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Collaborative Software Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Collaborative Software Engineering: Concepts and Techniques
Jim Whitehead, Ivan Mistrík, John Grundy, André Hoek

2. Global Software Engineering: A Software Process Approach
Ita Richardson, Valentine Casey, John Burton, Fergal McCaffery

3. Requirements-Driven Collaboration: Leveraging the Invisible Relationships between Requirements and People
Daniela Damian, Irwin Kwan, Sabrina Marczak

4. Softwares Product Lines, Global Development and Ecosystems: Collaboration in Software Engineering
Jan Bosch, Petra M. Bosch-Sijtsema

5. Collaboration, Communication and Co-ordination in Agile Software Development Practice
Hugh Robinson, Helen Sharp

6. Applications of Ontologies in Collaborative Software Development
Hans-Jörg Happel, Walid Maalej, Stefan Seedorf

7. Towards and Beyond Being There in Collaborative Software Development
Prasun Dewan

8. Continuous Coordination Tools and their Evaluation
Anita Sarma, Ban Al-Ani, Erik Trainer, Roberto S. Silva Filho, Isabella A. Silva, David Redmiles, André der Hoek

9. The Configuration Management Role in Collaborative Software Engineering
Leonardo Gresta P. Murta, Claudia Maria L. Werner, Jacky Estublier

10. The GRIFFIN Collaborative Virtual Community for Architectural Knowledge Management
Patricia Lago, Rik Farenhorst, Paris Avgeriou, Remco C. Boer, Viktor Clerc, Anton Jansen, Hans Vliet

11. Supporting Expertise Communication in Developer-Centered Collaborative Software Development Environments
Kumiyo Nakakoji, Yunwen Ye, Yasuhiro Yamamoto

12. Distributed and Collaborative Software Analysis
Giacomo Ghezzi, Harald C. Gall

13. Dynamic Analysis of Communication and Collaboration in OSS Projects
Martin Pinzger, Harald C. Gall

14. A Comparison of Commonly Used Processes for Multi-Site Software Development
Alberto Avritzer, Daniel J. Paulish

15. Collaboration Practices and Affordances in Free/Open Source Software Development
Walt Scacchi

16. OUTSHORE Maturity Model: Assistance for Software Offshore Outsourcing Decisions
Juho Mäkiö, Stafanie Betz, Andreas Oberweis

Collaborative Software Architectingcollaborative software architecting
Through Knowledge Sharing
Peng Liang, Anton Jansen, Paris Avgeriou

18. Collaborative Product Line Requirements Engineering Using Rationale
Anil K. Thurimella

19. Collaborative Software Engineering: Challenges and Prospects
Ivan Mistrík, John Grundy, André Hoek, Jim Whitehead

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Management of Computing and Information Systems

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24 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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