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Handbook of Environmental Isotope Geochemistry

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Table of contents

1. “Environmental Isotope Geochemistry”: Past, Present and Future
Mark Baskaran

2. An Overview of Isotope Geochemistry in Environmental Studies
D. Porcelli, M. Baskaran

3. Humans and Isotopes: Impacts and Tracers of Human Interactions with the Environment
Karl K. Turekian

4. Lithium Isotopes as Tracers in Marine and Terrestrial Environments
K. W. Burton, N. Vigier

5. Meteoric 7Be and 10Be as Process Tracers in the Environment
James M. Kaste, Mark Baskaran

6. Silicon Isotopes as Tracers of Terrestrial Processes
B. Reynolds

7. Calcium Isotopes as Tracers of Biogeochemical Processes
Laura C. Nielsen, Jennifer L. Druhan, Wenbo Yang, Shaun T. Brown, Donald J. DePaolo

8. Natural and Anthropogenic Cd Isotope Variations
M. Rehkämper, F. Wombacher, T. J. Horner, Z. Xue

9. Stable Isotopes of Cr and Se as Tracers of Redox Processes in Earth Surface Environments
Thomas M. Johnson

10. Stable Isotopes of Transition and Post-Transition Metals as Tracers in Environmental Studies
Thomas D. Bullen

11. Applications of Osmium and Iridium as Biogeochemical Tracers in the Environment
Mukul Sharma

12. Applications of Stable Mercury Isotopes to Biogeochemistry
Joel D. Blum

13. Thallium Isotopes and Their Application to Problems in Earth and Environmental Science
Sune G. Nielsen, Mark Rehkämper

14. Po-210 in the Environment: Biogeochemical Cycling and Bioavailability
Guebuem Kim, Tae-Hoon Kim, Thomas M. Church

15. Applications of Groundwater Helium
J. T. Kulongoski, D. R. Hilton

16. Applications of Short-Lived Radionuclides (7Be, 210Pb, 210Po, 137Cs and 234Th) to Trace the Sources, Transport Pathways and Deposition of Particles/Sediments in Rivers, Estuaries and Coasts
J. Z. Du, J. Zhang, M. Baskaran

17. Radium Isotope Tracers to Evaluate Coastal Ocean Mixing and Residence Times
L. Zhang, J. Zhang, P. W. Swarzenski, Z. Liu

18. Natural Radium and Radon Tracers to Quantify Water Exchange and Movement in Reservoirs
C. G. Smith, P. W. Swarzenski, N. T. Dimova, J. Zhang

19. Applications of Anthropogenic Radionuclides as Tracers to Investigate Marine Environmental Processes
G.-H. Hong, T. F. Hamilton, M. Baskaran, T. C. Kenna

20. Applications of Transuranics as Tracers and Chronometers in the Environment
Michael E. Ketterer, Jian Zheng, Masatoshi Yamada

21. Tracing the Sources and Biogeochemical Cycling of Phosphorus in Aquatic Systems Using Isotopes of Oxygen in Phosphate
Adina Paytan, Karen McLaughlin

22. Isotopic Tracing of Perchlorate in the Environment
Neil C. Sturchio, John Karl Böhlke, Baohua Gu, Paul B. Hatzinger, W. Andrew Jackson

23. The Isotopomers of Nitrous Oxide: Analytical Considerations and Application to Resolution of Microbial Production Pathways
Nathaniel E. Ostrom, Peggy H. Ostrom

24. Using Cosmogenic Radionuclides for the Determination of Effective Surface Exposure Age and Time-Averaged Erosion Rates
D. Lal

25. Measuring Soil Erosion Rates Using Natural (7Be, 210Pb) and Anthropogenic (137Cs, 239,240Pu) Radionuclides
Gerald Matisoff, Peter J. Whiting

26. Sr and Nd Isotopes as Tracers of Chemical and Physical Erosion
Gyana Ranjan Tripathy, Sunil Kumar Singh, S. Krishnaswami

27. Constraining Rates of Chemical and Physical Erosion Using U-Series Radionuclides
Nathalie Vigier, Bernard Bourdon

28. Applications of Cosmogenic Isotopes as Atmospheric Tracers
D. Lal, M. Baskaran

29. Uranium, Thorium and Anthropogenic Radionuclides as Atmospheric Tracers
K. Hirose

30. Oxygen Isotope Dynamics of Atmospheric Nitrate and Its Precursor Molecules
Greg Michalski, S. K. Bhattacharya, David F. Mase

31. Applications of Stable Isotopes in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Environmental Forensics
R. Paul Philp, Guillermo Lo Monaco

32. Utility of Stable Isotopes of Hydrogen and Carbon as Tracers of POPs and Related Polyhalogenated Compounds in the Environment
W. Vetter

33. Light-Element Isotopes (H, C, N, and O) as Tracers of Human Diet: A Case Study on Fast Food Meals
Lesley A. Chesson, James R. Ehleringer, Thure E. Cerling

34. Stable Isotopes of Carbon and Nitrogen as Tracers for Paleo-Diet Reconstruction
H. P. Schwarcz, M. J. Schoeninger

35. Applications of Sr Isotopes in Archaeology
N. M. Slovak, A. Paytan

36. Sources of Lead and Its Mobility in the Human Body Inferred from Lead Isotopes
Brian L. Gulson

37. Dating of Biogenic and Inorganic Carbonates Using 210Pb-226Ra Disequilibrium Method: A Review
Mark Baskaran

38. Isotope Dendroclimatology: A Review with a Special Emphasis on Tropics
S. R. Managave, R. Ramesh

39. The N, O, S Isotopes of Oxy-Anions in Ice Cores and Polar Environments
Joël Savarino, Samuel Morin

40. Stable Isotopes of N and Ar as Tracers to Retrieve Past Air Temperature from Air Trapped in Ice Cores
A. Landais

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Physical Geography, Analytical Chemistry

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Advances in Isotope Geochemistry
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21 pages
Natural Sciences

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