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Table of contents

1. Applications of Reversible Data Hiding Techniques with the Quick Response Codes
Hsiang-Cheh Huang, Feng-Cheng Chang, Wai-Chi Fang

2. A New Approach in T-FA Authentication with OTP Using Mobile Phone
Abdulaziz S. Almazyad, Yasir Ahmad

3. Correlating Alerts into Compressed Graphs Using an Attribute-Based Method and Time Windows
Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad, Saeed Jalili

4. A Study on Secure Contents Using in Urban Computing
Hoon Ko, Jongmyung Choi, Carlos Ramos

5. Shadow Generation Protocol in Linguistic Threshold Schemes
Marek R. Ogiela, Urszula Ogiela

6. Analysis of Handwritten Signature Image
Debnath Bhattacharyya, Poulami Das, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Tai-hoon Kim

7. The Design of Signature Selection for Protecting Illegal Outflow of Sensitive Information in Mobile Device
Bo-heung Chung, Min-ho Han, Ki-young Kim

8. Hardware Based Data Inspection for USB Data Leakage Prevention
DongHo Kang, BoHeung Jung, KiYoung Kim

9. Grayscale Image Classification Using Supervised Chromosome Clustering
Debnath Bhattacharyya, Poulami Das, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Tai-hoon Kim

10. Towards the Integration of Security Aspects into System Development Using Collaboration-Oriented Models
Linda Ariani Gunawan, Peter Herrmann, Frank Alexander Kraemer

11. Impact of Malicious Node on Broadcast Schemes
Aneel Rahim, Fahad bin Muyaha

12. Hierarchical Identity-Based Identification Schemes
Ji-Jian Chin, Swee-Huay Heng, Bok-Min Goi

13. The Trend of the Security Research for the Insider Cyber Threat
Jaeseung Hong, Jongwung Kim, Jeonghun Cho

14. MIMO Wiretap Channel: A Scalar Approach
Mohammad Rakibul Islam, Jinsang Kim

15. Security Testing for Operating System and Its System Calls
Gaoshou Zhai, Hanhui Niu, Na Yang, Minli Tian, Chengyu Liu, Hengsheng Yang

16. Efficient Group Signature with Forward Secure Revocation
Haimin Jin, Duncan S. Wong, Yinlong Xu

17. Detecting Distributed Denial of Service Attack Based on Multi-feature Fusion
Jieren Cheng, Jianping Yin, Yun Liu, Zhiping Cai, Chengkun Wu

18. Researching on Cryptographic Algorithm Recognition Based on Static Characteristic-Code
Tie-Ming Liu, Lie-hui Jiang, Hong-qi He, Ji-zhong Li, Xian Yu

19. Verification of Security-Relevant Behavior Model and Security Policy for Model-Carrying Code
Yonglong Wei, Xiaojuan Zheng, Jinglei Ren, Xudong Zheng, Chen Sun, Zhenhao Li

20. Feature Level Fusion of Biometrics Cues: Human Identification with Doddington’s Caricature
Dakshina Ranjan Kisku, Phalguni Gupta, Jamuna Kanta Sing

21. A Study on the Interworking for SIP-Based Secure VoIP Communication with Security Protocols in the Heterogeneous Network
Seokung Yoon, Hyuncheol Jung, Kyung-Seok Lee

22. DDoS Attack Detection Using Three-State Partition Based on Flow Interaction
Jieren Cheng, Boyun Zhang, Jianping Yin, Yun Liu, Zhiping Cai

23. A Development of Finite State Machine Create Tool for Cryptography Module Validation
Jae-goo Jeong, Seung-yong Hur, Gang-Soo Lee

24. A Privacy-Aware System Using Threat-Based Evaluation and Feedback Method in Untrusted Ubiquitous Environments
Yuan Tian, Biao Song, Eui-Nam Huh

25. Fusion of Multiple Matchers Using SVM for Offline Signature Identification
Dakshina Ranjan Kisku, Phalguni Gupta, Jamuna Kanta Sing

26. A Two-Factor Mutual Authentication Scheme Using Biometrics and Smart Card
Sheikh Ziauddin

27. Secure Collection Tree Protocol for Tamper-Resistant Wireless Sensors
Peter Pecho, Jan Nagy, Petr Hanáček, Martin Drahanský

28. Accelerometer Based Digital Video Stabilization for Security Surveillance Systems
Martin Drahanský, Filip Orság, Petr Hanáček

29. Escrowed Deniable Identification Schemes
Pairat Thorncharoensri, Qiong Huang, Willy Susilo, Man Ho Au, Yi Mu, Duncan Wong

30. Insights into Malware Detection and Prevention on Mobile Phones
Qiang Yan, Yingjiu Li, Tieyan Li, Robert Deng

31. Automation of Post-exploitation
Mohammad Tabatabai Irani, Edgar R. Weippl

32. Speaker Dependent Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients
Filip Orság

33. Towards the Detection of Encrypted BitTorrent Traffic through Deep Packet Inspection
David A. Carvalho, Manuela Pereira, Mário M. Freire

34. A Simple Encryption Scheme for Binary Elliptic Curves
Brian King

35. Analysis of Text Complexity in a Crypto System – A Case Study on Telugu
M. S. V. S. Bhadri Raju, B. Vishnu Vardhan, G. A. Naidu, L. Pratap Reddy, A. Vinaya Babu

36. Symmetric-Key Encryption for Wireless Internet SCADA
Rosslin John Robles, Min-Kyu Choi

37. An Efficient Pre-filtering Mechanism for Parallel Intrusion Detection Based on Many-Core GPU
Chengkun Wu, Jianping Yin, Zhiping Cai, En Zhu, Jieren Cheng

Keywords: Computer Science, Data Encryption, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Coding and Information Theory, Computer Communication Networks, Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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