Ingrassia, Salvatore

New Perspectives in Statistical Modeling and Data Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Evaluating the Effects of Subsidies to Firms with Nonignorably Missing Outcomes
Fabrizia Mealli, Barbara Pacini, Giulia Roli

2. Evaluating Lecturer’s Capability Over Time. Some Evidence from Surveys on University Course Quality
Isabella Sulis, Mariano Porcu, Nicola Tedesco

3. Evaluating the External Effectiveness of the University Education in Italy
Matilde Bini

4. Analyzing Research Potential through Redundancy Analysis: the case of the Italian University System
Cristina Davino, Francesco Palumbo, Domenico Vistocco

5. A Participative Process for the Definition of a Human Capital Indicator
Luigi Fabbris, Giovanna Boccuzzo, Maria Cristiana Martini, Manuela Scioni

6. Using Poset Theory to Compare Fuzzy Multidimensional Material Deprivation Across Regions
Marco Fattore, Rainer Brüggemann, Jan Owsiński

7. Some Notes on the Applicability of Cluster-Weighted Modeling in Effectiveness Studies
Simona C. Minotti

8. Impact Evaluation of Job Training Programs by a Latent Variable Model
Francesco Bartolucci, Fulvia Pennoni

9. Analysis of Collaborative Patterns in Innovative Networks
Alfredo Del Monte, Maria Rosaria D’Esposito, Giuseppe Giordano, Maria Prosperina Vitale

10. The Measure of Economic Re-Evaluation: a Coefficient Based on Conjoint Analysis
Paolo Mariani, Mauro Mussini, Emma Zavarrone

11. Do Governments Effectively Stabilize Fuel Prices by Reducing Specific Taxes? Evidence from Italy
Marina Di Giacomo, Massimiliano Piacenza, Gilberto Turati

12. An Analysis of Industry Sector Via Model Based Clustering
Carmen Cutugno

13. Impact of Exogenous Shocks on Oil Product Market Prices
Antonio Angelo Romano, Giuseppe Scandurra

14. Probabilistic Forecast for Northern New Zealand Seismic Process Based on a Forward Predictive Kernel Estimator
Giada Adelfio, Marcello Chiodi

15. Discrete Beta Kernel Graduation of Age-Specific Demographic Indicators
Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo

16. Kernel-Type Smoothing Methods of Adjusting for Unit Nonresponse in Presence of Multiple and Different Type Covariates
Emilia Rocco

17. Measurement Errors and Uncertainty: A Statistical Perspective
Laura Deldossi, Diego Zappa

18. Measurement Uncertainty in Quantitative Chimerism Monitoring after Stem Cell Transplantation
Ron S. Kenett, Deborah Koltai, Don Kristt

19. Satisfaction, Loyalty and WOM in Dental Care Sector
Paolo Mariani, Emma Zavarrone

20. Controlled Calibration in Presence of Clustered Measures
Silvia Salini, Nadia Solaro

21. Latent Ties Identification in Inter-Firms Social Networks
Patrizia Ameli, Federico Niccolini, Francesco Palumbo

22. A Universal Procedure for Biplot Calibration
Jan Graffelman

23. Analysis of Skew-Symmetry in Proximity Data
Giuseppe Bove

24. Social Stratification and Consumption Patterns: Cultural Practices and Lifestyles in Japan
Miki Nakai

25. Centrality of Asymmetric Social Network: Singular Value Decomposition, Conjoint Measurement, and Asymmetric Multidimensional Scaling
Akinori Okada

26. Some Perspectives on Multivariate Outlier Detection
Andrea Cerioli, Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani

27. Spatial Clustering of Multivariate Data Using Weighted MAX-SAT
Silvia Liverani, Alessandra Petrucci

28. Clustering Multiple Data Streams
Antonio Balzanella, Yves Lechevallier, Rosanna Verde

29. Notes on the Robustness of Regression Trees Against Skewed and Contaminated Errors
Giuliano Galimberti, Marilena Pillati, Gabriele Soffritti

30. A Note on Model Selection in STIMA
Claudio Conversano

31. Conditional Classification Trees by Weighting the Gini Impurity Measure
Antonio D’Ambrosio, Valerio A. Tutore

32. Visualizing and Exploring High Frequency Financial Data: Beanplot Time Series
Carlo Drago, Germana Scepi

33. Using Partial Least Squares Regression in Lifetime Analysis
Intissar Mdimagh, Salwa Benammou

34. Robust Portfolio Asset Allocation
Luigi Grossi, Fabrizio Laurini

35. A Dynamic Analysis of Stock Markets through Multivariate Latent Markov Models
Michele Costa, Luca De Angelis

36. A MEM Analysis of African Financial Markets
Giorgia Giovannetti, Margherita Velucchi

37. Group Structured Volatility
Pietro Coretto, Michele La Rocca, Giuseppe Storti

38. Clustering Spatial Functional Data: A Method Based on a Nonparametric Variogram Estimation
Elvira Romano, Rosanna Verde, Valentina Cozza

39. Prediction of an Industrial Kneading Process via the Adjustment Curve
Giuseppina D. Costanzo, Francesco Dell’Accio, Giulio Trombetta

40. Dealing with FDA Estimation Methods
Tonio Di Battista, Stefano A. Gattone, Angela Sanctis

41. Testing for Dependence in Mixed Effect Models for Multivariate Mixed Responses
Marco Alfó, Luciano Nieddu, Donatella Vicari

42. Size and Power of Tests for Regression Outliers in the Forward Search
Francesca Torti, Domenico Perrotta

43. Using the Bootstrap in the Analysis of Fractionated Screening Designs
Anthony Cossari

44. CRAGGING Measures of Variable Importance for Data with Hierarchical Structure
Marika Vezzoli, Paola Zuccolotto

45. Regression Trees with Moderating Effects
Gianfranco Giordano, Massimo Aria

46. Data Mining for Longitudinal Data with Different Treatments
Mouna Akacha, Thaís C. O. Fonseca, Silvia Liverani

47. Supervised Classification of Thermal High-Resolution IR Images for the Diagnosis of Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Graziano Aretusi, Lara Fontanella, Luigi Ippoliti, Arcangelo Merla

48. A Mixture Regression Model for Resistin Levels Data
Gargano Romana, Alibrandi Angela

49. Interpreting Air Quality Indices as Random Quantities
Francesca Bruno, Daniela Cocchi

50. Comparing Air Quality Indices Aggregated by Pollutant
Mariantonietta Ruggieri, Antonella Plaia

51. Identifying Partitions of Genes and Tissue Samples in Microarray Data
Francesca Martella, Marco Alfò

52. Assessing Balance of Categorical Covariates and Measuring Local Effects in Observational Studies
Furio Camillo, Ida D’Attoma

53. Handling Missing Data in Presence of Categorical Variables: a New Imputation Procedure
Pier Alda Ferrari, Alessandro Barbiero, Giancarlo Manzi

54. The Brown and Payne Model of Voter Transition Revisited
Antonio Forcina, Giovanni M. Marchetti

55. On the Nonlinearity of Homogeneous Ordinal Variables
Maurizio Carpita, Marica Manisera

56. New Developments in Ordinal Non Symmetrical Correspondence Analysis
Biagio Simonetti, Luigi D’Ambra, Pietro Amenta

57. Correspondence Analysis of Surveys with Multiple Response Questions
Amaya Zárraga, Beatriz Goitisolo

58. Control Sample, Association and Causality
Riccardo Borgoni, Donata Marasini, Piero Quatto

59. A Semantic Based Dirichlet Compound Multinomial Model
Paola Cerchiello, Elvio Concetto Bonafede

60. Distance-Based Approach in Multivariate Association
Carles M. Cuadras

61. New Weighed Similarity Indexes for Market Segmentation Using Categorical Variables
Isabella Morlini, Sergio Zani

62. Causal Inference with Multivariate Outcomes: a Simulation Study
Paolo Frumento, Fabrizia Mealli, Barbara Pacini

63. Using Multilevel Models to Analyse the Context of Electoral Data
Rosario D’Agata, Venera Tomaselli

64. A Geometric Approach to Subset Selection and Sparse Sufficient Dimension Reduction
Luca Scrucca

65. Local Statistical Models for Variables Selection
Silvia Figini

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Econometrics

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Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization
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22 pages
Natural Sciences

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