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Knowledge Democracy

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Table of contents

1. Towards Knowledge Democracy
Roeland Jaap in ’t Veld

2. The harvest of the “Towards Knowledge Democracy” conference
Roeland Jaap in ’t Veld

3. Heads in the clouds: knowledge democracy as a Utopian dream
Esther Turnhout

4. Dreaming about a properly informed democracy
Dirk J. Wolfson

5. One Man – One Vote – One Carbon Footprint: Knowledge for Sustainable Development
Klaus Töpfer, Günther Bachmann

6. Unlocking the full potential of the crowd – a government perspective
Maurits Kreijveld

7. Researching publics
Floor Basten

8. Relevant Research in a Knowledge Democracy: Citizens’ Participation in Defining Research Agendas for Europe
Anders Jacobi, Lars Klüver, Mikko Rask

9. Why more knowledge could thwart democracy: configurations and fixations in the Dutch mega-stables debate
Katrien Termeer, Gerard Breeman, Maartje Lieshout, Wieke Pot

10. Media, Democracy and Governance
Miguel Goede

11. How can transdisciplinary research contribute to knowledge democracy?
Joske F.G. Bunders, Jacqueline E.W. Broerse, Florian Keil, Christian Pohl, Roland W. Scholz, Marjolein B.M. Zweekhorst

12. Knowledge synchronisation: interactive knowledge production between experts, bureaucrats and stakeholders
Jurian Edelenbos, Arwin Buuren, Nienke Schie

13. From “knowledge use” towards “boundary work”: sketch of an emerging new agenda for inquiry into science-policy interaction
Robert Hoppe

14. The public knowledge challenge: where the management of cities and businesses converge towards creativity, innovation and prosperity
Stella Rijn, René J. Tissen

15. The governance of usable and welcome knowledge, two perspectives
Louis Meuleman, Henk Tromp

16. Horizon scanning: monitoring plausible and desirable futures
Victor Rij

17. Four steps to stimulate meaningful communication on sensitive issues in societal debate: the case of a research agenda for biotechnology and food in the Netherlands
Tjard Cock Buning

18. Sustainable development and the governance of long-term decisions
Louis Meuleman, Roeland Jaap in ’t Veld

19. Knowledge governance: complementing hierarchies, networks and markets?
Arwin Buuren, Jasper Eshuis

20. The positioning of commissions in a knowledge democracy
Martin Schulz, Mark Twist

21. Knowledge exchange through online political networks
Chris Aalberts, Maurits Kreijveld

22. Designing the conditions for an innovation system for sustainable development in a knowledge democracy
Bert Wit

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Social Policy, Political Science, Sociology of Education

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