Chang, Alan Chin-Chen

Advances in Computational Science and Engineering

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Table of contents

1. A Heuristic Approach for Designing Regional Language Based Raw–Text Extractor and Unicode Font–Mapping Tool
Debnath Bhattacharyya, Poulami Das, Debashis Ganguly, Kheyali Mitra, Swarnendu Mukherjee, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Tai-hoon Kim

2. Aspect-Oriented Formal Specification for Real-Time Systems
Lichen Zhang

3. The Advanced of Fuzzy Vault Using Password
Sumin Hong, Hwakyu Park

4. An Enhanced EDD QoS Scheduler for IEEE 802.11e WLAN
Dong-Yul Lee, Sung-Ryun Kim, Chae-Woo Lee

5. Recognition of Loneliness of the Elderly People in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Yeong Hyeon Gu, Chull Hwan Song, Seong Joon Yoo, Dong Il Han, Jae Hun Choi, Soo June Park

6. Voronoi-assisted Parallel Bidirectional Heuristic Search
Anestis A. Toptsis, Rahul A. Chaturvedi

7. Artificial K-Lines and Applications
Anestis A. Toptsis, Alexander Dubitski

8. Spike Sorting Method Based on Two-Stage Radial Basis Function Networks
Jianhua Dai, Xiaochun Liu, Shaomin Zhang, Huaijian Zhang, Qingbo Wang, Xiaoxiang Zheng

9. The Establishment of in vitro Model of Primary Rat Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
Jun Li, Liang Peng, Xiao-Lu Liu, Hong Cao, Sheng-He Huang, Chun-Hua Wu

10. A FC-GSEA Approach to Identify Significant Gene-Sets Using Microarray Gene Expression Data
Jaeyoung Kim, Miyoung Shin

11. A Comparison between Quaternion Euclidean Product Distance and Cauchy Schwartz Inequality Distance
Di Liu, Dong-mei Sun, Zheng-ding Qiu

12. Wavelet Decomposition Feature Parallel Fusion by Quaternion Euclidean Product Distance Matching Score for Finger Texture Verification
Di Liu Zheng-ding Qiu, Dong-mei Sun

13. Studies of Fingerprint Template Selection and Update
Yong Li, Jianping Yin, En Zhu, Chunfeng Hu, Hui Chen

14. Characterizing Genes by Marginal Expression Distribution
Edward Wijaya, Hajime Harada, Paul Horton

15. Combining Biochemical Features and Evolutionary Information for Predicting DNA-Binding Residues in Protein Sequences
Liangjiang Wang

16. A Predictive Approach for Selecting Suitable Computing Nodes in Grid Environment by Using Data Mining Technique
Asgarali Bouyer, Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi

17. A New Multidimensional Point Access Method for Efficient Sequential Processing of Region Queries
Ju-Won Song, Sung-Hyun Shin, Sang-Wook Kim

18. Automatic Extraction of HLA-Disease Interaction Information from Biomedical Literature
JeongMin Chae, JiEun Chae, Taemin Lee, YoungHee Jung, HeungBum Oh, SoonYoung Jung

19. Description and Verification of Pattern-Based Composition in Coq
Qiang Liu, Zhongyuan Ynag, Jinkui Xie

20. A Synthetic Reverse Model Based on AIS and the Application
Chang-You Zhang, Wen-Qing Li, Yuan-Da Cao, Zeng-Lu Fan

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Personal Computing, Computers and Society, Information Systems and Communication Service, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Computer Communication Networks

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