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Silicon Photonics III

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Table of contents

1. Silicon Optical Interposers for High-Density Optical Interconnects
Yutaka Urino, Takahiro Nakamura, Yasuhiko Arakawa

2. Silicon Quantum Photonics
Damien Bonneau, Joshua W. Silverstone, Mark G. Thompson

3. Athermal Silicon Photonics
Jong-Moo Lee

4. Design Flow Automation for Silicon Photonics: Challenges, Collaboration, and Standardization
Mitchell Heins, Chris Cone, John Ferguson, Ruping Cao, James Pond, Jackson Klein, Twan Korthorst, Arjen Bakker, Remco Stoffer, Martin Fiers, Amit Khanna, Wim Bogaerts, Pieter Dumon, Kevin Nesmith

5. Hardware–Software Integrated Silicon Photonics for Computing Systems
David M. Calhoun, Qi Li, Dessislava Nikolova, Christine P. Chen, Ke Wen, Sébastien Rumley, Keren Bergman

6. Path to Silicon Photonics Commercialization: The Foundry Model Discussion
Andy Eu-Jin Lim, Tsung-Yang Liow, Jun-Feng Song, Ming-Bin Yu, Chao Li, Xiao-Guang Tu, Kok-Kiong Chen, Roger Poh-Cher Tern, Ying Huang, Xian-Shu Luo, Guo-Qiang Lo

7. Packaging of Silicon Photonic Devices
Peter O’Brien, Lee Carrol, Cormac Eason, Jun Su Lee

8. Silicon Photonics Packaging Automation: Problems, Challenges, and Considerations
Giovan Battista Preve

9. CMOS Cost–Volume Paradigm and Silicon Photonics Production
Amit Khanna, Dieter Bode, Carl Das, Philippe Absil, Steve Beckers

10. Silicon Photonics Research and Manufacturing Using a 300-mm Wafer Platform
Frédéric Bœuf, Jean Francois Carpentier, Charles Baudot, Patrick Maitre, Jean-Robert Manouvrier

11. Silicon Photonics-Based Signal Processing for Microwave Photonic Frontends
Minghua Chen, Hongchen Yu, Jingjing Wang

12. Advanced Silicon Photonics Transceivers
Attila Mekis, Thierry Pinguet, Gianlorenzo Masini, Subal Sahni, Michael Mack, Steffen Gloeckner, Peter Dobbelaere

13. Optical Transceivers Using Heterogeneous Integration on Silicon
Gregory A. Fish, Daniel K. Sparacin

14. Merits and Potential Impact of Silicon Photonics
Po Dong, Guang-Hua Duan, Young-Kai Chen, David T. Neilson

15. Silicon Photonics for Telecom and Datacom Applications
Francesco Testa, Alberto Bianchi, Stefano Stracca, Roberto Sabella

16. Is Silicon Photonics a Competitive Technology to Enable Better and Highly Performing Networks?
Kensuke Ogawa, Kenji Nishide

17. Silicon Photonics Technologies: Gaps Analysis for Datacenter Interconnects
Ryohei Urata, Hong Liu, Lieven Verslegers, Chris Johnson

18. VLSI Photonics for High-Performance Data Centers
Di Liang, Marco Fiorentino, Raymond G. Beausoleil

Keywords: Physics, Optics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Optical Devices, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Optical and Electronic Materials

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Topics in Applied Physics
Page amount
23 pages
Natural Sciences
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