Gu, Junzhong

Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Gu, Junzhong - Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Blind Image Wavelet-Based Watermarking Using Interval Arithmetic
Teruya Minamoto, Kentaro Aoki, Mitsuaki Yoshihara

2. Hand Gesture Spotting Based on 3D Dynamic Features Using Hidden Markov Models
Mahmoud Elmezain, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Bernd Michaelis

3. Objective Quality Evaluation of Laser Markings for Assembly Control
Jost Schnee, Norbert Bachfischer, Dirk Berndt, Matthias Hübner, Christian Teutsch

4. An Improved Object Detection and Contour Tracking Algorithm Based on Local Curvature
Jung-Ho Lee, Fang Hua, Jong Whan Jang

5. An Efficient Method for Noisy Cell Image Segmentation Using Generalized α-Entropy
Samy Sadek, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Bernd Michaelis, Usama Sayed

6. An Algorithm for Moving Multi-target Prediction in a Celestial Background
Lu Zhang, Bingliang Hu, Yun Li, Weiwei Yu

7. Automatic Control Signal Generation of a CCD Camera for Object Tracking
Jin-Tae Kim, Yong-In Yun, Jong-Soo Choi

8. An Efficient Approach for Region-Based Image Classification and Retrieval
Samy Sadek, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Bernd Michaelis, Usama Sayed

9. An Improved Design for Digital Audio Effect of Flanging
Jianping Chen, Xiaodong Ji, Xiang Gu, Jinjie Zhou

10. Robust Speech Enhancement Using Two-Stage Filtered Minima Controlled Recursive Averaging
Negar Ghourchian, Sid-Ahmed Selouani, Douglas O’Shaughnessy

11. Automatic Colon Cleansing in CTC Image Using Gradient Magnitude and Similarity Measure
Krisorn Chunhapongpipat, Laddawan Vajragupta, Bundit Chaopathomkul, Nagul Cooharojananone, Rajalida Lipikorn

12. A Scale and Rotation Invariant Interest Points Detector Based on Gabor Filters
Wanying Xu, Xinsheng Huang, Yongbin Zheng, Yuzhuang Yan, Wei Zhang

13. Signature Verification Based on Handwritten Text Recognition
Serestina Viriri, Jules-R. Tapamo

14. Effect of Image Linearization on Normalized Compression Distance
Jonathan Mortensen, Jia Jie Wu, Jacob Furst, John Rogers, Daniela Raicu

15. A Comparative Study of Blind Speech Separation Using Subspace Methods and Higher Order Statistics
Yasmina Benabderrahmane, Sid Ahmed Selouani, Douglas O’Shaughnessy, Habib Hamam

16. Automatic Fatigue Detection of Drivers through Yawning Analysis
Tayyaba Azim, M. Arfan Jaffar, M. Ramzan, Anwar M. Mirza

17. GA-SVM Based Lungs Nodule Detection and Classification
M. Arfan Jaffar, Ayyaz Hussain, Fauzia Jabeen, M. Nazir, Anwar M. Mirza

18. Link Shifting Based Pyramid Segmentation for Elongated Regions
Milos Stojmenovic, Andres Solis Montero, Amiya Nayak

19. A Robust Algorithm for Fruit-Sorting under Variable Illumination
Janakiraman L. Kausik, Gopal Aravamudhan

20. Selection of Accurate and Robust Classification Model for Binary Classification Problems
Muhammad A. Khan, Zahoor Jan, M. Ishtiaq, M. Asif Khan, Anwar M. Mirza

21. Robust Edge-Enhanced Fragment Based Normalized Correlation Tracking in Cluttered and Occluded Imagery
Muhammad Imran Khan, Javed Ahmed, Ahmad Ali, Asif Masood

22. Robust and Imperceptible Watermarking of Video Streams for Low Power Devices
Muhammad Ishtiaq, M. Arfan Jaffar, Muhammad A. Khan, Zahoor Jan, Anwar M. Mirza

23. A New Ensemble Scheme for Predicting Human Proteins Subcellular Locations
Abdul Majid, Tae-Sun Choi

24. Designing Linear Phase FIR Filters with Particle Swarm Optimization and Harmony Search
Abdolreza Shirvani, Kaveh Khezri, Farbod Razzazi, Caro Lucas

25. Blind Image Steganalysis Based on Local Information and Human Visual System
Soodeh Bakhshandeh, Javad Ravan Jamjah, Bahram Zahir Azami

26. An Effective Combination of MPP Contour-Based Features for Off-Line Text-Independent Arabic Writer Identification
Mohamed Nidhal Abdi, Maher Khemakhem, Hanene Ben-Abdallah

27. Ringing Artifact Removal in Digital Restored Images Using Multi-Resolution Edge Map
Sangjin Kim, Sinyoung Jun, Eunsung Lee, Jeongho Shin, Joonki Paik

28. Upmixing Stereo Audio into 5.1 Channel Audio for Improving Audio Realism
Chan Jun Chun, Yong Guk Kim, Jong Yeol Yang, Hong Kook Kim

29. Multiway Filtering Based on Multilinear Algebra Tools
Salah Bourennane, Caroline Fossati

30. LaMOC – A Location Aware Mobile Cooperative System
Junzhong Gu, Liang He, Jing Yang

31. Modelling of Camera Phone Capture Channel for JPEG Colour Barcode Images
Keng T. Tan, Siong Khai Ong, Douglas Chai

32. Semantic Network Adaptation Based on QoS Pattern Recognition for Multimedia Streams
Ernesto Exposito, Mathieu Gineste, Myriam Lamolle, Jorge Gomez

33. Active Shape Model-Based Gait Recognition Using Infrared Images
Daehee Kim, Seungwon Lee, Joonki Paik

34. About Classification Methods Based on Tensor Modelling for Hyperspectral Images
Salah Bourennane, Caroline Fossati

35. Comparative Analysis of Wavelet-Based Scale-Invariant Feature Extraction Using Different Wavelet Bases
Joohyun Lim, Youngouk Kim, Joonki Paik

36. A Novel Video Segmentation Algorithm with Shadow Cancellation and Adaptive Threshold Techniques
C. P. Yasira Beevi, S. Natarajan

37. Considerations of Image Compression Scheme Hiding a Part of Coded Data into Own Image Coded Data
Hideo Kuroda, Makoto Fujimura, Kazumasa Hamano

38. Binarising SIFT-Descriptors to Reduce the Curse of Dimensionality in Histogram-Based Object Recognition
Martin Stommel, Otthein Herzog

Keywords: Computer Science, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Fourier Analysis, Information and Communication, Circuits, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Data Structures

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