Chung, Kyo-il

Database Theory and Application

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Table of contents

1. Steganalysis for Reversible Data Hiding
Ho Thi Huong Thom, Ho Canh, Trinh Nhat Tien

2. An Incremental View Maintenance Approach Using Version Store in Warehousing Environment
AbdulAziz S. Almazyad, Mohammad Khubeb Siddiqui, Yasir Ahmad, Zafar Iqbal Khan

3. The Study of Synchronization Framework among Multi-datasets
Dongjin Yu, Wanqing Li

4. Clustering News Articles in NewsPage.com Using NTSO
Taeho Jo

5. Categorizing News Articles Using NTC without Decomposition
Taeho Jo

6. A Comparative Analysis of XML Schema Languages
Muhammad Shahid Ansari, Noman Zahid, Kyung-Goo Doh

7. Mining Approximate Frequent Itemsets over Data Streams Using Window Sliding Techniques
Younghee Kim, Eunkyoung Park, Ungmo Kim

8. Preserving Referential Integrity Constraints in XML Data Transformation
Md. Sumon Shahriar, Jixue Liu

9. Know-Ont: Engineering a Knowledge Ontology for an Enterprise
Harshit Kumar, Pil Seong Park

10. Transformation of Data with Constraints for Integration: An Information System Approach
Md. Sumon Shahriar, Jixue Liu

11. Comparative Analysis of XLMiner and Weka for Association Rule Mining and Clustering
A. M. Khattak, A. M. Khan, Tahir Rasheed, Sungyoung Lee, Young-Koo Lee

12. Infobright for Analyzing Social Sciences Data
Julia Ann Johnson, Genevieve Marie Johnson

13. Enhanced Statistics for Element-Centered XML Summaries
José Aguiar Moraes Filho, Theo Härder, Caetano Sauer

14. Algorithm for Enumerating All Maximal Frequent Tree Patterns among Words in Tree-Structured Documents and Its Application
Tomoyuki Uchida, Kayo Kawamoto

15. A Method for Learning Bayesian Networks by Using Immune Binary Particle Swarm Optimization
Xiao-Lin Li, Xiang-Dong He, Chuan-Ming Chen

16. A Semantics-Preserving Approach for Extracting OWL Ontologies from UML Class Diagrams
Zhuoming Xu, Yuyan Ni, Lili Lin, Huajian Gu

17. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence: Benchmark Project for the Platform Selection
Cas Apanowicz

18. Automatic Extraction of Decision Rules from Non-deterministic Data Systems: Theoretical Foundations and SQL-Based Implementation
Dominik Ślęzak, Hiroshi Sakai

19. Soft Set Approach for Maximal Association Rules Mining
Tutut Herawan, Iwan Tri Riyadi Yanto, Mustafa Mat Deris

20. Soft Set Theoretic Approach for Dimensionality Reduction
Tutut Herawan, Ahmad Nazari Mohd. Rose, Mustafa Mat Deris

21. Rough Set Approach for Categorical Data Clustering
Tutut Herawan, Iwan Tri Riyadi Yanto, Mustafa Mat Deris

Keywords: Computer Science, Database Management, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Information Storage and Retrieval, Information Systems and Communication Service, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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