Cao, Jian-Nong

Scalable Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. A Fully Data-Driven Reconfigurable Architecture with Very Coarse-Grained Execution Units
Yuzhong Jiao, Xin’an Wang, Xuewen Ni

2. Identify Intimate Social Relationship in Blogsphere
Li Han, SongXiang Cen, Jian Ma, Yan Ma

3. Local vs. Global Scalability in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
András Faragó

4. Measuring IP Address Fragmentation from BGP Routing Dynamics
Xia Yin, Xin Wu, Zhiliang Wang

5. On Improving Network Locality in BitTorrent-Like Systems
Yun-Chiu Ching, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Kuan-Ching Li

6. Parallel File Transfer for Grid Economic
Chia-Wei Chu, Ching-Hsien Hsu, His-Ya Chang, Shuen-Tai Wang, Kuan-Ching Li

7. Performance Evaluation of Identity and Access Management Systems in Federated Environments
Frank Schell, Jochen Dinger, Hannes Hartenstein

8. Power Consumption Optimization of MPI Programs on Multi-core Clusters
Yen-Jun Chen, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Kuan-Ching Li, Hsi-Ya Chang, Shuen-Tai Wang

9. Scalable Workload Adaptation for Mixed Workload
Baoning Niu, Jian Shi

10. Tuning Performance of P2P Mesh Streaming System Using a Network Evolution Approach
Rui Wang, Depei Qian, Danfeng Zhu, Qinglin Zhu, Zhongzhi Luan

11. HVS-Based Imperceptibility Evaluation for Steganography
Ma Xiu-ying, Lin Jia-jun

12. Hasten Dynamic Frame Slotted ALOHA Algorithm for Fast Identification in RFID System
Siti M. Wasikon, Mustafa M. Deris

13. A Lightweight Mechanism to Mitigate Application Layer DDoS Attacks
Jie Yu, Chengfang Fang, Liming Lu, Zhoujun Li

14. A Multidimensional Mapping Mechanism Based Secure Routing Method for DHT
Zhixin Sun, Kai Bu, Ke Ding

15. A Practical OpenMP Implementation of Bit-Reversal for Fast Fourier Transform
Tien-Hsiung Weng, Sheng-Wei Huang, Ruey-Kuen Perng, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Kuan-Ching Li

16. A Scalable, Vulnerability Modeling and Correlating Method for Network Security
Xuejiao Liu, Debao Xiao, Nian Ma, Jie Yu

17. A Self-adaptive Fault-Tolerant Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks
Wei Xiao, Ming Xu, Yingwen Chen

18. CAWA: Continuous Approximate Where-About Queries
Alexander Aved, Kien A. Hua, Antoniya Petkova

19. Chemical Compounds with Path Frequency Using Multi-Core Technology
Kun-Ming Yu, Yi-Yan Chang, Jiayi Zhou, Chun-Yuan Huang, Whei-meih Chang, Chun-Yuan Lin, Chuan Yi Tang

20. Distance Dimension Reduction on QR Factorization for Efficient Clustering Semantic XML Document Using the QR Fuzzy C-Mean (QR-FCM)
Hsu-Kuang Chang, I-Chang Jou

21. Efficient Top-k Query Algorithms Using K-Skyband Partition
Zhenqiang Gong, Guang-Zhong Sun, Jing Yuan, Yanjing Zhong

22. Using Multi-threading and Server Update Pushing to Improve the Performance of VNC for a Wall-Sized Tiled Display Wall
Yong Liu, John Markus Bjørndalen, Otto J. Anshus

Keywords: Computer Science, System Performance and Evaluation, Performance and Reliability, Processor Architectures, Computer System Implementation, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Software Engineering

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