Cerqueira, Eduardo

Communications Infrastructure. Systems and Applications in Europe

Cerqueira, Eduardo - Communications Infrastructure. Systems and Applications in Europe, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Building Digital Economy – The Research Councils Programme and the Vision
John Hand

2. Why the Internet Is So ‘Small’?
Shi Zhou

3. Reactive Management of Quality of Service in Multimedia OBS Networks Based on GMPLS
Fernando N. N. Farias, Rafael P. Esteves, Waldir A. Moreira, Antonio J. G. Abelém, Michael A. Stanton

4. Enhancing Java RMI with Asynchrony through Reflection
Orhan Akın, Nadia Erdoğan

5. SNR Based Digital Estimation of Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Adnan Ashraf, AbdulRauf Rajput, Marvie Mussadiq, Bhawani S. Chowdhry, Manzoor Hashmani

6. Quantifying the TV White Spaces Spectrum Opportunity for Cognitive Radio Access
Maziar Nekovee

7. MIMO Free-Space Optical Communication Employing Subcarrier Intensity Modulation in Atmospheric Turbulence Channels
Zabih Ghassemlooy, Wasiu O. Popoola, Vahid Ahmadi, Erich Leitgeb

8. RSVP-TE Based Impairments Collection Mechanism in DWDM Network
Marco Anisetti, Valerio Bellandi, Roberto Cassata, Ernesto Damiani, Zafar Ali

9. MIMO-OFDM System’s Performance Using LDPC Codes for a Mobile Robot
Omar Daoud, Omar Alani

10. Hybrid M-QAM with Adaptive Modulation and Selection Combining in MIMO Systems
Sang-Do Lee, Young-Chai Ko

11. Performance Analysis of a Joint Space-Time Block Codes and Channel Estimation Scheme in DL-PUSC Mode of Mobile WiMAX
Phuong T. T. Pham, Tomohisa Wada

12. The Changing Transport Datascape – Opportunities and Challenges
John Polak

13. Intelligent Control of Urban Road Networks: Algorithms, Systems and Communications
Mike Smith

14. Congestion Reduction Using Ad-Hoc Message Dissemination in Vehicular Networks
Thomas D. Hewer, Maziar Nekovee

15. Intelligent Mobility Systems: Some Socio-technical Challenges and Opportunities
Monika Büscher, Paul Coulton, Christos Efstratiou, Hans Gellersen, Drew Hemment, Rashid Mehmood, Daniela Sangiorgi

16. iRide: A Cooperative Sensor and IP Multimedia Subsystem Based Architecture and Application for ITS Road Safety
Muslim Elkotob, Evgeny Osipov

17. DVB-T/H Portable and Mobile TV Performance intheNew Channel Profiles Modes
Tomáš Kratochvíl

18. Localization to Enhance Security and Services in Wi-Fi Networks under Privacy Constraints
Gareth Ayres, Rashid Mehmood, Keith Mitchell, Nicholas J. P. Race

19. A Proportional Fairness with Bandwidth-Borrowing Scheme for a Two-Tier NEMO System
Bing-Chi Kuo, Tsang-Ling Sheu

20. Healthcare Information Systems – Requirements and Vision
John G. Williams

21. The Impact of eHealth on the Quality and Safety of Healthcare
Azeem Majeed, Ashly Black, Josip Car, Chantelle Anandan, Kathrin Cresswell, Brian McKinstry, Claudia Pagliari, Rob Procter, Aziz Sheikh

22. e-Labs and Work Objects: Towards Digital Health Economies
John D. Ainsworth, Iain E. Buchan

23. Mandatory and Location-Aware Access Control for Relational Databases
Michael Decker

24. The Interaction of Production and Consumption in the News Media Social Space
Gary Graham, Finola Kerrigan, Rashid Mehmood, Mustafizur Rahman

25. Optimization of TCP/IP over 802.11 Wireless Networks in Home Environment
Toni Janevski, Ivan Petrov

26. Analysis of the Contextual Behaviour of Mobile Subscribers
Hannu Verkasalo, Borja Jimenez Salmeron

27. Improved Classification and Framework Association of Security Vulnerability, Threats and Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Adnan Ashraf, AbdulRauf Rajput, Marvie Mussadiq, Bhawani S. Chowdhry, Manzoor Hashmani

28. Challenges for Mobile Social Networking Applications
Juwel Rana, Johan Kristiansson, Josef Hallberg, Kåre Synnes

29. Mobile Monitoring Stations and Web Visualization of Biotelemetric System - Guardian II
Ondrej Krejcar, Dalibor Janckulik, Leona Motalova, Jan Kufel

30. Practical Issues of Wireless Mobile Devices Usage with Downlink Optimization
Ondrej Krejcar, Dalibor Janckulik, Leona Motalova

31. Reliable Communications Using Multi-layer Transmission
Abdel-Nasser Assimi, Charly Poulliat, Inbar Fijalkow

32. Effects of the Distinction between Long and Short Data Grants in DOCSIS Network
Joon-Young Jung, Jae-Min Ahn

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Health Informatics, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Computers and Society, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

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