto A. Pinto, Telmo Parreira

46. The Closing Lemma in Retrospect
Charles Pugh

47. From Peixoto’s Theorem to Palis’s Conjecture
Enrique R. Pujals

48. Dynamics Associated to Games (Fictitious Play) with Chaotic Behavior
Colin Sparrow, Sebastian Strien

49. A Finite Time Blowup Result for Quadratic ODE’s
Dennis Sullivan

50. Relating Material and Space-Time Metrics Within Relativistic Elasticity: A Dynamical Example
E. G. L. R. Vaz, Irene Brito, J. Carot

51. Strategic Information Revelation Through Real Options in Investment Games
Takahiro Watanabe

52. On Consumption Indivisibilities, the Demand for Durables, and Income Distribution
David Zilberman, Jenny Hsing-I Liu

Keywords: Mathematics, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Mathematical Methods in Physics

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics
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31 pages
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