Huang, George Q.

Proceedings of the 6th CIRP-Sponsored International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology

Huang, George Q. - Proceedings of the 6th CIRP-Sponsored International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Product Design

1. A System of Rapid Process Planning for Machine Features
Zhang Fen, Yan XiaoGuang, Chen Zhuoning, Yu Zhangyong

2. 3D-Model-Based Integrated Capp System for Aircraft Structural Parts
Xu Jianxin, Zhou Jingtao, Li Jianfeng, Dong Siyang

3. Assembly Path Planning Method Based on Lightweight Model
Junhao Geng, Xiaoliang Jia, Xitian Tian, Zhouyang Li

4. Step Standardized Product Data Representation and Exchange for Optimized Product Development and Automated Process Planning
Tobias Teich, Jörg Militzer, Franziska Jahn, Tim Neumann, Daniel Kretz

5. Study of Subdivision Surface Modelling for Spiral Bevel Gear Manufacturing
Yuan Xing, Shengfeng Qin, Taiyong Wang

6. Two Approaches for the Design of Molded Interconnect Devices (3D-MID)
Christian Fischer, Jörg Franke, Klaus Feldmann

7. Product Performance Simulation with Geometric Deviations throughout Its Life Cycle
Dinh Son Nguyen, Frédéric Vignat, Daniel Brissaud

8. Heterogeneous Material-Based Product Modelling
W. D. Li, S. H. Ding, K. Popplewell

9. A Haptic Method for Conceptual Design of Multi-material Product
Yonghua Chen, Yongxiao Fu

10. Computer-Aided Green Product Design Based on Product Structure Variation
Chih-Hsing Chu, Yuan-Ping Luh

11. The Study of Braking Performance of Automobile ABS Based on Fuzzy Control Algorithm
Cheng Jianming, Li Min, Feng Kaige, Zhan Yu

12. Research on the Real Time Transmission of Accurate CAD Model in Collaborative CAD
Yongxian Liu, Qi Wang, Jinfu Zhao

13. Requirements Driven Knowledge System Design for Product Development
Pengcheng Zhang, James Gao

14. Functional Reverse Engineering for Re-creation Design
Dunbing Tang, Renmiao Zhu, Xuling Chen, Tiegang Zang, Ronghua Xu

15. Fractal Organization for Product Development Robotics Industry
Seungjin Oh, Jungtae Mun, Mooyoung Jung

16. Product Quality from the Customers’ Perspective – Systematic Elicitation and Deployment of Perceived Quality Information
Björn Falk, Bastian Quattelbaum, Robert Schmitt

17. Quality Planning Based on Risk Assessment
Wei Dai, Paul G. Maropoulos, Xiaoqing Tang, Dehong Huo, Bin Cai

18. Development of Key Technologies in a Case-Based Knowledge System for Fixture Design
Yingguang Li, Jianbang Jian

19. Knowledge Management in Reverse Engineering Integrated System Based on Multi-agent
Sun Chunhua, Du Jianhong, Chen Xuefang, Shang Guangqing

20. Two-Stage Product Platform Development for Mass Customization
T. Qu, S. Bin, George Q. Huang, H. D. Yang

21. Lifecycle Oriented Information Model to Support the Production Driven Product Validation
Stilian Stanev, Waldemar Walla, Ramez Awad, Vitalis Bittel, Jivka Ovtcharova

22. Life Cycle Commonality: As a Systematic Approach to Achieve Product Design for Sustainability
Wenyuan Wang, Mitchell M. Tseng

23. Application Research on Multi-agent Distributed Technology in Instrument Products Collaborative Design System
Qing-Wei Dong, Wei Ma, Ji-Shun Li, Yu-Jun Xue, Xian-Zhao Jia

24. A New Methodology for Modeling and Controlling Design Processes
Pingyu Jiang, Qiqi Zhu

25. A Web-Based Collaborative Design Tool for Micro Manufacture
Xiaojun Dai, W. D. Li

26. Deployment Methodology of Distributed PLM Platform Architecture
Yuan-Ping Luh, Chih-Chin Pan, Chih-Hsing Chu

27. An Extended-Enterprise Digital Data Library for Through-Life Cost Estimation in Innovative Product Development
Wai M. Cheung, Antony R. Mileham, Linda B. Newnes, Robert Marsh, John D. Lanham

28. Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method of the Importance Ratings of Customers’ Requirements
Chenguang Guo, Yongxian Liu, Peng Tian, Shouming Hou

29. Study of Process Parameter Optimal Deployment Workflow in Product Development
Min Li, Kaihu Hou, Jianming Cheng, Xiansheng Qin

30. A Study of Cross-Functional Teams in the New Product Development Process
R. C. P. Chung, S. L. Chan, W. H. Ip

II. Manufacturing

31. Generic Feed-Rate Optimization Based on a Predicted Power Force Model
Firman Ridwan, Xun W. Xu, Guangyu Liu

32. CAx Framework for Planning Five-Axis Milling Processes
Christian Brecher, Wolfram Lohse, Mirco Vitr

33. An Approach to Identify RFID Application Potentials and to Implement Smart Tools
Markus Faltin, Jan C. Aurich, Felipe A. Gómez Kempf

34. STEP-NC Based Manufacturability Evaluation
Jun Wang, Qilin Shu

35. Data Mining for CNC Machine Adjustment Decision in Hard Disk Drive Arm Manufacturing: Empirical Study
Pongsak Holimchayachotikul, Wimalin Laosiritaworn

36. Development of Automated Universal Postprocessor for Non-orthogonal Multi-axis Machine Tools with Modified D-H Notation
Rong-Shean Lee, Yan-Hong Lin, Li-An Kuo

37. A Virtual Manufacturing Approach for Integrating Fixture Design with Process Planning
Ali Keyvani, Fredrik Danielsson

38. Rapid Interaction Specification in DHM-Included VE to Support Virtual Design Ergonomic Evaluation
Tien-Lung Sun, Pei-Yuan Chung, Pei-Shan Lee

39. The Framework of the Virtual Laser Tracker – A Systematic Approach to the Assessment of Error sources and Uncertainty in Laser Tracker Measurement
Dehong Huo, Paul G. Maropoulos, Chun Hung Cheng

40. Virtual Prototype of the Tunnel Boring Machine and Movement Simulation in DIVISION MOCKUP2000i2
Lun Li, Jishun Li, Wei Ma, Yujun Xue, Yonggang Liu

41. Multibody Dynamics Modeling of Friction Winder Systems Using Absolute Nodal Coordination Formulation
Liu Yi, Li Ji-Shun, Chen Guo-Ding, Xue Yu-Jun, Duan Ming-De

42. Co-ordinated Tool Maintenance and Production Planning and Control for an Integrated Production Management in a Process Chain for Precision Forging
A. Selaouti, S. Baumgarten, R. Nickel

43. Developing Overall Equipment Cost Loss Indicator
Ratapol Wudhikarn, Chanont Smithikul, Wapee Manopiniwes

44. An Expert System for Selecting Accessories for Lean Machine Tools
R. K. Singh, A. Tiwari, M. S. Kulkarni, P. V. M. Rao

45. Simulation Modelling of the Deflagration Behaviour
Ariel Lazaro, Qingjin Peng

46. Effect of Different Textured Surfaces on Lubricating Characteristics of Area Contact Friction Pairs
Liu Hongbin, Li Lun, Xue Yujun, Li JiShun, Ma Wei

47. Verification of the Indoor GPS System by Comparison with Points Calibrated Using a Network of Laser Tracker Measurements
J. E. Muelaner, Z. Wang, J. Jamshidi, P. G. Maropoulos

48. High Accuracy Mobile Robot Positioning Using an External Large Volume Metrology Instrument
Zheng Wang, Min Liang, Paul G. Maropoulos

49. Mesh Searching Algorithm for Evaluating Cylindricity Error
Lei Xianqing, Li Jishun, Xue Yujun, Ma Wei, Duan Mingde

50. A Quantitative Strategy for Tool Wear Monitoring in Turning
X. H. Shi, H. Shao, Jishun Li

51. Computer-Aided of Bending Progressive Die Design Using Fuzzy Set Theory
Vahid Abedini, Mohsen Shakeri, Behroz Arezoo

52. The Effect of an Attached Spring on Eigenfrequency of Step Beam
E. M. Elnagi, Qibai Huang, J. L. Wang

53. Trends in Manufacturing Execution Systems
Olaf Sauer

54. Studies on a New Incremental Sheet Metal Forming Process: Using Geometric, Fem and Experiments
Y. X. Luo, K. He, R. Du

55. Production Monitoring and Control Systems within the Digital Factory
Miriam Schleipen, Olaf Sauer, Nicole Friess, Lisa Braun, Kamran Shakerian

56. High Resolution Information Management Decentralized and Self Optimizing Manufacturing Control in a Multi Machine Operating Environment
Guenther Schuh, Achim Kampker, Bastian Franzkoch, Till Potente, Sascha Fuchs

57. Development of New Configurable Process-Resource Modelling Unit for Dynamic Manufacturing System Design
Chenghua Ding, Richard Weston

58. Developing an Adaptable Manufacturing Execution System Framework
Huang Gang, Li Jinhang, Yuan Xiaodong

59. Achieving Semiconductor Assembly and Test Manufacturing Excellence via Manufacturing Execution System
Yimeng Liu, Yihua Li, Jin Yao

60. Emplacement and Blue Print – Electronic Module Description Supporting Evolvable Assembly Systems Design, Deployment and Execution
Niko Siltala, Reijo Tuokko

61. Evolvable Systems: An Approach to Self-X Production
Mauro Onori, Daniel T. Semere, Bengt Lindberg

62. Software Tools for the Digital Factory – An Evaluation and Discussion
Danfang Chen, Torsten Kjellberg, Astrid Euler

63. Evolvable Production Systems: Approach towards Modern Production Systems
Pedro Neves, Mauro Onori

64. A Comprehensive Micro-assembly Process Oriented Methodology Supporting the Realisation of Evolvable Micro Production Systems
Andreas Hofmann

65. Evolvable Production Systems: An Integrated View on Recent Developments
Luis Ribeiro, José Barata, Gonçalo Cândido, Mauro Onori

66. A Model for Assessment of Proactivity Potential in Technical Resources
Kerstin Dencker, Åsa Fasth

67. Modelling and Simulation of Dynamically Integrated Manufacturing Systems
D. Z. Zhang, A. I. Anosike

68. A Simulation Approach to Hybrid Flowshop Scheduling Using Dispatching Rules
C. Song, H. Luo, T. Qu, H. L. Lv, George Q. Huang

69. Genetic Approach to Solve Economic Lot-Scheduling Problem
Hing Kai Chan, Sai Ho Chung

70. Integrating Analytic Hierarchy Process and Genetic Algorithm for Aircraft Engine Maintenance Scheduling Problem
Jianrong Wang, Tianbiao Yu, Wanshan Wang

71. An Ant Colony Optimization Model for Parallel Machine Scheduling with Human Resource Constraints
Zhu Qiong, Gu Yichao, Zhang Gong, Zhang Jie, Chen Xuefang

72. A Greedy Dynamic Priority Dispatching Policy for Intrabay in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication System
Lihui Wu, Jie Zhang, Yinbin Sun, Gong Zhang

73. A Novel Collaborative Planning Approach for Digital Manufacturing
Lihui Wang

74. Design of an Information System for Metrology Contents
Carlo Ferri, Jafar Jamshidi, Craig Loftus, Paul Maropoulos

75. Development of a Resource Model within the Scope of Automatic Generation of Replies to Customer Requests
Thomas Gäse, Sebastian Winkler

76. A General Framework of Measurement System Configuration for Large and Complex Components
L. Y. Zheng, F. L. Yang, A. J. Ni

77. Measurement Resource Planning: A Methodology That Uses Quality Characteristics Mapping
Wei Dai, Paul G. Maropoulos, Xiaoqing Tang, Jafar Jamshidi, Bin Cai

78. Large Volume Metrology Process Model: Measurability Analysis with Integration of Metrology Classification Model and Feature-Based Selection Model
Chun Hung Cheng, Dehong Huo, Xi Zhang, Wei Dai, Paul G. Maropoulos

79. Large Volume Metrology Instrument Selection and Measurability Analysis
J. E. Muelaner, B. Cai, P. G. Maropoulos

80. Model-Based Dimensioning of Multistage Processes Regarding Multiple Criteria
Berend Denkena, Helge Henning, Jan Henjes

81. Optimization of Surface Appearance Defect Reduction for Alumina Substrate Using Design of Experiment and Data Mining Technique
Pongsak Holimchayachotikul, Nuanlaor Phanruangrong

82. Mining Process Flowcharts from Business Data: An Evolutionary Approach
Chris J. Turner, Ashutosh Tiwari, Jörn Mehnen

83. Approach for Improved Production Process Planning by the Application of Quality Gates and DRBFM
Robert Schmitt, Carsten Scharrenberg

84. Research on Mass Process-Planning Data Storing and Parallel Accessing in Large-Scale Manufacturing Enterprise
Wang Meng, Dong Yi, Jiang Zhan, Lin Lan-fen

85. Optimizing Part Machining Service Combination Using Simulated Annealing
Huibin Sun

86. A New Index to Evaluate Solutions in the CLONALG Algorithm: Structural Similarity Index
Raja Ram Muddada, Forrest Zhang, M. K. Tiwari, W. J. Zhang

87. The Quality Backward Chain - The Adaptive Controller of Entrepreneurial Quality
Patrick Beaujean, Robert Schmitt

III. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

88. Back to Basic: Managing Supply Chains Collaboration by Continual Improvement in Over-The-Net Operation Meeting
Timothy P. Tsai, Junfang Yu, Jerrell Stracener

89. Modelling of Bio-inspired Manufacturing System
Dunbing Tang, Lei Wang, Wenbin Gu, Weidong Yuan, Dingshan Tang

90. An Uncertainty Theory and Genetic Algorithm-Based Performance Optimization Method for Service-Oriented Enterprise Networks
Sen Zeng, Shuangxi Huang, Zhiwu Chen

91. Service Supply Chain: Nature, Evolution, and Operational Implications
Yong Lin, Yongjiang Shi, Li Zhou

92. Milestone Model Based System Integration Framework for Supporting Collaboration with Enterprises
Jae Yong Baek, Bo Hyun Kim, Dong-Won Kim

93. An Aircraft Tooling e-Manufacturing Architecture Based on Mobile Agents
Yingguang Li, Jianbang Jian, Hai Li

94. A Mixed Integer Programming Approach for Logistic Network Design and Optimization Information and Value Adding Networks
N. Jones, Q. Wang

95. Design of a Transmission Gear Shop Using TOC
Hong-Seok Park, Si-Hwan Mun, Sang-Jong Sin, Gyu-Bong Lee

96. A Novel Design of a Reconfigurable Automated Warehouse
Qian Wang, Richard McIntosh, Antony Mileham

97. Routing for the Milk-Run Pickup System in Automobile Parts Supply
Zuhua Jiang, Yongwen Huang, Jinlian Wang

98. Wireless Devices Enabled Information System Design Poka-Yokes: A Case Study with a Manufacturing Logistics Process
Abraham Zhang

99. Robust Optimization of Supply Chain in the Economic Crisis
Jida Huang, Chenyu Wang, Zhiqiang Qin, Shida Zheng

100. Pricing and Replenishment Decisions in a Continuous Review Inventory System under (r,Q) Policy
Ruoxi Guan, Xiaobo Zhao

101. Analysis and Modelling of Safety Stock Positioning for Product Family Supply Chains
L. Li, L. Schulze

102. An Investigation into the Vertical Coordination in Tourism Supply Chains through Buyback Policy
Xinyan Zhang

103. Component Commonality in Closed-Loop Supply Chain
Jack C. P. Su, Victor Lee

104. A Portfolio Approach to Procurement Risk Management
Y. Shi, L. K. Chu, Shi Ye, Ni Jian

105. Legal Risk Management and Expenses Cost
Huang Zheng, Huang Lixin

106. A Framework for Modeling Efficient Demand Forecasting Using Data Mining in Supply Chain of Food Products Export Industry
Pongsak Holimchayachotikul, Nuanlaor Phanruangrong

107. Aligning New Product Development and Supply Chains: Development of a Theoretical Framework and Analysis of Case Studies
Nizar Abdelkafi, Thorsten Blecker, Margherita Pero

108. Identification of Decision Making Modes towards Green Supply Chain
L. Schulze, L. Li

109. Why Contract Logistics Providers Fail to Act as Demand Chain Leaders
Andreas Rutsch, Christian-Andreas Schumann, Gonpo Tsering, Jörg W. Wolle

110. Modelling Dynamic Bottlenecks in Production Networks
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Katja Windt, Huaxin Liu

IV. Emerging Digital Enterprise Technologies

111. Towards an IT-Framework for Digital Enterprise Integration
M. Grauer, D. Metz, S. S. Karadgi, W. Schäfer, J. W. Reichwald

112. Framework for Extended Digital Manufacturing Systems
Hasse Nylund, Kai Salminen, Paul Andersson

113. Research and Development of Encoding System of Hoisting Machinery Based on PDM
Yanbin Liu, Xiaowei Tong

114. A STEP Compliant Knowledge Based Schema for the Manufacture of Composites in the Aerospace Industry
Anna Valente, Aydin Nassehi, Stephen T. Newman, Tullio A. M. Tolio

115. Identifying Document Metadata Based on Multilayer Clustering
Joris D’hondt, Dennis Vandevenne, Paul-Armand Verhaegen, Joris Vertommen, Dirk Cattrysse, Joost R. Duflou

116. Automate Risk Assessment in Capacity Expansion Project
Deepak Shukla, M. K. Tiwari, W. J. Zhang

117. A Reference Model for Factory Engineering and Design
Carmen Constantinescu, Engelbert Westkämper

118. An Information Model for Process Control on Machine Tools
Sanjeev Kumar, Stephen T. Newman, Aydin Nassehi, Parag Vichare, Manoj K. Tiwari

119. An Effectivity Decision Model for Product Data Management System
Jiun-Yan Shiau, Yuan-Ping Luh, Chih-Chin Pan

120. A Study on Enterprise Technology Innovation Patterns Based on the Product Life Cycle Theory
Qun Wang, Qingqing Hu, Yang Zhang

121. An Affordability Prediction System to Assess Information Availability in Defence Projects
Oyetola O. Bankole, Rajkumar Roy, Essam Shehab, Kalyan Cheruvu

122. Analytical Target Cascading for Optimal Configuration of Production Service Systems
T. Qu, George Q. Huang, Y. F. Zhang, H. D. Yang

123. Knowledge Based Assistance for Conceptual Development of Industrial Product-Service Systems
Tim Sadek, Ralf Theiss

124. System Dynamics Model for Cooperation Factors of Service Coupling in SOA Project
Cheng Lili, Yang Xin, Wang Zhixin

125. Integration of Process FMEA with Product and Process Design Based on Key Characteristics
L. Y. Zheng, Q. Liu, C. A. McMahon

126. An Integrated Modelling Method for Assessment of Manufacturing Quality Systems Applied to Aerospace Manufacturing Supply Chains
Khir Harun, Kai Cheng

127. Agent-Based Smart Objects Management System for Real-Time Wireless Manufacturing
Yingfeng Zhang, George Huang, T. Qu, Oscar Ho

128. RFID-Enabled Real-Time Manufacturing Information Tracking Infrastructure for Extended Enterprises
Yingfeng Zhang, Pingyu Jiang, George Huang, Guanghui Zhou, Liping Zhao

129. Critical Event Processing and Its Regulatory Application
Michael Fang, George Q. Huang, Y. F. Zhang, T. Qu, Q. Y. Dai

130. A RFID-Enabled Real-Time Manufacturing Hardware Platform for Discrete Industry
Q. Y. Dai, R. Y. Zhong, K. Zhou, Z. Y. Jiang

131. Design of RFID-Enabled Container Yard Management System
Yong Liang, Xiao-bo Bai

132. Real-Time Optimal Material Delivery Method for Digital Plant Production
Guanghui Zhou, Pingyu Jiang, Yingfeng Zhang

133. Sustainable Organizational Learning in Group: A Digital Double-Loop System Based on Knowledge Maturity and Performance Assessment
Philippe Rauffet, Michel Labrousse, Catherine Cunha, Alain Bernard

134. Extended Value Chain Modelling and Simulation for Mass Customization Implementation
Joanna Daaboul, Alain Bernard, Florent Laroche

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Operations Research/Decision Theory

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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