Lacroix, Claudine

Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism

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Table of contents

1. Geometrically Frustrated Antiferromagnets: Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics
John T. Chalker

2. Introduction to Quantum Spin Liquids
Claire Lhuillier, Grégoire Misguich

3. Neutron Scattering and Highly Frustrated Magnetism
Steven T. Bramwell

4. NMR and µSR in Highly Frustrated Magnets
Pietro Carretta, Amit Keren

5. Optical Techniques for Systems with Competing Interactions
Joachim Deisenhofer, Peter Lemmens

6. The Geometries of Triangular Magnetic Lattices
Robert J. Cava, Katharine L. Holman, Tyrel McQueen, Eric J. Welsh, D. Vincent West, Anthony J. Williams

7. Highly Frustrated Magnetism in Spinels
Hidenori Takagi, Seiji Niitaka

8. Experimental Studies of Pyrochlore Antiferromagnets
Bruce D. Gaulin, Jason S. Gardner

9. Kagomé Antiferromagnets: Materials Vs. Spin Liquid Behaviors
Philippe Mendels, Andrew S. Wills

10. Magnetization Plateaus
Masashi Takigawa, Frédéric Mila

11. Spin-Lattice Coupling in Frustrated Antiferromagnets
Oleg Tchernyshyov, Gia-Wei Chern

12. Spin Ice
Michel J. P. Gingras

13. Spin Nematic Phases in Quantum Spin Systems
Karlo Penc, Andreas M. Läuchli

14. Schwinger Bosons Approaches to Quantum Antiferromagnetism
Assa Auerbach, Daniel P. Arovas

15. Variational Wave Functions for Frustrated Magnetic Models
Federico Becca, Luca Capriotti, Alberto Parola, Sandro Sorella

16. Quantum Spin Liquids and Fractionalization
Grégoire Misguich

17. Quantum Dimer Models
Roderich Moessner, Kumar S. Raman

18. Numerical Simulations of Frustrated Systems
Andreas M. Läuchli

19. Exact Results in Frustrated Quantum Magnetism
Shin Miyahara

20. Strong-Coupling Expansion and Effective Hamiltonians
Frédéric Mila, Kai Phillip Schmidt

21. Mobile Holes in Frustrated Quantum Magnets and Itinerant Fermions on Frustrated Geometries
Didier Poilblanc, Hirokazu Tsunetsugu

22. Metallic and Superconducting Materials with Frustrated Lattices
Zenji Hiroi, Masao Ogata

23. Frustration in Systems with Orbital Degrees of Freedom
Jeroen Brink, Zohar Nussinov, Andrzej M. Oleś

Keywords: Physics, Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, Structural Materials, Engineering, general

Publication year
Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences
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26 pages
Natural Sciences

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