Hu, Xiaoming

Three Decades of Progress in Control Sciences

Hu, Xiaoming - Three Decades of Progress in Control Sciences, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Information Acquisition in the Exploration of RandomFields
J. Baillieul, D. Baronov

2. A Computational Comparison of Alternatives to Including Uncertainty in Structured Population Models,

H. T. Banks, Jimena L. Davis, Shuhua Hu

3. Sorting: The Gauss Thermostat, the Toda Lattice and Double Bracket Equations,

Anthony M. Bloch, Alberto G. Rojo

4. Rational Functions and Flows with Periodic Solutions
R. W. Brockett

5. Dynamic Programming or Direct Comparison?,

Xi-Ren Cao

6. A Maximum Entropy Solution of the Covariance Selection Problem for Reciprocal Processes
Francesca Carli, Augusto Ferrante, Michele Pavon, Giorgio Picci

7. Cumulative Distribution Estimation via Control Theoretic SmoothingSplines
Janelle K. Charles, Shan Sun, Clyde F. Martin

8. Global Output Regulation with Uncertain Exosystems
Zhiyong Chen, Jie Huang

9. A Survey on Boolean Control Networks: A State Space Approach
Daizhan Cheng, Zhiqiang Li, Hongsheng Qi

10. Nonlinear Output Regulation: ExploringNon-minimum Phase Systems
F. Delli Priscoli, A. Isidori, L. Marconi

11. Application of a Global Inverse Function Theorem of Byrnes and Lindquist to a Multivariable Moment Problem with Complexity Constraint
Augusto Ferrante, Michele Pavon, Mattia Zorzi

12. Unimodular Equivalence of Polynomial Matrices
P. A. Fuhrmann, U. Helmke

13. Sparse Blind Source Deconvolution with Application to High Resolution Frequency Analysis
Tryphon T. Georgiou, Allen Tannenbaum

14. Sequential Bayesian Filtering via Minimum Distortion Quantization
Graham C. Goodwin, Arie Feuer, Claus Müller

15. Pole Placement with Fields of Positive Characteristic
Elisa Gorla, Joachim Rosenthal

16. High-Speed Model Predictive Control: AnApproximate Explicit Approach
Colin N. Jones, Manfred Morari

17. Reflex-Type Regulation of Biped Robots
Hidenori Kimura, Shingo Shimoda

18. Principal Tangent Sytem Reduction,

Arthur J. Krener, Thomas Hunt

19. The Contraction Coefficient of a Complete GossipSequence,

J. Liu, A. S. Morse, B. D. O. Anderson, C. Yu

20. Covariance Extension Approach to Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation: Kimura-Georgiou Parameterization and Regular Solutions of Sylvester Equations
György Michaletzky

21. A New Class of Control Systems Based on Non-equilibrium Games
Yifen Mu, Lei Guo

22. Rational Systems – Realization and Identification
Jana Němcová, Jan H. Schuppen

23. Semi-supervised Regression and System Identification,

Henrik Ohlsson, Lennart Ljung

24. Path Integrals and Bézoutians for a Class ofInfinite-Dimensional Systems
Yutaka Yamamoto, Jan C. Willems

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Systems Theory, Control

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22 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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